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  2. bigFOIG

    GTX 550 Ti, BNIB Maximus IV Gene

    LNIB GTX 550 Ti BNIB Maximus IV Gene
  3. bigFOIG

    2560x1440 with 7850 2GB... shouldn't be a problem... but I'm having problems

    Using an Asus 7850 2Gb with my Achieva Shimian 2560x1440 monitor. All drivers are updated (mind you I am using beta AMD drivers but I don't feel like this would be the problem). Youtube videos at 1080p are choppy as hell and not even close to being watchable. 720p is better but still really...
  4. bigFOIG

    Keyboard keeps shocking me...

    Okay this is a weird one. The other day I was wearing shorts the other day that was getting my shocked with everything I touched. The metal part of my K90 keyboard, the scroll wheel of my mouse, and some other odd metal stuff. I changed my shorts and I wasn't getting shocked as much anymore...
  5. bigFOIG

    This Is How Your Wife Reacts When You Buy a Toyota GT86

    This Is How Your Wife Reacts When You Buy a Toyota GT86 - YouTube Interesting video... although I'm not sure I entire understand the concept of it.
  6. bigFOIG

    Since when was the Logitech G9X discontinued?

    This is madness!!!!! Still rocking my old G9 and it's great. For some reason the cable.. shrivels up over time... for lack of a better term. Wasn't going to buy the same mouse twice in a row, but just sad to see that it's not for sale anymore. :sad:
  7. bigFOIG

    Video card baking

    Just baked a GTX260... Wish me luck! Just letting it cool right now. Anyone have success with baking video cards? What temperature and for how long? Seems like everyone uses their own settings if you look online. I did 370F for 10 minutes personally. Actually baked a PS3 a while back and it...
  8. bigFOIG

    Surface Pro vs Macbook Air

    If you had the choice of having one of them, which one would you pick and why? I love the fact that the Surface Pro can be used as a handheld tablet, or a full blown laptop. Even has an sd card slot to add storage space! If I were to use the Macbook Air, I'd probably install windows on it for...
  9. bigFOIG

    Want to upgrade Xonar DX

    I've been using a Xonar DX with some old Logitech 5.1 X540 Speakers, and they actually sound pretty good. However, I've been itching to upgrade to a better set-up. I'm planning to do a little bit of music production in the future as a hobby, which is why I'm opting for some powered monitors...
  10. bigFOIG

    Laptop to dual link DVI monitor?

    I have a laptop that has a G210m video card and has HDMI out. I also have a 2560x1440 monitor which only has dual-link DVI. I've done some research but I just can't get a definite answer. I believe my HDMI port is version 1.3 which supposedly works with 2560x1440. Will a simple HDMI to dual...
  11. bigFOIG

    Bitfenix taking their sweet time with my RMA

    Picked up a Bitfenix Prodigy on sale a while ago, to hopefully mod and WC in the near future. I knew I didn't have the money to start building in it right away, but the case was on sale, so what the hell why not. The case was left in my closet for a while and I finally decided to open it up just...
  12. bigFOIG

    OEM Radeon HD 6990

    OEM Radeon HD 6990 I also have an EK waterblock for it, so how much would these be worth separately?
  13. bigFOIG

    Need some quick assurance before I order replacement part

    My friend has an old IBM ThinkCentre M51 which runs on an Intel P4. He said the computer wouldn't turn on anymore, so I decided to pick it up and check it out for him. Automatically I thought PSU before I even touched it. So I tried booting it up for the first time and it actually turned on and...
  14. bigFOIG

    B/S/T member feedback subforum

    Ever since the site got hacked and the iTrader system went down, members became skeptical and were extra cautious before sending me payment, despite the fact that I had a boatload of positive feedback when iTrader worked. A member even created a thread asking the forum if it was safe to deal...
  15. bigFOIG

    RevoDrive 3 240GB vs 2x 120gb SSD in Raid 0

    Which one is faster? Do you suggest getting the RevoDrive at all? Any opinions appreciated. Thanks!
  16. bigFOIG

    Removing casing of a USB stick

    So I have an old 8GB Kingston DataTraveller that I keep on my lanyard. The plastic on the end of the USB stick was pulled off with my lanyard and now I can't hook it on to anything. I thought it would be a good chance for me to strip the casing of my USB stick off completely and pop it into...
  17. bigFOIG

    Setting up iPads for public use; limiting features/apps

    How would I go about doing this? I'm going to have about 30 iPads that I'll be setting up for classroom use and I need to limit the features and apps on them so that people can't screw around with the settings. I also have a MacBook Pro if that'll be needed.
  18. bigFOIG

    WARNING! To all CIBC bankers, or... anyone who has a bank account...

    So my girlfriend received this in her inbox today... She doesn't even have a CIBC online account registered, but she IS with CIBC. From: CIBC.ServiceOnline.792-confirm-202@cibc-srv.>; Subject: * ID: 139 , E-mail ALERT! (July15 , 2012) How...
  19. bigFOIG

    2012 Honda Civic

    My girlfriend's mom is looking for a sedan. She's thinking about the Honda Civic right now, and she prefers a new car. I'm trying to convince her to buy something used, but she doesn't trust used cars... :\ Well anyways, we went to the Honda dealership and the total price after everything is...
  20. bigFOIG

    Computer tools

    What tools do you guys use when building computers? I guess I'm sort of looking for a nice screwdriver set, etc. that would have everything I need. Electric screwdrivers any good? Or should I might as well grab a cordless drill?

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