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  1. CMetaphor

    Want to Buy Touchscreen + lightweight

    So after a lot of research, I've decided to just post a WTB thread and see what's out there. Minimum/must-have: - Dell = automatic no. Never again.. - Touchscreen device (tablet or 2-in-1 or convertible or small laptop) - lightweight (under 4 lbs) - 4 threads (let's face it, duals are dead. If...
  2. CMetaphor

    The in-between: windows tablet suggestions?

    Even if my laptop is repaired and becomes stable, I'm still looking for a new tablet. Why? I realized I have two android tablets yet rarely use either, because for me Android just is for a phone, Facebook, phone-esque games, etc. I want a windows based PC that go out with me, still be used for...
  3. CMetaphor

    Unreasonable request?

    Some of you may remember my... Altercations with Dell and their awful support. In the end I was forced to give up, got super stressed out by the whole situation and set everything aside. Now, however, I do want to get my very expensive out of warranty Alienware fixed and functioning normally...
  4. CMetaphor

    Need help to explain this: APU vs old chipset

    I had an FM2 (A6-7600k) build with windows 10 installed, used the built-in APU to watch YouTube videos on my secondary screen beside my main one. Unfortunately the guy that sold me that board didn't tell me how flaky it was, so it completely died on me. I didn't want lose the open tabs because I...
  5. CMetaphor

    Crosshair IV Hot Northbridge - Google failed, searches failed. Help moi?

    Ello guys. I decided to resurrect my old Asus Crosshair IV for a side project im slowly working on. However, I noticed as the board joyously posted for the first time in years (woohoo!) that the Northbridge temps were already in the high 40s just after booting and quickly rose through the mid...
  6. CMetaphor

    PC/Question - Behemoth's Heart. 4x 6272.

    Hey all, sorry I'm not around much anymore. I've got a question: would any be interested in Behemoth's 4x Opteron 6272s? Whether or not you are, what would be a reasonable price? Long story short, I need more per thread speed, and the 2.1ghz/core is a bit slow. Basically, does anyone want a...
  7. CMetaphor

    *Update June5th* i7-7700 - Hot Cores and the story of Dell Incompetence

    Short(ish) version: - Alienware 13 R3 - Bought last December - Had an on-site technician repair/replace the processor heatsink under warranty due to manufacturing error. (cpu package temps exceeded 102c regularly) - Was not present to watch the on-site tech - I was at work an couldnt be there...
  8. CMetaphor

    Yet another Hotas Question

    Yeah, me again. Long story short, my health is getting worse, as is my mobility/dexterity. Been trying to manage with my current Hotas setup for a few months, but tbh it's almost impossible to play for longer than 15-20. I've been using an X55 rhino. It works well in almost every way, except...
  9. CMetaphor

    Trustworthy Nvidia, at it again - a second, awful GT1030

    And people wonder why I don't buy Nvidia anymore. Sigh. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonevangelho/2018/07/09/buyer-beware-nvidias-geforce-gt-1030-is-a-grossly-misleading-gpu/ Same price, same name. 65% memory bandwidth compared to the original GT1030. It's despicable.
  10. CMetaphor

    Want to Buy Gaming Tablet

    Looking for any one of the following: *- Google Pixel C - Nexus 9 *- Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet - Samsung Galaxy S2/S3 - Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus - Huawei Media M3 Lite 10 *- Asus Zenpad 3S 10 *= Preferences, if possible. Thanks.
  11. CMetaphor

    Want to Buy A good Hotas (Joystick/Throttle) combo

    I'm not normally one to share personal things, but I feel I need to explain myself some: I have severe medical issues, and on top of that am off work due to a burnout. I'm trying to deal with medications and other problems. Its a bad time. So, I'm trying to find a good Hotas - joystick and...
  12. CMetaphor

    The HOTAS Question - Budget-minded flying

    To be or not to be, that's a question I'm not asking right now. What I am doing, is wrecking my brain trying to find a good new Hotas setup. I've been leaning towards the Warthog for a long, long time. But trying to find one used seems impossible, and even new (even when on sale) it's like $400...
  13. CMetaphor

    So... is AM1 dead-dead?

    Sorry in advance, I've been out of the loop for a while (personal stuff). But I remember AM1 being very promising: Cheap boards with almost no chips, everything on the AM1 CPU (NB +SB), perfect for htpc/light use PCs. But I haven't seen any mention of AM1 since Ryzen came around, and I Have seen...
  14. CMetaphor

    Car game - specific requirements!

    Okay, so I love Forza 4 (x360). I've tried 5 and 6 on the Xb1, but they're not quite the same, so I'm searching for an alternative. Wishlist: - free/easy to obtain cars: love to get big collections of supercars. And only F4 has given me a chance of getting close. F4 rewards card for driver...
  15. CMetaphor

    Want to Buy Gaming laptop

    My physical and mental condition means I don't get out much anymore and spend quite a lot of time in bed. I've been getting by till now with a partially defective Alienware m17x R3 (i7-2xxx and an HD6850) that I got from another member and managed to get it limping. In short, It *has* to run the...
  16. CMetaphor

    Raid migration and expansion

    It's time to move my perc 6i Raid 6 out of my file server and into Behemoth (yes I've still got it). Questions: - I haven't moved a raid in ages, but i *think* it should be okay. Does anyone have suggestions? My thoughts are that if all the disks return to their same ports it should be okay...
  17. CMetaphor

    Want to Buy AMD am3+ Mobo, gigabit managed PoE switch

    Hello all. My trust old Asus Crosshair is about to kick the bucket (they seem less and less reliable nowadays) and I'm not quite set to go AM4/ Ryzen. Would like to find an AM3+ board, preferably full size ATX with as many pcie x16 slots as possible, if possible. Regardless please PM what you...
  18. CMetaphor

    Want to Sell Meta's "Back from the dead" Sale 2017 - 27in/144hz/1ms monitor - Cisco powerline stuf

    Meta's "Back from the dead" Sale 2017 - 27in/144hz/1ms monitor - Cisco powerline stuf Hello all, no I'm not dead - just very 'unwell' so I'm rarely, if ever, online. I have some things to sell though, so please note the following: - Prices do not include shipping (I would must prefer local...
  19. CMetaphor

    PC: BenQ xl2720z + Linksys powerline av kits

    BenQ XL2720z - Used a few months but in immaculate condition. Comes with the controller module that attaches to the base. Looking for a decent price to move it, preferably without shipping included. (I'd seek a local sale). No stuck/dead pixels, and no issues running it at 144hz either. Also...
  20. CMetaphor

    Need for speed? Next Upgrade. Mayyyybe.

    So. Here's what I'm looking at for my storage upgrade: SYBA M.2 PCI-e To PCI-e 3.0 x4 Card Model SI-PEX40110 - Newegg.ca AND Intel SSD 600p Series (1.0TB, M.2 80mm PCIe 3.0 x4, 3D1, TLC) Reseller Single Pack - Newegg.ca Les questions la: 1) Is there any difference between the Intel 600p PCIe...
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