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  1. danmitch1

    Buying Used Pc In Mexico (Monterrey)

    Hi guys, My colleague's brother is looking for a used PC in mexico (Monterrey). He asked me If i knew the best way to get one down there( besides shipping one from Canada.. Ka_ching! ) and I have no clue. Any ideas?
  2. danmitch1

    Installing a 15a breaker to outlet

    So as the title states, id like to add an outlet in one of my rooms that has a dedicated 15a breaker. Im pretty sure I have an idea how to get it done myself. Ill need the 14gauge wire, the 15a breaker and an outlet. Shut the main power, be careful taking the cover off the breaker panel. Be very...
  3. danmitch1

    Drone Parts

    Hey guys, anyone know of a good place to buy drone parts from Canada? Specifically propellers?
  4. danmitch1

    Retrofitting a Halogen Lamp

    Hey guys. I thought of asking here as you guys always seem to come through on numerous topics, anyway! I have an old halogen lamp and I want to retro fit it with a LED of some sort. I would like to beable to just plug it in to a regular electrical output perhaps with a switch of some sort as...
  5. danmitch1

    Most users ever online HWC

    "Most users ever online was 3,265, December 6, 2015 at 11:44 AM":shok: What the heck happened on that day?!
  6. danmitch1

    Laptop cpu

    Ive been searching for a list of laptop cpus, like a hierarchy list but cant seem to find one. Everything im finding has desktop cpus in the mix which is annoying to sift through... Anyone know of such a list?
  7. danmitch1

    Workstation laptop

    Hey guys, Ive been given the task to find the best laptop configuration for a music production workstation. It will mainly be used for the software fruityloops but also used for office/clerical type work. Gaming is not important. Ive been searching for a list of laptop cpus, like a hierarchy...
  8. danmitch1

    9900k Oc on a Gigabyte z390 Aorus Ultra

    So I couldnt help my self and got my 9900k oc'ed to 5ghz on all cores (4.3 ghz uncore) with automatic avx offset, 1.345 v core and XMP 3200 ram profile on my Gigabyte z390 Aorus Ultra. I can do 5.1 at 1.36 vcore but it gets toasty, maybe down the line ill get a custom loop and push it but for...
  9. danmitch1

    Displayport cable suggestions

    Hi guys, anyone have a suggestion/s for a decent quality displayport cable? Perhaps something future proof ish resolution and frequency wise. I don't need anything longer than 6feet. Thanks!
  10. danmitch1

    Gallery 9900k Lian Li Pc-O11 Dynamic Build

    Moved out the 3770k last night Now , the loooooong wait.....
  11. danmitch1

    Want to Sell PS3 - Cronusmax - Nexus 5 - Splitfish FragFx Shark

    PS3 slim 120gb with 7 games 160 + shipping from Montreal Cronusmax - 20$ + shipping from Montreal Nexus 5, cracked screen still working well - 40$ + shipping from Montreal Splitfish FragFx Shark - 20$ + shipping from Montreal
  12. danmitch1

    Z390 9900k Upgrade

    Hey guys, So after my long discussion in my motherboard thread, I finally made a decision on a cpu mobo ram selection. Upgrade was for a hybrid workstation/gaming pc. Budget was around 1400$ tax in , shipping in. Buying in Montreal Quebec Canada. Not really preferring brands here. Im using my...
  13. danmitch1

    Want to Buy I7 8700k

    Anyone getting rid of one?
  14. danmitch1

    Corsair RMA

    I just wanted to share another impressive RMA process I had with Corsair. One of my 2 sp120's from a twin pack started to make a "grrrr" sound over 50% rpm. I submitted my RMA with a video. They pointed out that I was 2 months passed the 2 year warranty but they approved it anyway and will...
  15. danmitch1

    Keyboard Performance

    Ive noticed while using my tablet (zenpad s8) to write a post specifically on these forums that after about a sentence worth of writing that the responsiveness of the keyboard input starts to really slow down. Literally I tab a key and you can count 2 seconds before the letter appears. Ive...
  16. danmitch1

    Not Waking Up From Sleep

    Have any of you guys recently had trouble waking your display from sleep? I have my power plan set to not save any power anywhere, every thing is set to "never" but my display. My display is set to turn off after 5 minutes which it has no problem doing only, thing is it doesnt like to wake up...
  17. danmitch1

    Mobo cpu ram

    Soon i will be selling my 3770k (delided) Asus P8P67 DELUXE REV 3.0 G.SKILL Sniper Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3 How much could I expect as a bundle and if I part it out?
  18. danmitch1

    Z390 Motherboard Suggestions

    Hey guys, Im looking to upgrade to an i9 9900k soon. What would you guys suggest for a a Z390 motherboard? Id like: - ATX or E-ATX - 2 PCIE 16x slots with the fancy with metal shielding. - Full bandwidth for an M2 OS drive and main apps - Full bandwidth for one other sata ssd ( does this exist...
  19. danmitch1

    Interest Free Financing for PC Components in Canada?

    Does it exist? amazon.com offers 5 months interest free but thats .com...I mean if Brault & Martineau can sell you a 700$ fridge with 36 interest free payments, someone should sell high end pc parts the same way, no? I got an i9, MSI MPG Z390 and 32gb of ram sitting in my newegg cart just...
  20. danmitch1

    HW Monitor Glitch

    I hope!
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