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    XBOX 720 Graphics

    Well on PC right now you only need a A10 (AMD) to match Xbox 360 Spec, that mean 720p and lower, setting in game a LOW or MEDIUM and between 23 and 30 FPS (99% of the time)
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    To upgrade my current Intel processor

    Ram is so cheap nowaday that you can get 16gb for like 75$ shipped (DDR3). For office work an I3 is good, even for gaming. If you want you could get a cheap MB, an I3 and 16gb of ram for less than 312$ if you shop around and price match at NCIX (with other canadian online store)
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    Opinions & Advice First Computer Build

    It's a great build. You can easily get the 2500k to 4.4-4.5ghz with that cooler anyway. Btw if you plan to Overclock populated only 2 memory slots, not all 4, if you don't then it's not important..
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    EA Posts Recommended System Specs for Battlefield 3

    At least it will put my 460GTX in SLI in use. because not much game make it crawl.. maybe 1..
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    Known SLI Issues

    I have sli 460 and it running pretty nice, the only game i got that is not using it is shift 2 out of 40
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    Bulletstorm Up For Steam Pre-purchase

    60$ is new in the pc world... but seriously, i've paid 99$CAD for Waverace on N64 back when it was released.. those were crazy days...
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    Battlefield 3

    Lol Terminator 1 music... or almost ;)
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    Duty Calls

    Meh who care about a BulletStorm demo, this game will run at 200fps like all the other U3 game out there LOL!
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    PSP 2 - NGP

    Meh, release a Ps4 already so our graphics can move on and oh no more Unreal Engine 3 games.. LOL! (lack of AA natively)
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    Game Sale PSA

    Nice, i bought Super Meat Boy for 11$ (20% off) LOL!, was having 18$ sleeping in my Paypal account so...
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    DVD shrink "like" software for Blue-Ray?

    Wouldn't it cost less to just dump the ISO with AnyDVD or Rip the movie only with DVD Fab to the HDD? You can get 60 movies on a 2tb Green drive (around 100$). Unless you don't have stream available on you're movie display..
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    Tomorrow Morning....9AM EST

    Woot for the gtx 560 and 6950 1gb :-)
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    Canadian Internet

    The best places for internet in the world are like South Korea (100mbits around 30$), New Zeland, Holland, Japan etc.. We have (me and my coloc) 50mbits/125g per month plan with videotron in Montreal. It's pricy (81$) but we split. We usually use 60-80g per month (witch consist of Wow, Steam...
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    GTX 460 Upgrade

    Yeah the 560 will be officially released (the NDA) tomorrow. It will be between 250-300$ (depending if you take it stock or pre OC'd). Gigabyte will have a 1ghz (GPU) special version (from 822 standard) so that mean it will be an excellent overclocker like the 460.
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    DirectCanada ?

    Yeah i know.. the only thing i don't like about NCIX is they quote In Stock but it's not really always in Their stock but in their supplier stock. So if you don't check the availability of all you're products first (1-2 days shipping mean NCIX has it, more than that mean it's the supplier) one...
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    DirectCanada ?

    Me and my friend ordered for like 5000$ from them in the last year.. never not received stuff.. in fact they were much much faster than NCIX, witch is now terrible for speed of shipping..
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    SandyBridge in the Wild in Canada!

    Very nice.. yeah UPS always does that.. They even leave a box at my friend house beside the door during a BIG Snowstorm, my friend had to dig it out after he found out 2 days later (with the tracking), it was RAM so it worked just fine..
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    Intel Sandy Bridge Core i5-2500K & Core i7-2600K Processors Review Comment Thread

    Humm since 1156 Cpu cooler works on 1155 i might grab a P67a UD4 with a 2500K and use my current part to finally built my little PC that will replace my POS laptop.. ;)
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    Sandybridge ES 2600K review???

    Off course, if you buy S2011, it's because you're entousiams. But the number of people who run 4 Videocard is , i'am pretty sure, less than those who use Eyefinity or the Nvidia Variant.. but again, there's a market for 200$ 5.1 sound system and one at 5000+ for 1 per pair of stereo speakers too...
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    Major Crossfire Problems! HD5850

    If i remember correctly, you need to enable AI otherwise only one card is using and Xfire is OFF