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    Want to Sell All gone.

    you can have em after i play with em if they survive pm me if you serious
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    Want to Sell All gone.

    thank you for my new toys
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    Appliance Parts Online

    always had better prices @ amazon 20-50% less for same parts
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    Want to Buy LGA1366 EE or X cpu

    likes a bit of voltage just gets a bit hot lol
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    hows the battery

    hows the battery
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    Want to Buy found 3570k 3770k

    not looking for gains u just wanna use the memory they dont like the 2600k
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    Want to Buy found 3570k 3770k

    ram just sitting here its not a need its a want
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    Want to Buy found 3570k 3770k

    i have a 2600k but i need iveybridge to run 2666mhz memory price shipped to montreal or i can pick up
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    let's talk about charcoal grilling and smoking

    meat loves high heat :whistle: carefull dont burn your meat lol start your coals with an old blowdryer its much faster to get coals hot if your single you can use your blowdryer lol i hate gas grills does not taste the same as coal
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    Player 3 has entered the game

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    Not sure I contributed much DNA to this one (RUN!! more baby pics)...

    Congratulations! you ready for sleepless nights lol i myself got 4 hours of sleep last night
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    The Happy thread!

    thanks 3.0 and congrats to inik :thumb:
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    The Happy thread!

    David 7 pounds born on the 17th a bit more hair than florence
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    Zotac GTX1070 Amp and Asus Xonar Essense STX

    i bought the same sound card in 2012 for 120$ shipped still workin lol