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  1. Lamb

    Want to Sell Asus GTX780-DC2OC-3GD5

    All sold!
  2. Lamb

    Price check GTX780-DC2OC-3GD5

    Hi guys, price check on my magnificent. http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/hardware-canucks-reviews/62915-asus-gtx-780-directcu-ii-oc-review.html
  3. Lamb

    Want to Sell [Price drop, need gone]Thomson DCM475 Docsis3 modem for Electronic Box [QC]

    Hi guys, I'm selling this modem since it's impossible for me to use it. Had to buy a new one from the ISP I switched to when moving in (because contracts with Videotron from Acanac...). Nothing fancy, just the modem with all accessories for 30$ + shipping. Came from Electronic Box, there...
  4. Lamb

    Realtek audio and 5.1 system issue

    So as some may know, I recently built a new PC for my brother. Since plugging it- we can't seem to be able to make the surround speakers work properly. The speakers in question are a set of Logitech Z5500 used on the integrated card for sound (which should be supporting 7.1 no problem). Been...
  5. Lamb

    New PC for my brother

    1. What YOUR PC will be used for. He uses his PC mostly for office work, music and watching videos. No gaming whatsoever. Maybe to be able to plug it to his 52'' TV to watch series & movies. 2. What YOUR budget is. Somewhere between 800$ and 1000$, taxes & shipping included. (If the build...
  6. Lamb

    Boot logo bug or...?

    Hey guys! Just received my new video card, so I install it and proceed to boot...and then I get those bizarro boot screens where the logo is on both screen and not even fullscreen with random color line under the logo or some random shit with a part of bios post... (see upper picture for...
  7. Lamb

    Price check CPU/Mobo combo, GPU, case, HDD.

    CPU/Mobo : i7 920 D0 + Asus X58 Sabertooth GPU : MSI 580GTX Lightning (going for RMA...may get a new one or a newer card) Case : Corsair Obsidian 800D, it's a little busted, scratchs here and there... HDD's : 2x WD black sata 2 640gbs 1 x WD green sata 2 750gbs
  8. Lamb

    Possible upgrades, need advices

    I'm looking to upgrade my computer in a near future and I don't really know what's good CPU-wise these days. Computer is used mostly for gaming. I plan on keeping my SSD's which are less than a year old, my HX850, have a brand new R9 280X on the way (don't need much more as I'm keeping my...
  9. Lamb

    Corsair Neutron GTX

    Hey guys, yesterday I bought one of those, 120GB model, to replace my old Corsair Force 2 120GB. Thoughts? I chose it for it's overall good performances, good reliability (2M hours), 5 years warranty (I want to be able to keep my actual computer for at least another 2 years, it's getting old...
  10. Lamb

    Want to Sell Lamb's sale (All sold)

    All sold!
  11. Lamb

    Lamb's feedback thread

    I'm watching you Leave a nice message. Do it.
  12. Lamb

    Want to Sell Pivos Aios

    Let it die...keeping it in the end :\!
  13. Lamb

    Titan Quest key

    Giving away a free Titan Quest key, got it from THQ Humble Bundle. PM me! First come, first served.
  14. Lamb

    How do you feel about this tough on crime bill?

    Soon for the final vote on the hills. Tough-on-crime trio hails imminent passage of controversial Tory bill - The Globe and Mail No name calling, no flaming, please be serious because this is serious, state your opinion and why you think this way. I think being tougher on crime while doing...
  15. Lamb

    Error 138

    Hey guys, I keep getting this message when I try to access animetake Error 138 (net::ERR_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED): Unable to access the network. Tried on both Firefox & Chrome, searched a lot on Google and nothing works so far... Anyone got an idea?
  16. Lamb

    Want to Sell Closet cleaning sale : Shure SRH440 & TR Venomous X & a load of music CDs

    Hey guys, Selling these Shure SRH440, have not used them since I had my ATM50's. They're in good condition. They come with protective leather bag, both coiled & straight cables, so you can use whichever you prefer. 45$ Shipped OBO I also have this Thermalright Venomous-X for sale, no bent...
  17. Lamb

    Price check Dell U2410

    Hey guys, I would like to sell one of my U2410's. Any idea on how much can I sell it? It has 4th & 5th year limited warranty extension, bought them on 5/16/2010, paid 1688$ (844$ taxe-in)for them back there (jebus they we're pricey! :haha:) and is in mint condition, still have all...
  18. Lamb

    Want to Sell PS3

    $old @ YukonTrooper
  19. Lamb

    Price check PS3 bundle again!

    PS3 'fatty/backward compatible' 60GB + cables (hdmi & power) BT Media controller Assassins Creed 1 + 2+ Brotherhood Dark Souls + Demon's Souls Oblivion GOTY God of war collection + 3 Little Big Planet Greatest Hits edition only thing missing would be the sixaxis controller...I use it as my PC...
  20. Lamb

    Turning off windows 7 sounds

    Ok, that's it. Tried everything I could find and think of. :dots: Muting the 'System sound' in the sound mixer. Selecting 'no sounds' in the sound menu. Turning off the 'beep' + sounds going by the registry. None of that work. could it be bugged or is there something else I can try??