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    QuadrigaCX Collapsing...

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    wPrime 32m Benchmark Competition

    wPrime 32m score 2.784s I9-9900K @ 5.0 Turbo 2 cores, 4.7 Turbo remaining Corsair DDR4-3000 (xmp2 setting) Eurocom Sky X7C 17" Laptop https://ibb.co/sq98kkD 71c spike in that short 3s 32m test, ran the 1024m test (75s) got as warm s 86c but was "power limit thottling" -more bios tweaks required :)
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    Whats your latest purchase?

    9900k 2080 32gb 120hz 2560x1440(17") (and the upgraded 780w brick)
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    Whats your latest purchase?

    I got 25% off with the trade-in of a nearly 9yr old Clevo D900F.
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    Whats your latest purchase?

    Looks snazzy, but I think my sleeper will blow it away. Eurocom Sky X7C quite nicely spec'd out.
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    how many of you use a notebook as primary computer?

    There's also the definition of "notebook" I've been using a desktop replacement (read heavy) laptop as my main computing machine for 3-4yrs now. Dont own a desktop at all but a couple tablets and smart phones. Helps that the "notebook" i use is powerfull enough to play everything I play on at...
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    Core 9000 pricing leaks

    Just Buy Them!
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    nVidia RTX - can you live without it?

    I hope that idiot author/editor in chief looses his job, whoever is in charge (above him) needs to see the negative laughing stock image this has enforces/created.
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    My first PC - circa ~2002 - what was yours?

    Staples boxing day sale 1992: 486SLC33, was a Cyrix 386 with 486 instructions. Think that lasted not even a year before it got gutted for a 486dx266 at MemX when it was a 2 man operation. Ah the fun of configuring autoexec.bat and config.sys for various sound/cd-rom drivers xtended memory to...
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    Palit shows off RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti GPU

    Or tin foil hat time.... Something Linus mentioned on the recent WAN show.... What if the new architecture was less then revolutionary (based on performance/tdp) so they felt compelled to release the ti version (large chip, much more cuda cores) at the same time for the WOW factor (and Dolla...
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    Should I buy this computer for $5K

    Didnt read the words and paragraphs, I'd ban/ignore.
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    Got a Hacker problem.

    What does CHEATING at an online game have to do with the HACKING suspision (however true/not) this poster has? Should we also mention someone's poor golf game last weekend, man they were "hacking" all over the course! Then there's the guy with the cold, he was hacking (up a lung). Trial member...
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    Any ETA on Intel's next series

    How long until we have a chip free of the vulnerabilities? 8th gen was already pretty much out the door when all of this came to light, think they'll actually fix the problems for 9th, or stay the course of updates/patches?
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    Hot Deals!!!!!

    0703CACDSE06 For another $10 off ^
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    Intel i7-8086K Biggest PC Contest In History June 7-8 2018 ONLY

    Lol, seems like Bitmain is doing the shipping :)
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    Want to Buy wtb: Amd x2 939 cpu

    I've got a "3200+" S939 cpu sitting around in a box.
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    GPU Price drops to MSRP

    Canadian retailers are slow to drop the prices, learning from the gas stations i guess. Amazon.com had my Fav Zotac 1060 6gb AMP down to $299usd for a brief moment, its now $315usd, still $415cad on amazon.ca bestbuy who did have the same card for $349 in October is still hanging onto their...
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    What happened to NH Repayment Program?

    https://www.nicehash.com/news/fourth-reimbursement-of-the-repayment-program I'm at 30% with the next payment according to the above link due Tomorrow (monday may 7th)
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    Community Build Project

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    Crytpo's Gain a CDN Ally!

    Dont see how this changes anything as far as CRA goes.... Quad either in/out was/should always have been assumed to be reporting, just cuz they dont make headlines like Coinbase handing over account details. If they're still in business one should assume they're cooperating w/regulators.