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  1. Technokat

    Game Sale PSA

    quantum conundrum Dunno how many of you have heard of this game, but Quantum Conundrum is made by the people who did the original Portal. Its very much a spiritual successor to that game. If you loved portal, you will probably like this. Its getting good reviews. Greenman Gaming has it on...
  2. Technokat

    Commandos 3 Free on GMG today only (june 21)

    Commandos 3: Destination Berlin | PC game | Download discounts at Green Man Gaming Till Keys run out i would assume anyways.
  3. Technokat

    Razer Tiamat 7.1 analog

    sounds like its interference from the soundcard, picking up garbage from your pc case and power.
  4. Technokat

    Torchlight 2 4-pack

    count me in
  5. Technokat

    The Legend of Grimrock

    that's the point. Its an homage to dungeon master, and eye of the beholder style games, brought into the new era with new graphics.
  6. Technokat

    The Legend of Grimrock

    you have 4 people but you move as one, its more like 1 person, 4 attacks, 4 invantory slots. It is fairly easily managed.
  7. Technokat

    Tribes Ascend has launched! Free to play Shooter

    Tribes has gone out of beta into full launch now. I have been having a blast playing. I haven't seen anything on here about it other than a post about the beta. I am always looking for people to play with. Look me up, my nick on the game is Khaine1. Its free to play, come on and have some...
  8. Technokat

    The Legend of Grimrock

    I have been enjoying this game a lot. It has a lot of re-playability. Doing it over with different characters, finding secret things you missed the first go round, etc. They are releasing a map and mod editor soon, so you will be able to download and play more dungeons etc. Its been doing...
  9. Technokat

    any new naval war games? Or ones with the Bismark?

    silent hunter 4 is out, been out a while if you are into that, its also on sale on GamersGate for 30% off right now Silent Hunter 4 Gold Edition - Buy and download on GamersGate There is also another company called Storm Eagle Studios that does a lot of battleship / ww1 era (golden age of...
  10. Technokat

    Game Sale PSA

    3 of the 4 are, just the newest one that just launched like....last week or something isnt.
  11. Technokat

    Game Sale PSA

    GamersGate has all Tropico games on sale for up to 75% off including Tropico 4 on sale for 66% off this weekend, comes out to $13.58 tropicoweekend - All - GamersGate
  12. Technokat

    Game Sale PSA

    Greenman Gaming has the new Shogun Total War: Fall of the samauri for 34% off ($19.79), for your steam code. Total War: Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai | Strategy | PC Games
  13. Technokat

    Apple TV3 plus MKV files?

    i doubt it will. Although you can get something like this, its 89.99 after rebate from ncix, and it does support mkv ASUS O!PLAY Live Network Media Player HDMI Youtube Netflix H.264 BD ISO USB 4 in 1 Card Reader - ASUS - OPLAY LIVE
  14. Technokat

    Gameplay-lacking RPGs have met their match

    From everything i heard Kingdoms of Amalur is way better than the demo EA forced them to release. They didnt want to do a demo as they knew it wouldnt come out that great as it needs to show too much in too short of time. I dont think you really get the true feel for the combat in that game...
  15. Technokat

    Game Sale PSA

    Sorry dunno how i missed it.
  16. Technokat

    Game Sale PSA

    just so you know space marine is 12.49 at greenman gaming, and space marine uses steam for drm, so the code from greenman works in steam
  17. Technokat

    New Gaming PC for iRacing, etc

    just so you know iracing doesnt support sli/crossfire.
  18. Technokat

    Best or favourite coffee maker

    One thing i found everyone didnt mention about the keurig is that there is an option for a refillable filter k cup. You can put in whatever FRESH coffee grounds into it and keep reusing it like a single use filter. That makes all the arguments about plastic waste, and stale coffee moot.
  19. Technokat

    Forza and GT5 and why the hell cant I play them

    iRacing! the one the only sim you need. Its hardcore, about as real as you can get. Its not about 10000000000 car collecting or having 10000000000000 tracks. its real racing race in a league with limited cars and limited tracks. Learn how to drive correctly, learn racecraft. Yes its monthly...
  20. Technokat

    AWESOME!! "Call of Duty MW3" Gaming PC build

    dont like it. No sir. Its like a case build that didnt know where to stop. I understand they want to show off the mobo, but having 2/3 of a case isnt it imo.

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