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  1. danmitch1

    W10 Digital entitlement?

    You can log into your MS account and manage the linked devices. add and remove. ( dont know if this was mentioned.. too lazy to read through all the posts :P ) This is what I see when I log in to mine.
  2. danmitch1

    Completed Lian-Li PC-011 Air (RGB) Something old - Something new

    Nice, ive got similar unicorn puke going on.. Gets old though.. I wish I could make my own aura profile.
  3. danmitch1

    Budget cell phone

    I just bought a moto G7, its really nice, good screen , good cpu, all good... it is rather slippery though! getting a case...
  4. danmitch1

    Motherboard for i9-9990k?

    Your budget would help ;)
  5. danmitch1

    waiting for i9 9900ks

    If its just a cherry picked 9900k, a few guys on here have the 9900k going at 5ghz on all cores. crazyea & rjbarker to name a few . Check their build threads and see what psu they were using. I personally could not hit 5ghz on all cores p95 stable (4.3 uncore) without 1.34 vcore vcore psu...
  6. danmitch1

    with the i7-9900KS, no need to overclock at all!

    Its all luck of the draw, but now they sell the good luck lol
  7. danmitch1

    with the i7-9900KS, no need to overclock at all!

    I couldnt get my 9900k to 5ghz on all cores stable and without melting down in the process...
  8. danmitch1

    Installing a 15a breaker to outlet

    I had no idea it was that pricey, anyway thanks for the insight!
  9. danmitch1

    Installing a 15a breaker to outlet

    Not really, just wasn't expecting the 250$+ average quote i got.
  10. danmitch1

    Air Intake for new build with AIO

    Yeah seriously, I was like WTF am I doing wrong with my 70c load temps on my AIO... lol
  11. danmitch1

    CPU Delidder in Montreal?

    I think you should just do it your self, watch a few YouTube videos and you'll be fine. You could also ask on here for tips as many have done this process their selves. The tools also seems to be readily available. Anyone stranger could mess it up and you would be out an otherwise perfectly good...
  12. danmitch1

    Opinions / improvements on this build?

    Oh ok, well the parts you picked are great. I wouldnt really change anything
  13. danmitch1

    Opinions / improvements on this build?

    2648.30 CAD , If im not mistaken I believe you still have room in your budget with the current parts no? Could go for a 2070 or even 2080
  14. danmitch1

    Upgrade build for the wife

    Does it need to be new, or will used parts do?
  15. danmitch1

    Opinions / improvements on this build?

    Whats your budget and what will it be used for?
  16. danmitch1

    Buying Used Pc In Mexico (Monterrey)

    Yeah im sure there is a "diamond in the rough" somewhere. He will just have to ask around I guess.
  17. danmitch1

    Buying Used Pc In Mexico (Monterrey)

    Yeah thats what I thought. Its kinda in the middle of nowhere and all the pc shops look... lets say a little sketchy.
  18. danmitch1

    Buying Used Pc In Mexico (Monterrey)

    Hi guys, My colleague's brother is looking for a used PC in mexico (Monterrey). He asked me If i knew the best way to get one down there( besides shipping one from Canada.. Ka_ching! ) and I have no clue. Any ideas?
  19. danmitch1

    i5 3570K + Asus P8 Z77-V Pro + Ram + GTX 1060 6GB

    i5 3570K 80$ Asus P8 Z77-V Pro motherboard is selling for 200$.. not sure you will get that though F3-1600C9D-16GXM 80$ So maybe 350 shipped is close, to actually sell it this decade though, im leaning towards 250$ shipped maybe less. Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 , 200 sounds about right.
  20. danmitch1

    Installing a 15a breaker to outlet

    The electricians wanted an arm and a leg. So I ended up just mapping out all the outlets in my place then re routed power to less used circuits with some extension cords. I was able to reserve the entire 16a circuit for my work room. It only came down to 2 outlets that needed rerouting and...
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