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    Bitcoin Mining

    I feel for you, but really you did the smart move cashing out. I would try to ignore what "could have" because no one would have guessed that it would have been this insane. It is so many more times likely that it would have crashed than it jumped up this high. This is such a stupid currency, I...
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    Precedent setting life sentence for Baumgartner, 40 years no parole.

    No doubt, lol. Hope no one here ever gets wrongfully accused of murder, somewhere that the death penalty is an option. Might be put to death, and realise that it is not a good option after all. Gosh darn people are dark here :bleh:
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    Whats your latest purchase?

    Well, I just picked up a Nexus 4, so some of us around here are still sane. JK, the iPhone 5 is good, I just am used to android, and didn't really want to switch.
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    SFF Gaming rig

    If he is willing to go up to a micro-atx build then he can get a LOT more for his money. Heck, even a decent case is cheaper. Better cooling, still small size, more hard drives, better heatsink.
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    Rants etc.....

    My pump failed last night. :angry2: Playing counterstrike getting 25-40 fps, even on lowest settings. Realized after that the computer was quiet. Now I know why.
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    Home Gaming Center

    I don't really think that most people would go into someone's basement to play some games. Really a large LAN party would be more profitable. Rent an arena, rent some network equipment, charge entrances fees, sell food and drink.
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    A little Help please if possible

    Prepaid is actually not too bad, if you buy the monthly plans, the ones that give you x amount of time. That said, the company is paying his bill, so it really doesn't matter. Bell and Telus both have some low cost phones that run android. Not really smart phones, but they have a touch screen...
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    nra Tshirt arrested

    Another great off-topic thread is brewing I sense.
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    New Xbox announcement 21 May

    I thought that was only a rumor, and that some xbox devs said that it was not true?
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    Want to Buy 6950 or 6970 2GB

    Hello, looking for a 6950/70 2gb to buy. Needs to be 2GB, as I am running eyefinity. 6950s are selling for $120 6970s are selling for $160 Please price accordingly Thanks.
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    Litecoin Mining

    I'm playing with LTC right now. I am going to get a decent amount, probably around 100, and then just sit on them. See if they get up to $25 or so. Of course with my luck, btc crashes, everyone switches to ltc, and they are worth $75 the next day. Anything specific you are having trouble with?
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    Netflix in Canada

    Mediahint can do this for windows, it also lets you watch american youtube clips, or hulu.
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    Bit coin question

    I know what you mean. After paying off the cost of my graphics cards I cashed out. Haven't thought about them for a couple of years now, until I saw some news about it. Just found out I still have $90 worth :punk: I don't feel too bad, "free" graphics cards, and $90 two years later. Too bad my...
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    Need some pro photoshop software/pro

    I'm bored. Throw the pics up on an image host, post them here, and I'll take a look at them when I get home. For software photoshop itself is the best, but it costs. Gimp is free, takes a bit of getting used to, but I like it just as much.
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    Want to Buy Bay reservoir for DDC

    I am looking for a bay reservoir for my MCP 355. Not really picky about brands. Fill ports on the front, and dual pumps would be preferred, but not required. PM me with offers. Thanks for looking
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    TV as laptop monitor

    It depends entirely on the performance of your system if the drop will be that serious. You do have double the amount of pixels on screen, meaning more to calculate, meaning harder to run. As for VGA vs HDMI, I would go HDMI. If both your TV, and laptop can do sound over HDMI then it will...
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    Want to Sell 4X1GB DDR2 for $35 (+Ship)

    Bump, only looking to sell now
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    Want to Sell 4X1GB DDR2 for $35 (+Ship)

    Bump, not looking for motherboard
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    Want to Sell 4X1GB DDR2 for $35 (+Ship)

    Bump, motherboard sold
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    Want to Sell 4X1GB DDR2 for $35 (+Ship)

    Sorry, only looking for a motherboard right now. Also, bump

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