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  1. ZZLEE

    Gmail. 404 just me or

    Gmail 404 4:43 AM
  2. ZZLEE

    Change WIFI pasword in WIIN 8 and 8.1

    Basically in WIN 8.1 How do i change a stored WIFI password to a new one ??
  3. ZZLEE

    WIN 10 Install Help Privacy !!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1kGMCfb2xw Watch this He used to work fore Microsoft. This is the most Interesting video:thumb: I saw today !!
  4. ZZLEE

    WIN 10 FUN and Handcuffs

    Pirate MEP: Microsoft's walled garden is no consumer pleasure park • The Register Windows Handcuffs Anyone. !!!
  5. ZZLEE

    Hung Windows 8.1 tablet.

    Hung on Windows Update. Wont Download. WIFI or wired same thing. Any Ideas. Tried only on update. Wire no go, WIFI no go. ASUS Tab 200
  6. ZZLEE

    Patch Tuesday

    Major Patches Last patch fore Server 2003 Watch out expect phone call from the office. Microsoft kills TWO Hacking Team vulns – and they're NOT the worst in this Patch Tues • The Register I bet your phone rings.
  7. ZZLEE

    Noob to Display Port

    Anything I should Know. I just switched to Display Port on my ASUS VG248 from DVI. ?? GTX 980, ASUS Impact VII, Image seems Clearer Sharper. EDit: Only 60Hz
  8. ZZLEE

    WinSat.exe in Win7 turn to off or disable it ??

    WinSat.exe is set to run every week. How do you disable this little gem. :angry2: EDIT : Little Hunting...
  9. ZZLEE

    Windows 10 in the Wild

    Windows 10 in the wild They have gone to press early. WIN 10 available in prerelease official. SURPRISE! Microsoft ships next Windows 10 Preview build early ? The Register some details. Some features not quite ready coming soon.
  10. ZZLEE


    "All times are GMT -7. The time now is 03:34 PM." Update your clock. My Minutes and your minutes do not agree. Thanks ZZLEE
  11. ZZLEE

    The Evil Within Locked at 30 FPS ( OC3D )

    Overclock3D :: Article :: The Evil Within locked at 30fps on PC :: 30 FPS lock? on PC? Start The Nerd Rage :censored: PC 42 GB game Locked at 30 FPS = Lose
  12. ZZLEE

    Overclocking event maybe

    Interest Check for North American OC Gathering (with extreme/enthusiast competition) - hwbot.org HWbot maybe coming up here fore an event. Be fun I would like to attend. need some more HWbot
  13. ZZLEE

    Zoom is nice But. !

    the functionality in Firefoxe is going to take some getting used to. scroll weal zooms instead off rolls. Openers more than I would like maybe I old school but.
  14. ZZLEE

    Gave DAZ some

    Quiet babbys sleeping. I have not seen forums this quiet in a wile. Taking a flyer on the Impact block fitting the Impact VII. May have to get it milled or sell it if does not fit the ASUS Impact VII. Here's hoping. EDIT:
  15. ZZLEE

    Electric space engine Cool !

    NASA tests 'impossible' flying saucer thruster, could reach Mars in days ? The Register Thrust from Microwaves produces enough thrust to be useful l in low friction environments. Trip to Mars more probable with development. engine :clap:
  16. ZZLEE

    Gene Review missing link

    Macs Gene Review is missing link to forums. ? ZZLEE
  17. ZZLEE

    Samsung divices stolen

  18. ZZLEE

    Search button

    I am getting a page not found when hitting search button when not signed in. So a non forum member cant search the site ? Win 7 64 bit Firefox. latest build
  19. ZZLEE

    Flash Update

    Update flash Caused me annoyance and crashes. Crashes in Youtube. See if update fixes them. ??:angry2: EDIT: Windows Update to :angry2: If it's the secoond Tuesday of the month and you have crashes Look fore updates. DEdit 2 :" Adobe said that its monthly update will include patches for...
  20. ZZLEE

    Want to keep runniing XP ??

    Cheat Win XP DEATH: Little-known tool to save you from the XPocalypse ? The Register Vertualise XP in Windows 7 .., My XP machene crashed hard or I would be looking int this harder.
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