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    Want to Buy Surface Pro 6, Spectre 360, Dell XPS

    Looking for any of the following: Surface Pro 6, HP Spectre 360, XPS 13-15 It must have the following: 8th Gen i7 Processor 256GB+ SSD 16GB RAM (hoping for one that is expandable to 32) In case of a Surface or Spectre, must come with a stylus Preferable one that has warranty left please...
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    Want to Buy Cheap DDR4 ram

    yes it is
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    Want to Buy Wtb flow indicator and ddr4 memory 3000mhz

    evga 1050ti ssc 4gb mined on for few months on and off, i had 8, now i have 4 left, 120+shipping (assume 20$ shipping with insurance)
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    Want to Buy Cheap DDR4 ram

    2x4Gb DDR4 GeIL Evo Potenza (2133) - $40+shipping (need ur postal code), assume its 10$ to ship
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    350 at best for the cpu and i am not really sure about the board but given that x299 are out, 400 maybe?
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    Want to Buy intel x99 lga 2011-v3 motherboard

    2 week used x99a raider, 180 bucks and its yours
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    Want to Buy x99 CPU (Cheapest Possible)

    5820 is overkill for me specially at that price, probably looking for a super cheap xeon that on one uses anymore
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    Want to Buy x99 CPU (Cheapest Possible)

    I am looking for a really cheap x99 cpu, i dont care how slow it is as long as it will fit on a x99 board, pm model, price and condition. I am in london, prefer local deal but shipping is okay too
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    Want to Buy Hard Tube Fittings/cpu block/pump res (tube)

    I will be doing another water cooled build and need some fittings, thought I would post it here first. Looking for general straight fittings, 45deg, 90deg drain valve heating gun 200ml tube res d5 vario pump pm with price, item and condition, thank you
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    EVGA GTX 780 Hydro Copper

    bought a titan (original) hydro cooper for 200 bucks about a year ago. hope that helps
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    Watercooling parts

    I paid 80 bucks for the same res+pump combo, paid 50 bucks for brand new 240 black ice rads each, recently sold a evo supramacy block for 50 bucks hope that helps u
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    x58 Rampage 2 Extreme

    they are different sockets, I was giving you newer generation (iv) that i see on kijiji for 175ish for price comparison if yours is rampage III (x58) then I would say 100 bucks. I would never use ebay as my price base when selling things personally. The prices on some items are outrages.
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    x58 Rampage 2 Extreme

    u sure its not rampage 3? I sold mine 2 years ago for 150 bucks, if i was bdoing a build probably 75-100 bucks max I am seeing rampage iv being sold on kijiji for 175
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    EVGA Titan Hydro Copper Signature Edition

    This is the original titan hydro copper, 6gb and here is the info on the card EVGA - Product Specs - EVGA GeForce GTX TITAN Hydro Copper Signature
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    Want to Buy Mac Mini/Rampage V Extreme/Samsung 950 Pro/nf-f12/nf-p12

    didnt work out bump and added noctua fans that i also need

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