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  1. Soultribunal

    Want to Buy US Xbox Gift Card - $50

    Hey everyone, I have an odd request here, and I'm hoping perhaps someone on the forum might be going to the US soon and can facilitate this request. I need a US $50 XBOX Gift Card, and I do not trust those sites online that sell them. Just call it a personal thing I suppose. I play with...
  2. Soultribunal

    Want to Sell Elgato HD60S (New, Sealed)

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking to sell my Elgato HD60S. The Unit is new in Box and Sealed. $160 + Shipping. PM if interested.
  3. Soultribunal

    Best Wired/Wireless ANC Headset For Xbox

    Hey Everyone, So, I have done some reading, but I am still at a crossroads as to what I want. I prefer wired , over Wireless but right now I am torn between the wireless Steelseries Arctis 9X or the Sennheiser PC38X for the Wired side. I am gaming an streaming on my Xbox Series X, and I want...
  4. Soultribunal

    A Place for Streamers

    Alright Folks, I wanted to make a thread in gaming, where everyone can post (if they do it) their streaming handles, channels, etc. As well as tips and such to help new users with platforms such as Twitch etc. It took, a lot of thought and decisions, but I decided to cast off the mantle and...
  5. Soultribunal

    Best of April Fools Day

    Razor does seem to always be on top, I love the detail they put into it. https://www.razer.com/rapunzel -ST
  6. Soultribunal

    Total War: Warhammer III

    Its Finally announced and coming this year. Goodbye social life for at least 6 months. -ST
  7. Soultribunal

    Dell upgrade parts for the Area 51m

    Well, it looks like (maybe) my gamble might have paid off a little bit (minus the insane cost) for upgrading my Laptop. https://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2019/11/7/20953571/alienware-area-51m-gpu-upgrade-kits-nvidia-rtx-2070-2080 Now, mind you the cost includes Labor to actually do it...
  8. Soultribunal

    Division 2

    Hey everyone, Not sure how many people were crazy enough here to Pre-Order (or know someone whom did and sent an invite) the Division 2, but I'm curious to see what everyone's thoughts are whom has access to the Beta (which opened up yesterday). Personally, I feel that a lot of the...
  9. Soultribunal

    Dell Launches Alienware Area 51m - Fully Upgradable Laptop

    This is been something I have long been awaiting. Not that there is any actual guarantee that there will be new Video Cards for it moving forward, it is a desktop class system that is more portable than lugging your Tower and accessories around...
  10. Soultribunal

    A new direction

    Hey everyone, I haven't been, in recent months and such as active as I once was. That is changing again as life gets back to some normality. That being said I figured I'd share with the community that I've been a part of for almost 10 years now, something new and interesting in my own life...
  11. Soultribunal

    Mobile Gaming - LFG

    Hey Everyone, I haven't seen too much talk about it on here at least for mobile gaming (either on Phone / Tablet etc.) I figured I would open up the conversation and post the games that I play (and my Wife!) to see if anyone wants to join our group, play along, discuss games that they play and...
  12. Soultribunal

    Want to Sell SoulTribunal Summer Sale!!!!

    Hey Everyone, I think I am hanging up the PC Building Hat for a while. I have lots of New Sealed and LNIB items I am selling today. Terms And Conditions:: Prices do not include shipping. If you need a shipping quote please provide your Postal code and I will let you know what the costs will...
  13. Soultribunal

    PSA: Corsair RMx/RMi/HXi/AXi Warranty

    Hey Everyone, Just wanted to let out a quick PSA (And it will eventually be updated on the Corsair Main Page). The original 7 Year Warranty on the above mentioned PSU's is being retroactively upgraded to 10 years now :shok:. Looks like Corsair is locking Sabres with EVGA now. I like...
  14. Soultribunal

    Gallery HTPC(Main) Build - Air 240 mITX

    I came to realize that it has been way to long since I posted what I am currently running in my house. So, I decided to make a small gallery of my current setup. Specs: EVGA Stinger Z87 mITX Board Intel Core i7 4770K 2 x 4GB Mushkin Blackline Frostbyte DDR3 (something I am still...
  15. Soultribunal

    Online B/S/T Sites

    Hey everyone, Although Google can be useful for many things, it doesn't always find all the answers I need. I am looking for any other places that are like Kijiji which allow me to place online free ads for good that need to be sold. My President has a side project of buying a lot of...
  16. Soultribunal

    Want to Buy Working X58 ATX / mATX Board

    Hi Guys, A very close friend of mine had his Computer finally give up the Ghost yesterday (I was up late troubleshooting this issue, and I am extremely certain its his board). He does not have the Money to get himself a new setup, so I need to hopefully find a semi-decent board for him to...
  17. Soultribunal

    Completed Apollo Reborn (still making some adjustments)

    Ever since NZXT came into being I have used their cases. Not always every single build (I go through 3 cases a year I think lol). I found an old classic (2007 maybe or earlier) still available on Newegg, and decided that when I do my upgrade I am going to cram it all into an old case for...
  18. Soultribunal

    Want to Sell Soultribunals Sale

    Hey Everyone, got a couple items I would like to get off my hands. All items are final sale, if its DOA within 72 hours I'll take it back. If it is an item that has warranty still and I am the original warranty holder I will facilitate that for you, but I will not be responsible for shipping it...
  19. Soultribunal

    A very old but awesome classic game

    Hey everyone, An Old friend has brought back a venerated classic game to play on his home hosted server. Ultima Online. If anyone remembers this, or would like to join us please feel free to come over, the more the merrier for this classic, crazy, buggy but addictive game...
  20. Soultribunal

    Toshiba to get OCZ

    Toshiba Acquires OCZ's Remaining Assets for $35 Million - Bright Side Of News* Well, looks like we might have a winner in the SSD market to come. Good stuff I think, -ST

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