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  1. Soultribunal

    The Happy thread!

    Probably some for of RTV Gasket Maker, I've used a few different kinds over the years. It's messy work but it can hold just fine if you prepare the surface correctly and don't just Glob the hell out of it. -ST
  2. Soultribunal

    Whats your latest purchase?

    ....Starting to think? Where the hell have you been for the last few years? -ST
  3. Soultribunal

    Case Pics

    Eh, I don't build my own PC's anymore. One day I will again. However I've been slowly replacing all the old HP's and Dell's at my office (cheaper once again than Prebuilts). Its been fun!
  4. Soultribunal

    Work in progress Project "I'm sick of shoehorning things in a Cerberus-X and I'm moving to a MORA3 rebuild".

    Power Density has come a long way for sure. I love that size comparison. -ST
  5. Soultribunal

    Rants etc.....

    Thanks. Yeah it touches every family unfortunately. MM is Terminal, regardless of if its caught at Stage 1 or 3 (in this case it was 3, and not caught in the 'smoldering' phase). So the Treatment buys time, nothing more. You can't come back from this one. Sorry to hear about your family as well...
  6. Soultribunal

    Rants etc.....

    Sorry, its not me. I made an edit, I thought I had mentioned about my Father-In-Law already, but apparently I did not. You have to put up with me for as long as HWC will have me. -ST
  7. Soultribunal

    Rants etc.....

    I guess time for my own Rant, maybe it will help get it off my chest, who knows. I've been here long enough that most people aren't strangers anymore (and I've met many). My Rant is a word. Multiple Myeloma. Of all the Cancers (of which many can be cured, or managed , or there is you know...
  8. Soultribunal

    Rants etc.....

    Delays on electronics are still heavy. This is not unique to Dell, by any means. I have Ubiquiti, APC, Lenovo, Netgear products all either end of this year and going into next. Some of them, with no fixed ETA, others as far out as April 2023. -ST
  9. Soultribunal

    What game are you currently playing? (Screenshots if possible pls)

    I told myself I would not play another COD sometime ago, as I wasn't a big fan of certain game designs and decisions. Fast forward to today. My friend in Germany was talking about the F2P elements in MW2, and I trust his judgement so I figured what the heck. I won't pay for it, but I'll at...
  10. Soultribunal

    The little pump that could ... has died

    Wow, I haven't seen a Zalman CNPS9900 (or whichever variation yours is) in a long long time. Looks really cool. -ST
  11. Soultribunal

    Expensive but....

    Alphacool has always been a decent brand, and I think another company at one point did the same thing where you can expand the unit up to a certain point. They help bridge the gap between an AIO and full Customer with the Benefits of both IMO. -ST
  12. Soultribunal

    unofficial let's talk about cooking tools thead

    Yuppers, should be this one here in 7QT (though this one is newer so looks slightly different than mine). https://www.lodgecastiron.com/product/dutch-oven?sku=L2SP3 I love how it cooks, well, everything. Wife did homemade Clam chowder in it the night before. Real Bar Clams, Bacon, Red Potatos...
  13. Soultribunal

    unofficial let's talk about cooking tools thead

    Did a 5lb Chicken in the 7QT one, and on their website I see it still available. Now, big Feast? Eh, not that small of one, if your Feast is more than 4 people. The bigger 12.5QT ones might be better suited to your needs if you're feeding more than 4 people. For myself, I don't have kids, and...
  14. Soultribunal

    The little pump that could ... has died

    Ask twice and Purchase once. That's why even if I think I know the answer a lot of times I'll ask still just to really really make sure. Welcome to HWC. -ST
  15. Soultribunal

    Hot Deals!!!!!

  16. Soultribunal

    Star Citizen

    We are moths to the flame that is SC. Well....not really flame...more like dumpster fire of founder money. Still fun though! -ST
  17. Soultribunal

    Star Citizen

    In the Dark Future, there is only War. ...and waiting for SC to hit 1.0.
  18. Soultribunal

    Star Citizen

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking your support for it and posting updates. That is perfectly acceptable by me, and I've never faulted you for that. I've even seen you get frustrated by the Devs and Company in this thread, which shows you to be objective. I do however, like to poke fun at the...
  19. Soultribunal

    Star Citizen

    It has, and always will be, about the Financial Model. I am all for games taking development time. I never bitch while I wait for things like State of Decay 3, The Division Heartland, Valheim's Mistlands, Total War: Warhammer III ect. The thing is, most of these games only release the Pre-Order...
  20. Soultribunal

    Star Citizen

    Yes, but as we've discussed, CP2077 didn't fleece people for money over the course of those 8 years. There, and there alone is the primary difference. If I was $2K into investment in a game and it was 8+ years in development I would feel a bit chessed. Just sayin' -ST

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