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  1. The Great Gazoo

    Want to Sell [SOLD]Trident Z RGB F4-3200C16D-16GTZR[SOLD]

    Got this 16GB RAM kit for sale. Used for 2 years - RGB still bright. PArt #F4-3200C16D-16GTZR CL16-18-18-38 1.35v $75 including shipping anywhere in Canada.
  2. The Great Gazoo

    Want to Sell [SOLD]Lenovo T460 and T470 for sale[SOLD]

    It's that time again for me to give you all some great computers for good prices. For sale – a couple of notebooks / laptops. Lenovo T470, Core i5-7200U, upgraded 16GB of RAM, 240 GB NVMe SSD. Fresh install of Win 10 Pro activated with digital licence. Cosmetically, pretty much flawless...
  3. The Great Gazoo

    Want to Sell [SOLD]Lenovo Tiny PC for sale $300[SOLD]

    I've got a M93P and a M900 Lenovo tiny available right now. Great little computers! M93P Intel i5-4570T 8GB RAM 500GB HDD Win 10 Pro 65w power supply e-Transfer only and $150 includes shipping/insurance within Canada. No keyboard and mouse.SOLD SOLD SOLD M900 Intel i5-6500T 8GB RAM 500 GB HDD...
  4. The Great Gazoo

    Want to Sell [SOLD]Lenovo T440 laptop and dock

    I got another laptop ready to sell. This one is a T440 with specs as follows: i5-4300U processor 4GB RAM 500GB HDD 1600x900 screen Win10 Pro Screen has a scratch on it (see picture of screen upper right-ish area) and priced accordingly. $200 + $40 shipping to anywhere in Canada. Also have a...
  5. The Great Gazoo

    Want to Sell Firewalla Blue

    I'm selling my Firewalla Blue because I have a different solution now with my new Unifi UDM Pro. This device is great for family or business. It protects against outside threats and also has some other great features like ad blocking and internet traffic control monitoring. It has an easy...
  6. The Great Gazoo

    Want to Sell [SOLD]Ubiqiuti Unifi System[SOLD]

    Selling off some gear. Wanting to sell as a bundle - good for somebody wanting to upgrade their home networking to a more robust and powerful system. 1. Unifi Security Gateway/Router 2. Cloudkey Gen 2 Plus (with 1TB HDD) for remote access, setup and recording video 3. Cloudkey Rackmount 4...
  7. The Great Gazoo

    Want to Sell [SOLD]Lenovo M93P Tiny - $150 including shipping in Canada[SOLD]

    I've got a M93P Lenovo tiny available right now. Intel i5-4570T 8GB RAM 500GB Seagate HDD Win 10 Pro Win10 Pro is a fresh install and good to go out of the box. e-Transfer only and $150 includes shipping/insurance within Canada. No keyboard and mouse, but can get you some used ones if...
  8. The Great Gazoo

    Want to Sell [SOLD]Lenovo T450 Laptop $250 [SOLD]

    Working from home? I've got another laptop ready to go. This one is a T450 with the following specs: Core i5-5300U CPU 8GB of RAM Windows 10 Pro - fresh install and updated 500GB hard drive 1600x900 resolution 14" screen Cosmetically, I would give this one an 8/10, just a few minor scuffs on...
  9. The Great Gazoo

    Crypto Mining Auction

    WOW! Somebody probably took a big bath on this deal... Able Auctions Lots of stuff here. I'd like to get my hands on one of those PSUs I think.
  10. The Great Gazoo

    Want to Sell T440 Laptop - $200 includes shipping

    I have another laptop ready to go. Full specs available here - Lenovo T440 14" screen, 4GB RAM, 8GB RAM, 500GB 7200rpm hard drive, Intel Core i5-4300U with fresh install of Win 10 Pro activated with a digital license. Cosmetically it is a beauty - 9.8/10. Very slight wear on the Enter key...
  11. The Great Gazoo

    Want to Sell Boneyard clearout - Reduced Prices on remaining watercooling fittings

    Cleaning up the boneyard and thought some of you all might be looking for some of this stuff. These fair prices include shipping in Canada via Canada Post or local pickup/meetup available in the GVA. Payment via e-Transfer only. PM me if you have any questions. Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 -...
  12. The Great Gazoo

    Want to Sell [SOLD] Lenovo T61 Laptop - CHEEP! Great condition.

    Ya I know I didn't spell cheap correctly. Made you look though! So I got this T61 which had been my laptop for quite some time, but recently I decided to keep another newer laptop which was too good to let go. So this is up for sale. Cosmetically it is in very nice shape. as you can see in the...
  13. The Great Gazoo

    Want to Sell [SOLD]Lenovo Tiny M93P - five systems for sale $125-150 each

    I have 5 M93P tiny systems for sale. Two of them have 8GB or memory and the other 3 have 4GB of memory. Easy no-haggle price includes shipping (in Canada) for the 8GB versions which are $150 and the 4GB versions are $125. $10 savings per unit if buying more than 1 at a time due to decreased...
  14. The Great Gazoo

    Looking for basic telescope

    A friend of mine is looking for a basic telescope as her family lives out of town and in a really dark area. Looking to spend somewhere between $300-500$ so not expecting Hubble quality here. Just something to look at the moon and and the stars. Since they know nothing about the sky, probably...
  15. The Great Gazoo

    Want to Sell [SOLD]Lenovo Laptop T450 and Dock

    Here we go again. I got a T450 with a dock for sale. This is in very nice condition - very little wear on keys and trackpad. I'd give it a 9.5 out of 10 cosmetically. Easy no-haggle price of $375 for both and that includes shipping in Canada. Contact me if shipping outside of Canada. Must use...
  16. The Great Gazoo

    Want to Sell [SOLD] Lenovo Tiny M92P and M93P PCs - PRICE DROP

    So, here we go again! I have two PCs this time instead of laptops. I just updated them to Win10Pro version 1903 with all the updates. Cosmetically in great shape coming from general office use, the M93P still has the plastic wrapping on it for those you that love to peel it off. These are bare...
  17. The Great Gazoo

    Want to Sell [SOLD]2 Lenovo Laptops T440 and T440S $350ea

    Thanks to the buyers for making quick transactions on these. More deals coming up for you folks later this year on laptops. I have two Lenovo laptops for sale. Easy no haggle price of $350 each includes shipping anywhere in Canada. 1. T440S - 4GB RAM, i5-4300U, 500GB HDD, 16GB...
  18. The Great Gazoo

    AMD's Highest Performing Graphics Card

    I was watching the WWDC keynote yesterday and was very surprised by the new Mac Pro. It's specs are much higher than I anticipated seeing with it's Xeon processor and up to 1.5TB of RAM. It's the graphics system that I was interested in. Apple has engineered a new package design for the Mac Pro...
  19. The Great Gazoo

    10+ channel fan controller

    So, I have 10 fans in my 800D case. I'm currently running them daisy chained into the 4 channels my mobo has. I'm looking ahead to my next rebuild where I will also have a very large case so I can water cool again. So, I am looking for a PWM fan controller that can handle at least 10 fans and...
  20. The Great Gazoo

    Want to Sell [SOLD]Lenovo T430 Laptop $150

    So I got this laptop turned in recently. I thought we had upgraded all T430 laptops but this one was left. I have upgraded it with 8GB of memory and it is now running a fresh install of Win10 with all the updates done. It is a 2344BZU model. I also have a second aftermarket battery that goes...

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