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  • Hello!

    You made a good review of the Chaser MK-1 case. I also own that case, but I wonder if you can help me with one issue:
    I successfully installed all the hardware, but the front panel or command center is having energy trouble. My psu is a cougar 1050w, and the connections available for the front panel is two molex pins, one with the yellow, black and red wires and, the other one with only a black and red wires.
    Both of them goes under the fan and led buttons, but it happens that sometimes the fans don´t work in low mode, and in high mode works at low speed, also the LED brightness is very low.
    The usb ports in the right side of the front panel, have also troubles. When I connect my keyboard and mouse, they turn on and off constantly.
    Besides that, it´s a wonderful case! If you would be so kind helping me with the front panel issues, I will be very gratefull!
    Thanks for your attention.
    P.D. My mother language it´s not english, so sorry any errors.
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