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  1. Coach

    Undervolting AMD 6000 series - 6800 XT

    Looks good. I've spent very little time with my 6800XT's. Both at 1060 mV with stock or higher clocks. Seems I should mess with the mem timings and speeds...
  2. Coach

    Are BIOS updates generally cumulative?

    IMO I would not have used flashback, just the UEFI flash utility. That said I am super happy it worked out
  3. Coach

    Worth the money to go AMD for SAM with 6800 XT?

    np, if you have other questions please feel free to ask. FWIW the mobo is an ASUS Z370-a II. I had to covert my MBR to GPT but that was no issue.
  4. Coach

    Worth the money to go AMD for SAM with 6800 XT?

    I have two systems, both with reference 6800XT, one with a 5900x and the other with an 8700k @5Ghz. Both have resize BAR enabled. If I use an old benchmark like Unigine Valley, the 8700k system gets more points. IMO I would not go AM4
  5. Coach

    Want to Buy LF Ryzen 5300G/5600/X/G

    I live in MB so it would need to be shipped. I have a 3600 and have thought about upgrading it for some time. feel free to PM me with an offer
  6. Coach

    Whats your latest purchase?

    hahaha RAID.... no, only one 2TB drive and one 1TB 850x were purchased.
  7. Coach

    Whats your latest purchase?

    850x 2TB newegg.ca $235 A few spontaneous builds have depleted my SSD inventory. I hope these are good.
  8. Coach

    Survey says......all RGB software are crap

    title made me chuckle :) because it's true
  9. Coach

    Hot Deals!!!!!

    I was so close to buying a BNIB 3090 for $1050 from a RFD guy back when Ethereum went POS. Kinda regret not buying it. I would like to try a good Nvidia card. Using a 6800XT ATM and it is fine, but it would be nice to see what Nvidia has to offer. Sorry for the rambling, when you said you got...
  10. Coach

    Hot Deals!!!!!

    Which one are you keeping? EDIT: sorry that is a really dumb question, nvm
  11. Coach

    This price for real

    You ordered from Ali? Please update if/once it arrives. Thanks
  12. Coach

    used 3090 or next gen?

    Update: found a 6800XT for $600. :D
  13. Coach

    used 3090 or next gen?

    Thank you for all the input, in the end I chose to wait. Not sure it is the "right" move... we'll see
  14. Coach

    used 3090 or next gen?

    So, I have to decide today, $1100 for a BNIB 3090 FE. yay or nay?
  15. Coach

    used 3090 or next gen?

    I need some opinions here. 3090 for $950 or wait for new cards from Nvidia/AMD. I am running 4k, I do not game like I used to, getting too old maybe but I still get the itch for new hardware so to speak. I told myself that once mining tanked and cards were available I would snag one. I am not...
  16. Coach

    GeForce RTX 40 Series Annouced

    I thought Nvidia has bought more fab for 4000 series than 3000. If that is true then there will be a lot of 4000 series cards. Without crypto mopping up supply Nvidia could be in quite the spot. They are making cards (Ada Lovelace) that apparently cost a lot more to make compared to Ampere. What...
  17. Coach

    3090 FE

    I agree about waiting and seeing. My guess is that "2X" is with DLSS enabled. I skimmed the launch this morning and I thought all that 2-4X garbage was with their new DLSS 3.0 vs cards that could only run 2.0
  18. Coach

    3090 FE

    I am looking at a 3090 FE, any thoughts on FMV? $1000-1100?
  19. Coach

    Want to Sell HP t740, iPad Pro, 27" LCD, P1000, EVGA PSUs

    I look at this thread daily, so tempted.

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