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  1. mattydies

    Thermal pad or no?

    I bought a 2TB m2 MP400 drive to upgrade my laptop. I believe the stock drive uses a thermal pad. The instructions for my new MP400 made no mention of thermal pads.... so I'm ok just bolting the drive in?
  2. mattydies

    Want to Buy WTB: Older GPU's for folding

    I am building my first rig to be a SPACE HEATER which also happens to perform medical research such a F@H. I aim to run them 24/7. I should clarify it will be a heater this fall but by spring I will mount a radiator outside the house and pump the coolant there in the summer - like central A/C -...
  3. mattydies

    Folding WHILE mining??

    Just tried Mining WHILE Folding. Mining output dropped about 16% but F@H seems to be maintaining most of its output also - still measuring. Anyone familiar or experienced with Folding while Mining? I'm rather stunned at the combined output so far banana BACKGROUND. Bought a Laptop off a...
  4. mattydies

    BEST Monitor Possible?

    The time has come for me to resume my neurofeedback training. In a nut shell it uses a computer to view and track various frequencies and amplitudes of brain wave activity. The changes come about through repetition (which becomes force of habit). So yes I am retuning my own brain. :ph34r...
  5. mattydies

    290x needs a sweater to stay warm

    So... Yeah. It seems my pair of 290X's are pretty chilly lately. I'm folding so they are working away @ 100% load (give or take). I am concerned as I do not want them to fall ill and catch a cold. Ambient air temp is about 17 - 18 and my GPU's are @ 36 and 41 atm. Celsius of course...
  6. mattydies

    13000 WU's ???

    So it's almost noon and I checked on my PC to see how FAH is doing. Ambient air temp is 7.5c... GPU's @ 32 and 34c... Things are ok no need for the secondary heater (to avoid condensation). Lets open the FAH Controller... #13,000 WU's... Hmmm... They're HUGE... 8% done and 7.5HRs to...
  7. mattydies

    First H20 setup - ASAP - LITEcoins

    OK so a while ago I was looking at BITcoins but I missed the boat. By the time I was interested GPU mining was no longer profitable (without free electricity). I JUST started looking at LITEcoins about a week ago. Long story short I decided to bite the INFLATED price on a pair of 290X's...
  8. mattydies

    IVY-E likes FAST ram???

    I heard that IVY-E CPUs will be fond of faster ram - IVY-E will make better use of FAST ram compared to Haswell or SB-E. Any thoughts?
  9. mattydies

    Did I fry my CPU or my MOBO?

    SCENARIO OK.... So I was overclocking my 'new' system. CPU temp was high but not 'too high'. Memory was running cool, the VRM cooler seemed decent. I forget if I hit 4.5GHz or 4.8GHz. If I tried for higher board would revert to a lower setting no matter what I did (upon saving and...
  10. mattydies

    $1000 Wireless acesspoint... WHY?

    So I was just snooping around NCIX and I came across this NCIX.com - Canada's Premier Computer Store - Online PC Discount Store, Buy Computer Accessories I am a techy, but I am not a network guy or a computer professional or anything of the sort. What is the difference between this item and...
  11. mattydies

    Move program to 2nd monitor?

    Sounds simple right? IT should be! I was doing some work on a computer with a surveillance system installed on it. I had to replace the 'DVR CARD' from the surveillance system when reinstalling windows (as they driver disks were gone). I bought a CHEAP unit from China off Ebay - $35 for...
  12. mattydies

    Software based raid???

    OK here is the scenario... I have used 2 raid arrays over the past 4 or 5 years. A RAID 0 - 2 x WD Raptor 74GB. I fell in love. Last year I bought 5 used WD Raptor 160's using 4 in RAID 0 and have a spare. After the fact I was thinking I should have bought an SSD but I will make use...
  13. mattydies

    SOLVED Win 7 Curroupt 2 times in 2 days

    I had installed 'Windows 7 64Bit Ultimate' on my PC after FINALLY buying parts and rebuilding. The legitimacy of the Windows copy I used is questionable. A new Copy will be ordered tonight. I never activated or updated Windows either time I installed it. I live in the boonies, an hour...
  14. mattydies

    Please Suggest a CHEAP Mobo & CPU

    My father has an old socket 775 Dell computer. It's rather old tech. I would like to buy a new CPU and Mobo for him. I am looking for something cheap that offers good bang for your buck, and should serve him well for a few years or more. I don't really have 'EXTRA' money to spend on...
  15. mattydies

    EVGA DARK + Car Radiator (Renamed)

    "No N!GG@. It's like 'A Tribe Called Quest' You gotta say the whole thing!" A Pimp Named Slickback - Boondocks. I figure my 'new' pc will cost about a Grand and be quite pimpin' hence the working name "A Pimp Named G-Stack". *******BACK STORY This build is to replace / rebuild my previous...
  16. mattydies

    Catastrophic Failure. Help with Testing

    ******WHAT HAPPENED****** I recently picked up 4 used 160GB Raptors to run in Raid 0+1 (to replace my 2 - 74GB Raid 0). I removed the HDD's and the computer sat for two days. It turns out my PSU had died while waiting. I was about to order a replacement when my brother suggested I...
  17. mattydies

    Fanless watercooling?

    Has anyone run a water cooling system with an oversized fanless radiator? I ask because I'm fond of a quiet computer, and well, I have MANY different rad's kicking around from Automobiles (Radiators, Transmission coolers, Heater Cores) :ban: I'm contemplating getting into water cooling in the...
  18. mattydies

    Recommendations for a wireless router?

    I am working at a small hotel which needs to purchase a wireless router for guests. The motel is about 100 feet long, and our #1 priority (for the router) is to have a GREAT signal throughout the building. Right now the wired router is basically at one end of the building. Yes I could place...
  19. mattydies

    Scroll lock flashing, beeping

    OK so I went out today leaving my computer on to run Orthos cpu testing (passed 8 hours blended). I had MANY tabs open in firefox and many in chrome also. I came home and Orthos had stopped running after 45 minutes with an error. Max Temp was 56 (I have hit WAY higher while passing other...
  20. mattydies

    Upgrading a 200mm fan

    I have an Antec 900 case with the 200mm fan on the top. Does anyone make a 200mm fan which can move TONNES of air and still be VERY quiet when I turn the speed down? OR will I have to make some duct work and mount multiple smaller fans which suit my needs? I tried a couple online retailers...

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