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    Problem getting started.

    Well its been running for an hour or two now so I would assume the WU isnt that big, heres the most recent copy pasta from the log if it means anything to anyone. [15:33:58] + Processing work unit [15:33:58] Core required: FahCore_11.exe [15:33:58] Core found. [15:33:58] Working on queue slot...
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    Problem getting started.

    Hey guys, just setting up to fold and ive got the client running in the tray for my gpu (gtx 680) but its not running any WU's. i5-2500k Z68 ud3h mobo Stock 680 win 7 ultimate 64bit is there anything i need to set up further and/or configure properly? Also any logs i can post to help find the...
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    Difference: VGA, DVI and HDMI?

    are you serious? the thing i noticed when i switched years ago was that the image became "clearer", as in i could read text easier.
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    [Micro center]3570k $190 USD

    Oh so they dont ship? thats a shame, sorry guys, didnt realise:sad:
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    Best EVGA nVidea card for around $150 USD

    I say hold out till you either have more like $200 - $250 to spend or till the dollar goes further anyway, I wouldnt expect a huge performance increase to a 560/ti, assuming you can find one.
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    [Micro center]3570k $190 USD

    Sorry cant say I know anything about the etailer, i saw it advertised and figured others may want to at least check it out as its a definite bargain if it is as it appears to be, if some one does buy it, fill us in on the etailer will you?
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    GTX 670 Which One?

    EVGA FTW, gtx 680 cooler and pcb (iirc) with 680 clocks iirc, $420 USD, cant go wrong.
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    Replacement for MX518

    Sh1t who doesn't have a 518?
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    How to not fry all your USB devices!

    Yeah it had the cap on the 1394, If i realised what i was doing i obviously wouldnt have made the mistake, I was just reaching down under my soundcard and didnt think to check :sad:
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    [Micro center]3570k $190 USD

    Micro Center - Intel Core i5 3570K 3.4GHz LGA 1155 Processor 407627 get in quick i suppose
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    How to not fry all your USB devices!

    Too soon bro, too soon. Mourning the death of my g110 keyboard along with numerous USB flash drives. A friend of mine is mourning the loss of his phone and ipod though, many devices have been taken by this legacy jack. I told that mobo who's boss and bent the f***ing pins, **** YEAH! I was...
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    How to not fry all your USB devices!

    After plugging in all internal USB headers, unplug them and check that you didnt put on in a firewire (IE1394) port, unless you like the smell of electrical smoke.
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    ASUS SABERTOOTH Z77 questions

    Also, if your happy with a 2500k, i would go with the gigabyte z68x ud3h b3, i have one and really like it. The power supple however, i would not recomend, get a better quality 650w PSU because i have the same one and its reallyyyyyy loud, big negative of my system.
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    ASUS SABERTOOTH Z77 questions

    yes, yes, and yes, you will have no problems with it, just be carefull that you dont buy high profile ram with that cooler (EG. corsair vengeance) or it will foul and you will either need to cut the heatsinks of your ram (they are useless anyway) or buy low profile ram (eg. corsair vengeance low...
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    Why Bulldozer became Faildozer, Anandtech explore's/explains why it has/did

    Didnt read all the replys but heres my $0.02, if your not designing quad cores for the windows gaming environment and octo cores for the windows workstation environment, who then, are you going to sell these chips to? I say take the windows architecture, and build a chip around it, i dont...

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