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  1. Liu Kang

    NCIX opening in Ottawa Dec 26

    **** NCIX... that opening was the most poorly organized store event I have ever seen. A complete mess, disorganized and so many lazy employees just sitting in the back chatting while orders sat on the back table just waiting to be called out. I won't be back.
  2. Liu Kang

    Where to find 6-32 x 2 3/8"+ machine screws

    I looked forever in almost all the shops listed before i found a great selection of PC screws at frozencpu.com and performance-pcs.com
  3. Liu Kang

    Corsair H80i & H100i Review Comment Thread

    Nice to see Corsair continuing to improve this product. I have an H80 and couldn't be happier given the price point... That being said, I wouldn't call it water cooling ;) Thanks for the write up, AKG.
  4. Liu Kang

    mountain mods

    Agreed. The MM cases are very "industrial" and simple: straight aluminium, no grommets, etc. That whole look is why I prefer the MM cases, but CaseLabs are definately better and more practical all around, especially if you are looking to simplify wire management.
  5. Liu Kang

    mountain mods

    :) http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/buy-sell-trade/59338-mountainmods-u2-ufo-flatblack-ready-ship.html
  6. Liu Kang

    mountain mods

    The UFO might be a good "cube" type case to start with... you can always add the pedestal later if needed. Either way, all cases come with 1 or 2 HDD and optical drive mounting hardware. They will only ship UPS, so you will get dinged for duty... my case was ~$1200, and duty was ~$150. Good luck.
  7. Liu Kang

    mountain mods

    You're looking at quite the price difference between a MM case and the 900D... To me the decision is simple: if you are buying a UFO or Ascension, then by all means, eat the cost of the Mountain Mods case and duty/delivery charges. It's the baddest case I've ever owned. Also check out the...
  8. Liu Kang

    Need some advice on some weird idea.

    As part of my new year's resolution to be nicer to people... JARAXLE, I have some spare compression fittings (1/2ID, 3/4OD), including 90 degree ones. They are black, Bitspower fittings. PM me the parts you need and I'll see if I have enough to replace your current set. My treat. :)
  9. Liu Kang

    Dazmode News

    I tried to shop at dazmode.com several times in the past, but was never able to find the parts I wanted or needed... that was several years ago. Now, the store is full of watercooling and mod products. I can't tell you how happy I am to have a place in Canada that I can order from. Tons of...
  10. Liu Kang

    Silverstone Sugo SG09 Case Review Comment Thread

    The case is very well made. A friend of mine pre-ordered it and I was impressed with it. A ton of room for such a small foot print. As an owner of a couple Sugos, this is the best one yet IMO. Mind you, Kang <3 Silverstone, so I'm a bit of a fanboy...
  11. Liu Kang

    Sausage Fest 2012 (Ottawa LAN)

    We're all in our 20s and 30s, so it's more like no wives allowed :haha: The typical LAN favorites will get some love... UT, Counter Strike, L4D, Bad Company, whatever we feel like playing :)
  12. Liu Kang

    Sausage Fest 2012 (Ottawa LAN)

    Hey guys, LAN party this weekend, Friday night until Sunday (Nov. 16-18). Every year, one of my buddies hosts a LAN party... nothing too serious or too large. This year, it's my turn and figured I'd extend the invite to some of the Hardware Canucks crew. There's plenty of room for everyone...
  13. Liu Kang

    BitFenix Prodigy Mini ITX Case Review Comment Thread

    In some cases, they are even more solid than air cooled cases as tubing can provide support for your GPU... I've never had a problem with my watercooled LAN rigs, so don't worry about it. Just don't toss the case in the trunk ;)
  14. Liu Kang

    Mountain Mods Extended Ascension - 4way SLI GTX580 + 3930K + Asus R4E rebuild

    Am I the only one concerned about all that voltage you are sending to the CPU? Otherwise, epic :)
  15. Liu Kang


    All good advice listed above. My 2 cents: don't get suckered by the GDDR5, 2GBs is plenty for any single monitor setup... I won't get into the Green vs. Red debate, but that EVGA 680 would be my first choice.
  16. Liu Kang

    BitFenix Prodigy Mini ITX Case Review Comment Thread

    The PSU complaints you will find are not about some of the larger sized PSUs, but the fact that any standard PSU has to be crammed into the case. It's like the PSU enclosure was dictated by the size of the motherboard tray and not the PSU. 1cm more of space would make all the difference, and...
  17. Liu Kang

    Opinions Please! X79 Watercooling Build.

    Dual loops = 2 pumps, 2 reservoirs, etc. A lot to fit in that case of yours. 480 worth of rad should be fine to cool those parts, and you can easily run pump>rads>cpu>gpu1>gpu2>reservoir>pump and get good results. The key to a good WC build is the ease with which you can drain/fill your loop...
  18. Liu Kang

    BitFenix Prodigy Mini ITX Case Review Comment Thread

    I have owned dozens of cases, and the Prodigy is by far my favorite small form factor case to date, especially considering the price. I would take it over any Lian Li or Silverstone SFF case I've used to date (mind you, the new SG09 might change my mind). My only complaint is the power supply...
  19. Liu Kang

    Which Enclosed system to buy for low price

    The case is small, so be sure to pick it up and plan/measure accordingly. I have an SG03 and bought a Corsair unit only to find out that it hit my RAM and couldn't fit below the 5.25 drive bay without hitting my GPU. So I went with the CoolIT ECO as the rad is thinner and could be run...