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    Need Advice on a New/Upgrade Build

    Hey, clshades: let me know when you've got the 3080 what you're thinking in terms of price for the 1070. It's not a night and day jump over the 480, but it would still let me eek out medium settings in Cyberpunk 2077, instead of low. If you like, moocow, I'll reach out about the RX 480 if I end...
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    Need Advice on a New/Upgrade Build

    I do so love this community. Thanks, all! So, as a recap: NVME is the protocol (like SATA) that I want. The SN550 is decent, but the SN750 would be even better. (and the price diff is negligible) Wait at least until the new CPUs are being announced next week; it may make the parts cheaper I'm...
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    Need Advice on a New/Upgrade Build

    Hi, everyone! It's been a long time since I posted anything on HWC, and an awfully long time since I had the time or money to consider upgrading, so I feel pretty out of the loop. That said, with Cyberpunk 2077 coming out in November, I'm considering upgrading my system to better cope with it...
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    Ok all I need some help here new washing machine

    When we got our house about 8 years ago, we bought a Maytag top-loader. It's still going strong, and the only thing I've had to do was adjust its belt tension when it got a little squeally. I don't remember the precise model (though it's probably discontinued anyway), but it was the top rated...
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    what do you use for knives?

    My go-to is a knife I picked up on Amazon about 9 months ago. It's inexpensive, but was surprisingly good quality. I keep the edge refreshed and it's still silly sharp. Nice heft, too, and the handle wood looks nice.
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    what do you use to shave?

    I've got an Edwin Jagger DE that's my regular shaver, but I've also got a small collection of straight razors that I break out when I want a really nice shave. For prep, I use a badger hair brush and one of about 10 different soaps--some glycerin-based, and some triple-milled.
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    Workout routine suggestions?

    I used to powerlift (have been trying to get back into it lately, but having some shoulder issues), so acknowledge I have a bit of a bias. HOWEVER: if your goals are a) to put on muscle and b) to lose fat (appreciating that it is hard to do both of these at the same time), and you have roughly...
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    Game Sale PSA

    Full Throttle moves somewhat faster, and the puzzles tend to be a little more obvious. Some of the ones in Day of the Tentacle are not only flavoured with (fitting) ridiculousness, but deliberately meant to stump you. At least the Full Throttle puzzles tend to have some sensible logic to...
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    Graphics Card Upgrade: Which Card to buy for 1080p gaming

    I have a very similar system, but was upgrading from a 5850. I went with the MSI Armor OC 4GB RX 480, when it went on sale for around $220/$230. That said, if it was going to cost $250 vs the 470 for $215, I would have gone with the 470. I don't think the cost increase is justified for a 1080p...
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    RX 480 - Occasional reboots

    Thanks, Shadowmeph. I haven't used any OC'ing or fan control for the graphics card. It's so much more powerful than my 5850 that I really don't feel the need to squeeze more out of it, and the dual fan MSI model I bought actually stays reasonably cool and quiet. Thanks for the tip, though!
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    RX 480 - Occasional reboots

    I just wanted to offer an update. I tried resetting everything to factory defaults, and I didn't get any reboots for a few days. Then it started happening again. I gave in and ordered the Seasonic 650W, because it has such great reviews. It's also the first modular power supply I've ever owned...
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    Hard disk is not working

    KaptCrunch has a pretty good outline here, but I might add a bit. You left out a lot of critical information. Primarily: what do you mean by isn't working? Is it making noise, or is it a brick? Can you see it listed in your drives, and just not access the files? If you unplug it and plug it back...
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    RX 480 - Occasional reboots

    Thanks, Sagath. I'm working on backing up the odd things that haven't received the attention they deserve. The only real holdout is my outside media collection, which I don't have a secondary drive large enough to back up... I would have guessed the MB as well, except that all this started when...
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    RX 480 - Occasional reboots

    Temps stayed 55 or lower for all cores. I wondered about the same thing, so I kept a pretty close eye on them. Also, total sidenote, but after the system rebooted at the lower OC attempt, I ended up with a few of my hard drives magically unassigned. I had to go back in and manually mount them...
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    RX 480 - Occasional reboots

    No. I left the RAM at stock, I think. I was overclocking entirely with the multiplier, rather than with the frequency, so I didn't make adjustments to RAM speed.