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    Want to Buy Mushkin 996902 PC3 16000 2x2GB memory Ridgeback

    Mushkin 996902 PC3 16000 2x2GB memory Specifications: Model - 996902 Type - DDR3 Pins - 240 Voltage - 1.65V Speed Spec - PC3-16000 Frequency - 2000MHz Kit Size - Dual Kit Size - 2GB Module Density - 256x64 Ranks - 2 Timings - 7-10-8-27 Registered - Unbuffered Heatsink - Ridgeback
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    Want to Buy 2x GTX 480 AR version

    2x GTX 480 AR version
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    Want to Sell Dell Ultrasharp U2211H IPS monitors (2 available)

    Is there a reason you are selling such a sweet setup?
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    Want to Sell Turtle's stuff for sale...

    i wonder what the silly response would be... $1 for the lot.
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    Want to Sell 2 x Radeon 7970s

    if only I had the money!
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    Case Mod NZXT 810 Switch Mod (Blue-Skull)

    I love the side panel! Can't wait to see the final product.
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    2 Different Outputs

    Hey guys, I was wondering if there is a way to output two different audio streams from your computer. Lets say I want music in my front headphone jacks, and a video in my main audio jack. A scenario I would do this is I would listen to music with headphones on while my girlfriend watches a...
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    A/V receivers

    Thanks vulcan500rider, avsforum.com helps alot!
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    A/V receivers

    Hey guys, Whats the best ~$200 Used A/V receiver?
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    Lian Li Case Mod, "The Ultima Dragon"

    wow the painting is amazing
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    Pioneer VSX-1015TX

    How much is a used Pioneer VSX-1015TX?
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    Has anyone ever created a heat sink that is somewhat attached to the metal computer case thus allowing the case to help disperse the heat?
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    Work in progress [PROJECT]: I ain't gonna work on DT's farm no more

    Hey DT, for your BOSServer, what thermal paste/adhesive did you use to stick those ram sinks on your vrms on your ASUS Z8NA-D6?
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    Want to Sell FSP Aurum Gold 750 watt PSU

    How long have the noctua fans been used for?

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