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  1. ebdoradz

    D-Tek Copper V2 and LGA 1151

    i'm updating my systeme to a i5 8600 and i wanted to keep the water cooling i have a 360 Rad, D-Tek copper V2 for CPu and GPu, pump i forgot the name. pu waterblock will be useless since i will be using the onboard I5 GPU. is there a bracket for the D-tek Copper v2 to fit that socket?
  2. ebdoradz

    Time for a majôr upgrade

    Hi all, been a while i was afk, and im currently still have the 2 build list in my sig The build im looking at is mostly web browsing, small go pro edit, minor 2d CAD I would like to keep my case, psu and watercooling if i can. So i mostly looking in a mobo, cpu, ram, hdd, video card bundle...
  3. ebdoradz

    Price check + opinions

    Looking to sell both rig in signature Detail to add, 1st rig is on watercool, 360 rad, swiftech pump, fuzion copper v2 on both cpu and vga, both rig have thermaltake armor case, with fan controler and 120mmfan Also looking for you opinions Im now using the computer only for gopro video edit...
  4. ebdoradz

    rig values

    Hi folks what do you think my both rig is worth right now? see the signature ... im looking for something without windows right now ... oh forgot ... 1st rig is all watercooled, with Dtek Fusion vga and cpu block, triple rad... both rig are in thermaltake Armor Case .... if it could help
  5. ebdoradz

    DC not replying to email, phone and even PM

    i have trouble with an order on DC and its been more then 10 days the order is at the "product availabality" while all product are in stock and they dont answer on phone, dont reply my email (one on dec 4 and dec 9) and dont even reply to my PM send on dec 3rd. any other way to reach them...
  6. ebdoradz

    wPrime with unlocked Phenom II and HWbot

    HW bot requires v. 1.55which only see 1 of my 4 core.... that dont help us to gain points... any one else have the same trouble???
  7. ebdoradz

    unlock PII and instability

    i have unlock my PiII x3 720 be to 4core. but i have some instability issue... the screen freeze but i dont have any blue screen or something similar.. i have some ddr3 balistic runnig @ 1600mhz on recommendetiming and voltage... i have also set cpu vcore to 1.35V .... between the usual test...
  8. ebdoradz

    best freeware for my system

    im reinstalling my both rig at home and i want to get the best freeware available im currently using Comodo Firewall Pro Avast! then for system clean up Ccleaner Spybot search and destroy SuperAntispyware Defragler Comodo now offer a system cleaner and i havent give it a try yet anyone...
  9. ebdoradz


    i got myself this board with a X3 720BE from the NCIX father's day combo sale ... im gonna run that combo with 2 gb of ballistic dd3 ram ... in the manual its says that channel 0 = slot 1 and 3 and channel 1 = slot 2 and 4 but for dual channel you must use slot 1 and 2 ... on the patriot...
  10. ebdoradz

    sapphire 4830

    since i have sold all my laying parts i have decide to bought myself a better video card then my X1950XT i went with a Sapphire 4830, i dont game alot but i use to play some BF2 or RA/ NCIX.com - Buy Sapphire Radeon HD 4830 575MHZ 512MB 1.8GHZ GDDR3 HDMI DVI TV-OUT PCI-E Video Card -...
  11. ebdoradz

    Want to Buy Mobo + dual core cpu + ram

    im willing to buy a motherboard + small dual core cpu + 2gb of ram would like to buy a bundle to avoid shipping fee im willing to buy something from socket 939 to whats new but i dont want to pay more then 130-140$ for it so show me what you want, i've always been an AMD fan so i know their...
  12. ebdoradz

    Want to Sell Socket A stuff + AGP card + PSU + LCD + lots of stuff

    Ok heres my for sale thread, All price DONT include shipping shipping will be done from Rouyn-Noranda, QC, J9Y 1M7 i need space and i dont use that hardware anymore, but its all in working condition and have been tested. from a pet and smoke free house DFI Lan Party nF2 Ultra-B : asking...
  13. ebdoradz

    brand new rig restart in memtest

    I have the following rig, sitting on my tech station and its only doing the 1st % of memtest then it restart. cpu stock, ram @ ddr800, 5-5-5-18 @ 1.92V any thing im missing ... i haven't play alot with intel mobo in the past month but its the 1st time i have this trouble. all powercord are...
  14. ebdoradz

    Best way to add water to a loop

    i've build my loop and now and then i ear some bubbles passing throw the pump... i would need to add a little water .. my system is PA120.3 + MCP655 + d-tek fuzion v2 on cpu and V2 on gpu + Filport. try #1 shoudl i had water turn the computer on and then tight the filport screw .. if i do when...
  15. ebdoradz

    my watercooled temp

    i have watercooled my rig 3-4 months ago and since i've been working in the new house i didn't had time for some gaming benchmarking result on the watercooled rig after 1 hrs of TF2 and 1 hour of BF2 my temp were : CPU : 35°C (compare to 40°C on air) north bridge = same since its not...
  16. ebdoradz

    if i had to RMA a 6800 vanilla

    If i had to rma my wifey 6800 vanilla agp card what would i receive to replace it?? its an evga card and their website only show 6200/fx5500/fx5200 video card ?!??!?!?! would i downgrade that low or they would offer me a pci-e card?
  17. ebdoradz

    trouble with biostar Tf560 a2+

    i have build a computer last year around that mobo for a friend. he is now having trouble with it .... (read no boot) the onboard led tell its a VGA error, so i took the 7900GS out of it and put a old Cirrus logic PCI video card. the screen turn on but it stay black.... and the onboard led...
  18. ebdoradz

    best setting ofr a MCP655

    i have finish my watercooling project, the pump is currently put on setting 4 and its the loudest part of my system, does lowering it to setting 3 will give me enough cooling power? i have fuzion v2, fuzion gfx v2, pa120.3 rad, mcp655
  19. ebdoradz

    can't put my windows up to date

    i have reinstall windows on my godmother computer and so some weird reason the lastest update dont want to install. i have install windows xp pro sp2 like i usualy do, then i installed sp3 (cd version) i did windows update, and selected all update ... then it have ask me to reboot. i have...
  20. ebdoradz

    Ebz watercooling project

    Ok, since a couple of members went to watercooling in the past few weeks, and since it made more then a year or so that i realy wanted to watercool my computer i have decide to jump on it and rebuild my system. Systeme spec are the following : AMD Opteron 165 CCBBE0617 (golden chip) @ 2.8ghz...
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