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  1. Trunkz Jr

    What game are you currently playing? (Screenshots if possible pls)

    Battlefield / PUBG / Rocket League / DayZ little mix of each.
  2. Trunkz Jr

    Battlefield V

    A year late but for those who are still playing Battlefield V alone you are more than welcome to play with us, Tides of War has been pretty great.
  3. Trunkz Jr

    cooler recomendations for EVGA GTX 670 FTW cards?

    @moocow He could always use Epoxy glue, even Gorilla Glue has an Epoxy version that he could try out.
  4. Trunkz Jr

    My first PC build, opinion and advice

    I think it just means he wants these parts and come that time some of them may be even cheaper (I'm only guessing tho).
  5. Trunkz Jr

    Whats your latest purchase?

    The 4 letter magic word which the Internet has been used for since it's dawn lol
  6. Trunkz Jr

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Coming to PC....

    Yeah seems they've fixed many of the bugs we experienced at launch, especially the problems had we with posses.
  7. Trunkz Jr

    Battlenet Battletag Thread

    Can add me for Modern Warfare, OverWatch, etc. TrunkzJr#1851 Also, more than welcome to also join our community too - http://www.uwsgaming.com
  8. Trunkz Jr

    Origin ID Thread

    Feel free to add me. Origin: TrunkzJr ~ I Mostly play Battlefield or Apex on Origin Also, more than welcome to also join our community too - http://www.uwsgaming.com
  9. Trunkz Jr

    Steam ID thread

    Feel free to add me, been on Steam for 16yrs now - https://steamcommunity.com/id/trunkzjr/ I'll play any game be it Survival or FPS Shooter (or Rocket League). Outside Steam be it Battlefield or Siege I'm up for it. Also, more than welcome to also join our community too - http://www.uwsgaming.com
  10. Trunkz Jr

    Is this a good build?

    Also Aqua if you need a gaming community to play with, you can always check us out mate, if you are under 17 tho make sure to play with us first for a while then we'll put you into our Trial Roster as we get some people that are 15 can be mature like a 22yr old while someone 25 could act like a...
  11. Trunkz Jr

    Star Citizen

    Damn Loving the Carrack, GF and myself want to get it just for the exploration aspect. Our community already has a Javelin and a few Idris ready to go so it's good to know we have somewhere to fly back on aside from landing on another planet.
  12. Trunkz Jr

    Night Hawk x299 *Sold*

    Good to hear that mate
  13. Trunkz Jr

    First build

    I agree there's some places like Memory Express that have some good deals you could take advantage of getting a PC with those funds.
  14. Trunkz Jr

    Is this a good build?

    I use a 750 for pS and has done me well with a 1080 gtx and 9900k.
  15. Trunkz Jr

    First full component build input a

    Pretty nice, can't go wrong with the 9900k

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