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    laser printer print troubles!

    MB HP M475DW Printer Issue - Imgur as in the album above. I have little idea about laser printer troubleshooting. I wouldn't even know where to start with somethin' like this! I'm assuming it's not a simple issue, but if anyone has any advice / direction, I'd certainly appreciate it. Most...
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    E-mail application for Android (What do you guys use?)

    Pretty much as the thread title asks, I'm curious to see options and opinions on E-mail applications to use for Android. Paid, free, ads (preferably not, but..), whatever! I used to use K9 Mail (so please don't suggest that!), but recently I've been discovering more and more problems with...
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    Microsoft apparently just pulled a ... 360?

    http://kotaku.com/microsoft-is-removing-xbox-one-drm-514390310?utm_campaign=Socialflow_Kotaku_Facebook&utm_source=Kotaku_Facebook&utm_medium=Socialflow Backtracking on pretty much everything that everyone was pissed off about. still $100 too much.
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    Want to Buy AM2/AM2+ Mobos

    As in the title, looking for an AM2/AM2+ motherboard ... shoot me some products and prices! :punk:
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    Antec EarthWatts vs Corsair Builder Series

    Corsair Builder Series CX600 V2 600 Watt vs. Antec EA-650 Green EarthWatts 650W (it copy - pasted like that) I don't need a hugely significant amount of power, but if both PSUs were the same price, what would YOU go? Your opinions please and thanks!
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    Fusion build

    Client wants a new (cheap) system, for at the most intensive, 1080p video to a TV. So my first thought was to try out Fusion for the first time. I'm kind focused on a quad core though. A8-3650, Asus F1A75-M, 4 gigs of something, some HDD (probably a Green) and a PSU. sounds pretty good and...
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    Z68 Recommendations

    As per the thread title, looking for z68 suggestions. Looking for a sounding board for ideas. There's a whole slew of motherboards out there, and the chipset is still quite new so I'm just looking to see if any one has heard anything or knows more then me :P The mobo most likely would be...
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    Want to Buy S775 Quad Core

    looking for any quad core on the socket 775 platform, shoot me some PMs with offers! I'd be looking for it to be shipped asap, a client is looking for a quick upgrade in the very very near future. Thanks in advance!
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    Windows 7 File Tags issue

    I have an interesting issue that I'm hoping to get some insight on, as my google-fu has failed me. I tag excel files on what I'll call the main computer with a certain title to help me sort through specific files. (using either the tag column in windows explorer or when I'm saving the excel...
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    UGH, damn you HTC!

    Why must you not have a 850/1900 version of the Pyramid/Sensation? :( I was so looking forward to it.. Was anyone else? *rants and cries* I guess I'm getting a Galaxy S II. That is all. Sorry! :ban:
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    Let's blow some minds

    http://img339.imageshack.us/img339/9549/headasplode.jpg enjoy! 8D
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    Bandwidth Monitor

    I'm looking for recommendations for a bandwidth monitor. But I'm looking for one that can distinguish and log between different wireless networks. (Not just my wireless connection) Thanks for all ideas!
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    Opinions wanted: Video card..

    here are the requirements: LOW PROFILE less then $100 Starcraft 2 capable. Hopefully available locally at Canada Computers or NCIX in Toronto/Scarborough. I know starcraft is playable on an 8400GS for $30, there's also a GT 430 for $60, but I'm not sure how that performs (but I'm...
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    Anyone have experience with ZFS RAID (FreeNAS)?

    Just thought I'd query about before I write a few paragraphs for no reason.. epic long story short: I'm having throughput issues, in that the throughput drops to zero at near regular intervals during writes.
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    Not an SSD question! The good old Black vs .12 debate

    so I'm looking at purchasing a slightly on the cheaper side, 500GB-1TB hard drive for active duty (i.e, not storage) a 1TB black is currently $90 (on sale even @.@), a 1TB .12 is currently $63 - why would I purchase a black when I can get the .12 for $27 cheaper? 2 extra years of warranty...
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    Asus RT-N13U

    Does anyone have this router? I'd like to pick the brain of someone that owns it. Else I'm writing a mini-review on it too. -Lark FOR THE QUICK EDIT: Avoid this router at all costs. this additonal piece of asus garbage (I really hate asus, btw), while decently quick to set up wired...
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    New quickie build

    Broken (ancient) computer that needs to be replaced. Needed for upcoming school (heavy photoshop and video editing). Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H X6 1055t OCZ StealthXStream 2 Ultra-Quiet 600W Power Supply Mushkin Blackline 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 1333MHz CL7 DIMM (996652) Those are all the parts I need...
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    Battery Issue Assistance

    let me start off by saying I know very, very little about Macs. I'm versatile with computers and I'm semi-familiar with the OS, so please consider me a noob, but not THAT noob 8D My friend has a Macbook from around 2006 (a black 13 inch model) currently running a fresh copy of Snow Leopard...
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    A little assistance for a semi-noob, please!

    it's been a while since I folded (or at least set up a rig to fold properly..) last, and with such active competiton on these here boards I couldn't help but try and dive into some folding. Searching through the forums has deemed useless, but maybe I'm not searching for the right keyword...

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