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    has anyone seen this levitation before?

    Really cool. Thanks for sharing!
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    Help Wanted! Anybody want to make some extra cash?

    Check your inbox! :)
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    PSU For My Phenom II Rig? Replacing OCZ GameXStream 600

    How about a XFX 450W Core Edition? Jonnyguru review here. With MIR, it's around $35 on NCIX.
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    First build - Need advice and opinions

    Well thought out budget build. :thumb: A few comments & suggestions: The CX600 will be fine even if you decide to overclock down the road. As for the motherboard, I've never used ASRock but something I consider is whether or not the RMA center is within Canada or requires a trip across the...
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    Cheap 5.1 headset

    For $50 it's definitely a bargain when you factor in comfort and product support compared to its competitors.
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    AMD Bulldozer FX-8150 Processor Review Comment Thread

    Some heads will roll for this. :ph34r:
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    Steve Jobs ...dead

    RIP Steve!
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    Worth upgrading? or wait it out?

    Agreed. Upgrade GPU and toss in a SSD boot drive.
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    The weirdest shoes I've ever seen

    If I wore these my toes wouldn't have neighbours!
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    Looking to improve my PC audio system

    The AD700's aren't bad for most music genres, but if you listen to rap or hip hop you'll lose out on "oomph" (bass). The best all-around headphones I've ever used are Beyer DT 880 and DT 990. A lot of people like the 880's more, but I dunno...music just sounds more fun on my DT 990. Try to...
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    PSU Recommendations

    Go with the Corsair AX series. 750W is plenty overhead for your system.
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    Best card for under $150?

    I've seen some used GTX 460 1GB's go for around $150.
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    Xbox and PS3 Holding back Gaming ( Bit- Tech)

    Didn't Microsoft kill their idea for pitting console gamers vs. PC gamers? Which FPS game was it again? Until controllers become... more like mouses with hybrid keyboards or something hooked up to your brain, I don't see MMO's going away.
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    looking for some input on 5.1 headsets

    Really, if you're looking for headphones and NOT headsets (mic attachment), look into picking up a pair of used Sennheiser HD 555's or ATH-AD700's. These two should be easier to find in Canada for under $100. The HD 555's are more of an all around pair, whereas the AD700's have anemic bass BUT...
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    "The Hobbit" thread

    I'm in awe at how different he looks. :shok:
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    worth it

    If someone's willing to buy your i5-760 for $170...get rid of it! That's more than you can sell used i7-920/930 chips these days. Skip the i5-2600k unless you are into folding. For gaming and even typical editing use, the i5-2500k is more than sufficient (especially overclocked!). Use the...
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    First gaming pc, need advice.

    Well thought out. :thumb: Something to consider: Corsair has the 750W AX PSU (Gold efficiency) line for around the same price as what you've listed. It will easily handle SLI/Crossfire in the future.
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    Need some Upgrade suggestions

    In this order, I would buy a 80-90GB SSD (Corsair..skip the Vertex2 for now unless you know for sure you're not getting the 24nm chips), 2nd GTX 460, and then the monitor. I wouldn't bother with WC at all unless you're doing some serious OC..but then again, I don't know your needs. With just...
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    In other news...

    I really don't think a world war will start over this... it's more likely that there will be heavier economic/political sanctions. There's only so much that nation can take before it buckles.
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    Does Alienware use a stock PSU?

    You can always measure the PSU in the AW case and compare it with whatever you have on hand. If it doesn't fit, you can always put it back. Not like they're soldered in or something.

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