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  1. Polygon

    Where to get firearms training?

    Over the last year I've been doing quite a bit of backpacking in remote locations, driving on non-serviced roads, and camping in the wildlife. I am also planning to go up to the Yukon with one of my friends in the spring of next year. I always carry emergency equipment, such as a GPS...
  2. Polygon

    What a joke

    So apparently I got temp banned for posting a picture of a rolling paper which as stated on the package These are common found everywhere you go, across North America, in almost every gas station. I got banned for posting a picture of something that is as legal and non offensive as a #2...
  3. Polygon

    good medium price gaming LCD?

    I want to buy a new LCD monitor, mostly for gaming and also some movie watching. I'm deciding if I want LED LCD (not much difference) or IPS for better colour, or maybe a 3d one for higher refresh rate... what do you guys think?
  4. Polygon

    LANcouver 2012

    so who's going? It's going to be awesome! LANcouver 2012 - Presented by ASUS LoL tournament is going to be fun :bananafunky:
  5. Polygon

    surfing the web while at work

    So was wondering how I could get around this "smart filter" thing they put on the computers at work. Are there any in-browser websites that could act as a proxy or somthing, I don't want to download software that my boss would notice or interfere with anything.
  6. Polygon

    Looking for a good game server hosting website

    I am looking to rent a 32 slot battlefield 3 server in Seattle. The only website I know of is gameservers.com, which apparently aren't that good. Does anyone know of a better alternative? thanks
  7. Polygon

    Gaming mice for long hands/fingers

    Any recommendations? I want something that fits snugly in my palm, ie a long/big mouse. My hands are big, and I have long fingers. Right handed, I use a palm/claw type grip. I move my hand, not my whole arm. And I play on a DPI of around 1800.
  8. Polygon

    Urgent computer won't boot

    Check my page for specs I was at a LAN and my computer crashed and I can't get it to boot since. To be honest I was pretty drunk when it happened so I can't even remember what happened and I turned it off and didn't bother trying to fix (much). The power starts and all fans/LED's are functional...
  9. Polygon

    While waiting for Game of Thrones Season 2...

    Primer teaser de Boss - YouTube I am already hooked on this show, and it's only episode 1. If you liked "The Wire" you will LOVE this show.
  10. Polygon

    [Walmart] Blackberry Playbook $249 (50% off)

    BlackBerry PlayBook reduced to $249 at Walmart Canada | MobileSyrup.com My friend sent this to me today.
  11. Polygon

    The "What book are you reading" Thread

    and off we go. What I have been reading now, "In twenty-five years, the Mongol army subjugated more lands and people than the Romans had conquered in four hundred years." A book about Genghis Khan, the ruler and founder of the Mongol Empire. He spread many ideas and things like paper money...
  12. Polygon

    Austrian driver allowed 'pastafarian' headgear photo

    BBC News - Austrian driver allowed 'pastafarian' headgear photo
  13. Polygon

    "Wilfred" TV show

    Wilfred (TV Series 2011) - IMDb saw the first two episodes, I laughed my ass off much more than expected. Check it out if you can. :biggrin:
  14. Polygon

    Prototype 2

    YouTube - ‪E3: Prototype 2 - Action Trailer (HD 720p)‬‏ YouTube - ‪Prototype 2 | OFFICIAL trailer (2012)‬‏ gotta say, the first one was a lot of fun. Jumping off buildings and landing on people or just flying around the giant city made me feel like a complete bad ass. Time will tell if the...
  15. Polygon

    Apple causes ‘religious’ reaction in brains of fans, say neuroscientists

    Apple causes ‘religious’ reaction in brains of fans, say neuroscientists
  16. Polygon

    Upgrading to sandy bridge

    Hey guys I am upgrading my computer, the components I will be using from my current build are: -lancool PC k62 case -22" 1080p monitor -mouse and keyboard -2TB WD Green + 1TB WD Black -Corsair A70 CPU cooler (except I'm concerned it might not fit) Here's what I want to build: NCIX.com -...
  17. Polygon

    Tune Out, Turn Off: A Mantra Needed for Our Times?

    Tune Out, Turn Off: A Mantra Needed for Our Times? - Andrew McAfee - Harvard Business Review Very interesting article. Whenever I need to study I go to the library without a laptop, sit in the quiet room and do some work. Whenever I write it's with a pen and paper, not a computer (only for the...
  18. Polygon

    TV Debate

    so what did you guys think? any clear winners of the debate? did the debate affect your judgement? has this debate changed anything? And please, vote! :canadianwave:
  19. Polygon

    The weirdest shoes I've ever seen

    Just saw it for sale at MEC. It's supposed to give you a natural posture and a better run. YouTube - Is it the shoes? It's gotta be the shoes.
  20. Polygon

    Learning revolution

    YouTube - Salman Khan: Let's use video to reinvent education YouTube - Khan Academy on the Gates Notes could we be the last generation to use the current "broken" education system?

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