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  1. chrisk

    Anyone have experience with black mold?

    Hey everyone; Started cleaning up the basement and I did some carpet cleaning with a rental wet extractor from Home depot. With pets, etc. I wanted to freshen up the basement carpet so I rented the wet-extractor cleaner for a day. I was going to clean one side of the room, then the other. I got...
  2. chrisk

    My early impressions of the OnePlus 7 (non-pro).

    Hey everyone; I picked up a OnePlus 7 (non-pro) from Swiftronics last weekend for $720 tax inc. This is the OnePlus 7 that they are not planning to bring to North America. Some details: - I have the 8GB 256GB red model number GM1900 (Chinese global version) - using Bell Mobility in the GTA...
  3. chrisk

    A warning for Huawei phone buyers: Google locks out Huawei

    Hey folks; Looks like Google is complying with the US restrictions on Huawei and are locking them out of the Android ecosystem: https://www.engadget.com/2019/05/19/google-pulls-android-support-from-huawei/ There is always a chance that Huawei is let off the hook if the US and China can resolve...
  4. chrisk

    Merry Christmas!!!

    Merry Christmas HWCers! Loving the first Christmas with my little girl...we have some colds going through the house but spirits are high.
  5. chrisk

    Have a Google Pixel/2/3? Try the new "Night Sight" feature!

    One of the new camera features in the new Pixel 3 reveal was a new "Night Sight" feature that was supposed to get much better low-light pictures. The good news for Pixel 1 and 2 owners is that this feature is done in software, and it will be coming to all Pixel devices over the next month or...
  6. chrisk

    CompTIA Certifications, MCSA, Cisco, etc.

    Hey folks; I'm always interested in learning new things, especially if there is something at the end that I can add to a resume, etc. It's always good to have different skills to fall back on and to stay up-to-date. I work in the education field (have no plans to leave anytime soon), but I...
  7. chrisk

    Not sure I contributed much DNA to this one (RUN!! more baby pics)...

    Thought I should share this with the folks I have known here for a long time....After a 48 hour labour that ended in a c-section, we welcomed to the world little Sophia to our clan. Not sure that I could have contributed much DNA to such a beautiful thing TBH, but it's best not to ask too many...
  8. chrisk

    Android One: Xiaomi Mi A2 vs Mi A1 (and Nokia 7 Plus)

    I just picked up the Mi A2 yesterday (4GB/64GB version). I'm sending my A1 to my dad so I picked up another Android One device for me to mess with and use as a backup. The Nokia 7 Plus was tempting, but it's $500 and as a secondary device for me, I could not pull the trigger on something more...
  9. chrisk

    Parenting Forums?

    Hey all; Kind of a weird thing but I am wondering if any of you hang out on any parenting forums that are any good? Something like HWC but for those of us with little kids coming. Parenting ideas, places to ask questions without any of the screwy psychobabble, etc. BTW we found out its a little...
  10. chrisk

    Workout routine suggestions?

    Hey folks; I'm looking for some suggestions to change up my workout routine. I've been going since mid Jan. and lost 20lbs, but I have plateaued (as expected). I'm changing up a few things and will incorporate some running to get more weight loss going, but I'm looking for ideas or some generic...
  11. chrisk

    The results are in!

    Coming in Sept. due date. Had to make sure Perinineuinm had not dropped by for a visit in a while and rule some stuff out first. We thought that it was not going to happen and had given up. Looks like I won't be retiring at 55 anymore (but thats OK :) ). He/she will learn to build a rig as...
  12. chrisk

    LG V30 initial impressions (and comparison to Galaxy S7 flat)

    I posted this over on another forum, but thought that the guys here might be looking at this phone too. I was initially excited about this device after LG announced it as it had everything I wanted. I was a long-time Samsung user, but the edge screen and poor fingerprint scanner placement had...
  13. chrisk

    Microphone cutting in and out

    Hey folks; On my Dell Inspiron 7779 laptop I have an odd microphone issue. Using the default microphone (Realtek onboard audio) the audio recordings cut in and out...clear as a bell for a couple of seconds, then gets muffled for a few seconds, then clear again, etc. If I use the microphone on my...
  14. chrisk

    Frustration with podcast playlists on Android

    Hey folks; I'm new to podcasts, so I am hoping that I am missing something painfully obvious. I am attempting to listen to an old Podcast (history of Rome) on Android. I have come across a weird frustration that is spoiling it for me. I am having the same issue on the Google play podcast app...
  15. chrisk

    Looking for a new M.2 networking card

    Hey folks; My Asus N500 laptop has an annoying video issue (the video cable comes loose inside the chassis) and my various fixes have not solved the problem permanently. Its a known issue with this laptop sadly, and otherwise it runs beautifully. :sad: I just bought a Dell Inspiron 17in 7000...
  16. chrisk

    Want to Buy Atari/Atari Flashback joystick

    Hey folks; We have an Atari Flashback system here and one of the controllers does not reliably move to the right anymore. I use our good controller and leave wifey with the bad one unknowingly, but unfortunately wifey has caught on and now knows why I always win at Combat. I'm looking for...
  17. chrisk

    Asus P6T X58, i7 970, Ram

    Hey guys; Got my old rig sitting in a case doing nothing, and I have tuition to pay for. How much does a used Asus P6T, i7 970, and 6GB of matching ram go for these days? This combo is rock-solid together, as it was my old folding rig (would love to sell to a folder for a discount).
  18. chrisk

    Galaxy S6, 64GB unlocked

    Hey folks; Wifey is eligible for an upgrade and has a 1 year old Galaxy S6 from Bell, but can be used on any network. This is the dark blue 64GB model. Always used in a case and protector, screen is 10/10 and never dropped, etc. Comes with the screen protector, and a wallet case wifey uses, and...
  19. chrisk

    Unlocked LG G4 and accessories

    Hey everyone; I was thinking $300, but figured I would verify first... Condition: The G4 I have has a perfect screen, 9/10 on the chrome sides (small scratches by the charging port, a small mark or two caused by taking cases on and off). Never used without a case or screen protector. Carrier...
  20. chrisk

    Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

    Hey folks; Both myself and wifey's contracts are up. Looking at new phones, and have pretty much decided that the S7 or S7 Edge will do the trick (I desire the screen brightness and water resistance). I'm typically a phablet kind of guy; I'm using a G4 right now, and I wanted to stay at this...

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