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  1. justmehereajax

    Want to Buy WTB - Intel 7th Gen CPU only - i3 and up +

    Looking to make a HTPC with Kaby Lake. Need an i3 at least. PM me with offers.
  2. justmehereajax

    Apple iPad 1 - VNC Client that works?

    I have in possession an iPad 1 (2010 I know) - Would like to use it to remote in. It is limited in almost every way lol.... someone on another forum mentioned to remote in a pc to use it that way lol.. But that post was years ago. It still has incredible battery life and dual band wifi. I...
  3. justmehereajax

    Vstarcam IP Camera - Worth the Shot??? So far yes

    A couple years back I purchased a Vstarcam Sold at CC thinking it was worth the shot for a cheap IP Pan and Tilt Camera. I opened the box I looked at the sparse documentation it came with and how cheap feeling it was. I decided to just return it thinking not worth the trouble. Now couple years...
  4. justmehereajax

    Security Camera for Laundry Room in Apartment Complex

    I have a friend who needs a security camera in the laundry room. What is a good ip camera should I get. Wifi based though. Something like h265 based is better right? Those Dome cameras? I want it to detect motion and start recording sending footage online over to remote computer server.
  5. justmehereajax

    Ice Maker - Standalone machine recommendations

    I have a small appliance that makes ice since 2013. Sometimes it works and doesn't. So I need a new one I suppose. It exactly looks like this one: https://www.amazon.ca/Igloo-Compact-Ice-Maker-Red/dp/B00INXG9MY/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=ice+maker&qid=1564689305&s=gateway&sr=8-5 Should I 'rebuy'...
  6. justmehereajax

    New HTPC/Server go Ryzen or Intel?

    I am jealous of my friend who built a new Ryzen system. So I will get a new system LOL so I feel better. I plan to run two VM (Windows 7 and Windows 10) on my new system along with Windows 10 main. My old system is still doing alright but I am itching for something ‘today ‘ with NVME and extra...
  7. justmehereajax

    Android PC? What would you build?

    Emulators are fine but I want to build a PC dedicated for Android. Is this build good for all around Android use? i3-3240 4GB RAM Kingston 120GB A400 ssd What Android distro should I use nowadays That should run everything?
  8. justmehereajax

    Internet for Cheaper than Cheap.

    I live in a suburb where there is good infrastructure for Cable internet. Bell fibre as not reached here yet. I am on CarryTel Cable internet for like $40 a month for 75/10 MBPS. No problems so far. Plenty fast. But in the city there are ads posted on electric poles with a 416 number from...
  9. justmehereajax

    My new Dell 15 5575 ... IMHO a good deal

    I am pretty Happy how much I paid for this laptop $499. It featured: -AMD Ryzen 2500U with VEGA 8 GPU -4GB DDR4 2400MHz -1TB SATA HD 2.5” Those are the things I like about the laptop. I upgraded and put in a 970 EVO 500GB, 8GB of DDR4 more (12GB now) and 860 QVO 1TB. For the dislike... -TN...
  10. justmehereajax

    Mobile Intel and Discrete GPU in a laptop stutter on YouTube videos

    When I had my last gen 8th Dell G5, I encountered a problem where when I was viewing YouTube videos the video would get choppy and pause while still playing audio. In task manager, the discrete GPU 1050 was being used. Optimus tech switching messing up ....switching back and forth ??? I don’t...
  11. justmehereajax

    Does Polaris or VEGA support VP9 decoding???

    I read for Polaris it is hybrid rx 400/500 series I read VEGA does not have VP9 decoding. BUT the VEGA in Ryzen APU does. Right?
  12. justmehereajax

    Kitchen tablet replacement

    For a couple of years, I used an old Kobo Arc Android Tablet for the kitchen to view the security cameras and search small things. It is terribly slow now. It is just a dual core with less than a gig of ram I think. It died the other day. I heard to replace the battery is near impossible...
  13. justmehereajax

    Happy Canada Day Everyone!

    Happy Canada Day EVERYONE! Wish everyone a safe and happy day! And rest of the year! I celebrated yesterday with my sister’s boyfriend. Lol. Finally met him after many years of hearing about him. We went to a Mandarin Buffet... a place I used to work at lol. My sister and him look like a...
  14. justmehereajax

    Want to Buy ASUS router AC based or Access Point and PSU

    Looking to buy a Router like the Asus Ac66 b1 at least. the guy on rfds is offerring this to me for $65 https://forums.redflagdeals.com/gta-bnib-asus-rt-ac66u-ac1750-b1-wifi-gigabit-router-75-2277106/#p30777099 or buy a AP like TP Link AC1350 Wireless MU-MIMO Gigabit Ceiling Mount Access Point...
  15. justmehereajax

    T-fal optigrill

    Looking for a grill for indoors. I don’t want to grill outdoors right now with propane and charcoal. Any one buy one of these? What’s the difference from the George Foreman indoor grill that I have? I heard people buy the optigrill and are pleased with it. I got lots of pork chops I bought...
  16. justmehereajax

    MacBook for Graphics Design

    Over the years, I have been doing graphics design. It was my hobby and now I do it often whenever there is work for me. I do mostly icons and the featured images at RHR. I have been thinking of getting a nice laptop for just its screen. I have the laptop in my signature that I do work on and a...
  17. justmehereajax

    Where to buy bulk tea... chai

    Since Feburary I started a keto diet and maintain my weight. Basically I eat no carbs. Now I drink recently quite a bit of tea... all sorts but I like my chai tea. with some milk Is amazon the best place to buy in bulk? I am running out soon of some teavana tea.
  18. justmehereajax

    Another Sandy i7 rig I am selling .

    I have another similar rig but without the i7 K chip or Z oc board. My old gaming rig I sold https://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/price-check/79821-i7-2600k-pc-setup-evga-1070-a.html i7 2600 CPU 16GB RAM (2x8GB) Kingston Asus P8H67-M LX mATX Mobo Samsung 840 EVO 250GB SSD Bitfenix Neos White...
  19. justmehereajax

    Brand to buy for POWERBANKS USB.

    I have been lucky so far. I purchased powerbanks from Amazon: Aukey and they have been great (3x 20,000 mah), one from Walmart Blackweb (20,000 mah) and BestBuy Insignia brand 18,000 mah. I tend to buy the more pricey ones because one PrimeCables one died after 2-3 charges. But it was $10...
  20. justmehereajax

    My old HP Tablet digitizer broken?

    A common complaint of the HP ProTablet G1 610 was the digitizer not working at times. I figured out I fixed it by securing the ribbon cable internally with foam tape to hold it. It worked for weeks sometime. Which isn’t that great lol. I use the tablet as a kitchen go to PC now because I think...