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    Older video cards is more powerful than current low budget card?

    Hey guys, My GTX275 is now officially broken (BSOD with nvlddmkm.sys when device is enabled, but works fine when device is disabled). Since I will be using my desktop for software development, I thought I would just replace it with a low-budget GPU since I dont play games anymore too. But this...
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    mobo+cpu recommendations!

    Hey guys It has been a while since I posted here. Now my desktop is unable to boot up (which i suspect is the motherboard), i need to change just the mobo+cpu, since a p55 mobo is more expensive than just getting a newer socket with the cpu. My current rig is: i7 860 @4GHz on water, 3.4ghz on...
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    Want to Sell eVGA gtx275 SC lifetime warranty, creative t40, ultra x4 850w modular psu

    Hey guys, Next up is my eVGA GTX275 SC (with lifetime warranty registered to me, I will assist with warranty) Box and accessories are included 160CAD obo --------------------------- Next up is my Ultra X4 850W fully modular PSU (lifetime warranty as well, I will assist with warranty) 80+...
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    Want to Sell $OLD ***MINT*** BlackBerry Storm2 9550 w/ chinese, box and acc. +++

    Kitchener/Waterloo/Oakville/Mississauga region Hey guys, just when I got the hang of the storm2, Torch came out and I fell in love with it. So, yah this is up for grabs at a low $OLD OBO. I have applied protechyourdevice FULL BODY skin; these skins are very durable and unbreakable! Lifetime...
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    Want to Sell FREE: Sleevings/screws

    Hey guys, I m moving out, so these will be either going to the garbage or someone can put it into good use :thumb: Vantec UV red (looks more orange) sleeving kit (not full lengths) Case screws; got it from PCCYBER thinking they will send me the ones shown in pictures (which is not). Never used...
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    Best Answer

    Hey admins/mods, it would be best if we have Best Answer (post) in a thread?
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    16GB microSD real or fake??

    Hey guys, i just got a 16GB SanDisk microSD from a RFD seller for my BlackBerry... and was wondering if there's any way/program to check if it is really 16GB?
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    Want to Buy UV Cathodes

    Hey guys, if you guys have any UV cathodes, let me know... the Logisys dual 12" cathodes are fine too Thanks.
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    Completed Project: I-am-now-officially-broke Watercooled HAF932

    :haha::haha: Hey guys, finally came around watercool my rig Specs: i7 860 @ 3.8GHz ASUS P7P55D-E PRO CM Hyper 212 + 4x2GB Gskill ECO cl7 PC3-1600 eVGA GTX275 SC CM HAF932 Ultra X4 850W LG BluRay ROM DVDRW Used stuffs: Swiftech MCR220 Swiftech 655 speed adjustable The things I just bought...
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    First time watercooling

    I will get every parts from DazMode :clap::clap: I need suggestions for parts :whistle: My rig is i7 860 on Asus p7p55d-e pro, and I just need a single loop for CPU... want to OC this beast (although the 4x2gb ram is holding it down) It will be installed in CM HAF932 as well. I like the bay...
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    Win7 starting screen looking weird, but....

    Hey guys, Just installed a fresh new i7 s1156 system!! :clap::clap::clap: Everything went well, from testing each ram 20 mins in memtest86+ to cable management (pics later). BUT, why is it when i first power up my computer and got into windows starting logo screen, the color looks so messed...
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    problemss... HELP!!!

    Hey guys, My computer is having these weird problems when I play games... i reapplied TIM for CPU (pea method), put on fresh thermal pads for the mosfets.... fresh TIM for the NB and SB.... air blow everything for dust...... and it's still happening... when i play MW2, the screen would...
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    BSOD!!! HELP!!!!!

    hey guys, I was surfing and chatting with my friends while my NBA2K10 minimized, went out for a smoke and when I came back suddenly BSOD screen and it stuck there; I had to reset my comp (now back to default configuration in BIOS) I took this photo using my cellphone, can someone tell me what...
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    gtx 480 benchmarks????

    Links removed, thread closed. No posting of links to sites breaking NDA is currently allowed. - SugarJ
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    thermal pads.......

    Hey guys, dont know where to post this, but i guess since it concerns my mobo mosfet and NB-SB heatsinks, i would just post it here... so anybody know where to get thermal pads in GTA(Mississauga, etc) or K/W? i cant just use TIM on the mosfet heatsinks right? :ph34r:
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    Want to Sell Spring cleaning! h2o gears as well

    Located in Kitchener/Waterloo for now. Will accept EMT/Paypal. Shipping extra and can be negotiated if reasonable. Great discounts for multiple items :) Additional pictures available upon request BNIB 2m TFC Clear/UV blue 1/2" ID-3/4" OD tubing $10 ATI X800GT 128MB $20 BNIB Works 24 pin...
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    Socket 1156 build, good?

    Hey guys, I m thinking of replacing my 2 year old gaming system to i5/i7 socket 1156 I m currently using: Q6600 GO @3.2GHz (8x400) on TRUE-120 (push and pull) GSkill 2x2GB DDR2-1000 + GSkill 2x1GB DDR2-1066 eVGA 780i eVGA GTX275 SC Edition (either keep or change to 58XX) Ultra X3 850W (should...
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    eVGA GTX 275 SC error??

    Hey guys, I have this problem here, I m not sure if my video card needs RMAing or something else. This happens quite often when i play 3d games. When i play COD:MW2 (10 mins playing), my screen would froze, hdd starts ticking, then if lucky, it will resume normally, half of the times my comp...
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    HELP with haf 932 post-paint problems

    hey guys, i just painted my haf 932... i love the outcome.. but i m having problems with it.... first of all, i riveted all of it using 1/8" x 5mm(length of the head) and first of all, i couldnt fasten the long "rod" that's securing the expansion slots plastic bracket.. should i use shorter...
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    Cant delete this file!!! HELP!!

    Hey guys, i downloaded a "movie" :whistle: and extracted to my Desktop. And it was corrupted (the size is 0 Bytes), so I m trying to delete it. I just cant.. I tried win7, xp, nothing... this is the error message when i try to delete and/or rename it I tried to delete it from MS DOS, but...

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