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    PNY GTX 770 OC2 4GB Review Comment Thread

    Great review. As far as value goes...while the review tested the 4GB variant, the 2GB version of this card is 359$ in the states which is identical to the price of the MSI lightning 770. And this card has a higher default boost than the lightning, although the LN2 BIOS on the lightning may also...
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    AMD R9 280 Preview; Tahiti Lives Again (Comment Thread)

    "You mad"? That sounds like some 13 year old comment from some random person in WoW. What is this the teenager forum now? No, i'm not mad. I'm commenting on the sad state of affairs for AMD cards and perspective PC gamers which should be buying the cards, but are being bought by hashrate freaks...
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    AMD R9 280 Preview; Tahiti Lives Again (Comment Thread)

    280$ USD for the 280? Good GRIEF that is nuts. These cards were selling NEW on amazon.com and newegg for 180$ 8-9 months ago. I remember this well because I bought one a secondary rig. Now this. I always thought it was retailers gouging on prices, but now it is clear that AMD is getting their...
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    AMD Radeon R7 265 Review Comment Thread

    The last benchmark leak had a 3000 firestrike score - which is dead even with a stock GTX 480 (for the 750ti). Pretty impressive if true, considering it has a 60W TDP.
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    AMD R Series Cards' Prices On The Rise Again

    I do not believe AMD is actually outselling nvidia right now - according to sweclockers, part of the inflated pricing is obviously due to mining. But the bigger part of it is due to component shortages, as AMD lowered their wafer orders in Q4 2013 prior to the Hawaii launch in 2013. This is...
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    GIGABYTE R9 290X WindForce OC Review Comment Thread

    I'll also add to this that I find the entire notion of benchmarking mining to be nauseating. If there's one phenomenon that needs to go and SOON, it is mining. The sooner that crap dies, the better, so here's to hoping China builds a massive data center with 1 billion scrypt coin ASICs. The...
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    GIGABYTE R9 290X WindForce OC Review Comment Thread

    Will it be around? Sure. Will GPUs remain viable? I'd argue that it would not. Look at what happened to bitcoin. Now individuals using bitcoin ASICs never took off. But that doesn't matter, because governments and corporations took the idea and ran with it. Currently, bitcoin mining became...
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    ASUS R9 290X DirectCU II OC Review Comment Thread

    Thanks for the update SKY! Much appreciated :) Can't take these things lightly when plonking down that much cash you know.
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    ASUS R9 290X DirectCU II OC Review Comment Thread

    Here is the computer base review: Asus Radeon R9 290X DirectCU II OC im Test (Seite 3) - ComputerBase In that chart, in uber mode, the card is throttling by around 100mhz in most of these games after having been "warmed up" for 15 minutes. I think that's ridiculous if their testing methods are...
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    ASUS R9 290X DirectCU II OC Review Comment Thread

    Just noticed: http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/hardware-canucks-reviews/64694-asus-r9-290x-directcu-ii-oc-review-9.html It does seem to throttle for you as well after warmup. What type of clockspeeds did it throttle to, if you don't mind me asking? I do not expect this of any aftermarket...
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    ASUS R9 290X DirectCU II OC Review Comment Thread

    SKYMTL, question for you. Great review by the way, very informative. Here's my question. The computerbase review of this same card showed throttling in every title tested even in uber (performance) mode. What they did was a 15 minute warmup of the card to show real world performance, presumably...
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    What’s on the Mind of AMD’s Matt Skynner?

    OH. It's Rollo. A response like that, from rollo, completely unexpected I tell you. I mean he gets free hardware from nvidia. Completely, unexpected. :rolleyes:
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    HD7950 vs GTX660Ti

    I've used both setups and I think that either TR is flawed, or their results are limited to skyrim. It is no secret that nvidia performs substantially better in skyrim, especially with SLI - crossfire just can't compare. Conversely, crossfire does much better in other games. I don't think you...
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    680 Lightning or 7970 Matrix?

    I love the 680 lightning, I have two of them. It's a great card. However, this is a tough call - I think the combination of new 680s being voltage locked and the 7970GE's new drivers / lower price might tilt the scale in favor of the matrix. If you get the free games with the matrix, I would...
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    When to rma a 7870/7950 videocard ? (update responce from powercolor rep)

    Wait, you want to RMA a card because it doesn't OC high enough? No offense, but are you freaking serious? That is not ethical or a valid reason to RMA. That is ridiculous, even if a CS drone tells you otherwise. My apologies if i'm misunderstanding.

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