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    I made a game! Check it out, let me know what you think.

    Long time member here, had this idea wayyyy back. Finally got a working version going. Looking for feedback, give it a try! Introducing SQUAIRZ! SQUAIRZ is an addictive new puzzle/strategy game. It is a completely new take on an old classic. The original got it's name from the geometric shape...
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    Want to Sell Huge sale from long time member, you should all be very excited.

    Maybe selling or renting my place, time to get rid of some stuff. Water cooling gear and 2 XSPC water blocked Radeon 7970's. 1-120mm Double thick Rad. 2-240mm Rad's. 2 MCP-655 pumps, Universal GPU Block and 2 Reservoirs. $350 shipped for everything or $200 shipped for the GPU's and $200 shipped...
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    Come join us in the Hive mind vs. Ai Chess challenge!

    Hi Gang. I have started a website called swarmvsai.com. Swarm versus Artificial Intelligence. Please come sign up and help me get this off the ground. We have always seen single experts pitting their skill against computer simulated intelligence. But what happens if we put our collective minds...
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    ASUS PB328Q, best monitor ever!

    So I've got the weekend in on this new unit and I am still blown away. 32" 2560x1440. AMVA panel is what you need for gaming. It doesn't have gsync or freesync but I don't need it when my gtx 1080 drives all my games at 75fps (75hz refresh). Got this for $649, a grand less than those over priced...
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    How many stupid freaking gacontent delivery apps do you have running on your machine?

    Geezuz. For me it's: Steam Vive Origin GOG Galaxy ESO Battle.net There's probably more I need but I just built this rig. Sheesh, knock it off already.
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    HTPC tries to start, shuts off, then tries 2 start again 2 seconds later.

    And shuts off, cycle repeats. Took the lid off. Motherboard led is green. When I press the power button the led in the power supply and power led comes on, all fans start to spin and then it all quits in a half second. led and power light turn off, fans spin down (they were hardly turning). 2...
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    Rant: Eff off with your shoddy $1600 "gaming" monitors.

    Geebus. Got a 1080p tn lightboost monitor. Been thinking of replacing it when I get a 1080 of some flavor. All of the new 1400p+ IPS gaming monitors are way overpriced and suffer from quality issues. Every forum is rife with people complaining of backlight bleed and dead pixels. Getting a cherry...
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    Go Jays!

    That was some game eh? Friggin BS call in the seventh inning though. You can't run up the third base line waving a play dead and then reverse the call. Good thing the rangers shit the bed after that though. The blast by Joey Bats was fantastic. A great sporting moment for all Canada. There was...
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    Want to Sell Asus VG278HE 144hz Monitor with Lightboost'

    Asus VG278HE Lightboost monitor. God I love this thing, I hope the ROG swift is better. I stuck pixel at the very left edge of the screen. Was there when I got it. Perfect shape. screen has never been wiped. $325 Shipped. Does not need and nVidia card to run strobing backlight.
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    The Forest. Anyone seen this game?

    This looks quite good so far. Check out the trailers. About - The Forest Being developed with Oculus Rift too. I'd have to wear diapers playing that.
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    Best case mod ever!

    No case! Cut a hole through the wall big enough for the dvi cable. Case is now in the closet in the spare room next to me. It is dead silent in the room. Eerie in fact. This is even better than my attempt at a quiet PC. This is zero noise. I love it.
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    Never settle game bundle, how do you claim it?

    Got my 2 MSI 7970 twin Frozr III OC BE cards from memory express yesterday. There is no coupon in the box and no mention of the promo anywhere. How do I redeem my 3 free games?
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    Want to Sell SOLD! 2- 7970 DUAL X OC's or trade for your reference 7970

    2 of them. I bought these last week from FishingFanatic. They are non reference so the water blocks I ordered will not fit. The VRMs are definitely bigger than stock. Great for air cooling, very quiet. But I want to use my blocks. Running them now on air. The card I removed the heat sink from is...
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    Want to Sell [SOLD]Your next upgrade! 2600K, mobo and 8gb ram combo.

    2600k, Asrock Extreme 3 motherboard and 8gb of Patriot Viper extreme 1866mhz 7-9-7 ram. Never played much with the board. I just used the built in overclock profiles, ran with the 4.4ghz overclock all day long. 4.8ghz was unstable. 4.6 worked but too much voltage in the default profile for all...
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    4770K build.

    4770k, Asus Maximus Hero z87 and 32gb of 2400mhz CL10 ram. I'm keeping the 590 hydrocopper until the next gen. Still using my 3 vertex 2 60gb in raid0 as they are still as fast as most modern SSD's. I'll keep them in tune with the bios secure erase feature. I'm going to use the ROG Ramdisk...
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    Divinity II Developers cut. Get it!

    Picked this up for cheap $19.99. Enjoying the hell out of it. I'd call it a cross between Skyrim And Fable, has some humor in it. It's made with the Skyrim engine, decent enough graphics. You can actually transform into a dragon and armour and skill buff it too. Great for getting around too. You...
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    Question for the Electrical Guru's...

    I have tablets to go on Forklifts we'd like to run inverters so they are plugged in all the time. The inverters are 12 volt dc to 120v ac. The forklifts are all electric 60 volt. I can see they are a bank of 5 - 12 volt batteries in series. Can I tap the positive and negative off one of the in...
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    Help me out. vote for this Girl!

    From my camaro club. This is a meet Justin Timberlake contest. She is bouncing between first and second. You can vote once a day. Vote here: Vote for Andrea as Justin Timberlake's Biggest Fan - Z100 - New York's Hit Music Station Thanks.
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    Want to Sell Dell U2711 27" IPS Monitor. NEW PRICE!

    Sold! Used less than a year. Perfect condition. Screen has no dead or stuck pixels, screen has never been touched with a cloth or anything. Stand was not used at all. Will ship in original box.
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    RTS games, I don't get it.

    RTS games are nothing more than rock paper scissors to me. I just don't get where the Strategy is? He's doing this, I counter with this. It's all pretty much set in stone. All players wind up with a successful system and just repeat it ad nauseum. Never saw the appeal, tried to like it but...