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  • i had the gene-z
    sold it n bought the mive
    reason was to sli and better overclock
    mind you i had a strong gene-z clocked 4 stix 2260mhz+
    if you not gonna sli pocket the $
    the mive just gets better overclock
    but i like the mive more i like big boards lol
    the gene-z is a fantastick board
    hope you can get good $ for the mive
    personally i not lookin back i love the mive
    it cost me 80$ to upgrade so was worth it for me
    i was wondering if you wouldn't mind helping me with a question please?
    i have the asus maximus iv extreme p67 motherboard and i love it but i dont use anywhere near all the stuff it has and was thinking of selling it and getting the asus maximus iv gene z and pocketing some cash. what do you think? good idea or bad move?
    thx pal :]
    yes they still exist
    they advertise in the gazette before a sale
    they are on montee de liesse just before the bowling alley
    i doubt they will let you in ,i know the manager thats why i can go anytime
    you gonna have to wait till next sale
    I've read on a few of your post about Ryco Electronics. Do you know if it still exists?
    If so i'd be interested about know the adress. I can't find anything on the web :s

    Thanks for any info.
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