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  1. lcdguy

    How many years of STEAM service do you have?

    17 Years here, and only around 160 games though i really only play 2-3 on a regular basis. :)
  2. lcdguy

    Which NAS hard drives do you use and trust?

    Since i don't need large capacity requirements i went with 2TB WD Red's because i'm cheap and have trust issues with seagate. :)
  3. lcdguy

    New (and hopefully last) NAS build. Recommendations?

    Not sure if this will help or not, but i recently moved from a synology ds1515+ that died out of warranty to a truenas scale deployment and couldn't be happier. I have 2 drives of redundancy on the data vDEV with one hot spare, along with a mirror pair for the LOG vDEV and a single 500GB for the...
  4. lcdguy

    3D Printer / CNC discussion thread

    yup thingiverse is pretty good spot, i also peruse the prusa printables (if it's even still called that any more) as there are some good stuff there too. the Hobbyist/Personal use tier of fusion360 is also pretty decent as well. :)
  5. lcdguy

    3D Printer / CNC discussion thread

    nice i love doing up functional prints. It's what i use my 3d printer for most of the time. :) I designed these wall brackets back in lockdown so i could hang my work laptop on the wall and get it off the desk :) :)
  6. lcdguy

    3D Printer / CNC discussion thread

    i would be extremely suspicious of any creality printer hitting 250mm/s reliably. Calling shenanigans on this one :) (not that i would ever buy another creality printer mind you, i'm perfectly happy with my slightly modified mk3s :) ). I also remember there was a video where some youtuber...
  7. lcdguy

    hardware raid is dead says Wendell from level 1 tech.

    that might depend on the rate of change of the data. This might help as well. https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E18752_01/html/819-5461/gbbwa.html :)
  8. lcdguy

    hardware raid is dead says Wendell from level 1 tech.

    yeah, and possibly my comparison with the large storage systems was not a great one as they generally run highly customized hardware/software that is not in reach of the average person :). Pretty sure most of can't afford multi-million dollar solutions to store all those "Linux Images" in our...
  9. lcdguy

    What to do with a spare 240GB NVMe (installed)?

    could always mess around with storage tiering in storage space/storage pools in windows :) (though i think you need to break out power shell for windows 10.) :)
  10. lcdguy

    hardware raid is dead says Wendell from level 1 tech.

    Not really on these large systems, they also generally don't support things like raid 50, raid 60 since there is so much redundancy and spare disks you generally won't need anything beyond raid 6, possibly raid 10 if an application requires it. You are also almost never writing data (from the...
  11. lcdguy

    SFP28 to 25Gb BASE-T Copper Transceivers

    not sure if you will find copper at 25gbps sfp that does BASE-T (rj45) perhaps something like a twinax. But in my experience anything over 10 gig has generally been the realm of fiber optic cables only (ideally OM4).
  12. lcdguy

    how do you calculate how much cable is needed for a run?

    just buy a 1000ft of cable and run the cable :) j/k. string/pulling twine is your best bet.
  13. lcdguy

    hardware raid is dead says Wendell from level 1 tech.

    yeah, hard drives (regardsless of type nvme, sas, nl-sas, sata, etc) are the slowest part in a large array. But i'm also not talking about smaller solutions like equallogic, tintri, nimble, etc. but the large multi PB solutions from companies like EMC, NetAPP, Hitachi, etc i don't see hardware...
  14. lcdguy

    hardware raid is dead says Wendell from level 1 tech.

    eh, yeah saw that, perhaps for the average consumer/smb/ but don't agree with it on the large true mid-range/enterprise solutions.
  15. lcdguy

    What to do with a spare 240GB NVMe (installed)?

    could always use it as a scratch/temp drive for things like video recording.
  16. lcdguy

    What is your monthly Internet traffic ?

    this month so far around 1.2TB, thought that was a steam library re-download most normally in the 200-500GB/month range on average.
  17. lcdguy

    3D printing pics

    Recently i built a new nas to replace a synology that finally died, and but ran into an issue with "securely" mounting the boot ssd's into a hot swap bay from startech. (one of those 4x3.5" drives in 3x5.25" bay deals). I designed up a quick and dirty "bracket" to bolt to the short side of the...
  18. lcdguy

    Another SAS vs SATA Question

    For any raid configuration you should have at a minimum 1 hot spare per drive type regardless of raid level. RAID-6 uses 2 disks for parity so yes you can loose up to 2 drives in a RAID-6 configuration before suffering data loss, but i would never want to run a raid configuration without...
  19. lcdguy

    Elite Dangerous?

    not that i am aware of, they just leverage other game stores such as steam and epic but they also self publish, but the fact that they generally launch new cosmetics that can only be purchased with arx which can either be earned at a slow rate or purchased leads me to believe this was more of a...
  20. lcdguy

    Elite Dangerous?

    I suspect the launch was more of the dev's saying "it's not ready" and the suits saying "we don't care launch it". And here we are picking up the pieces for this beta launch. :)