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  1. chrisk

    Budget cell phone

    Where are you located? If you are in Toronto area Swiftronics has a lot of out of market stuff that can be had in the $200 range. The Xiaomi Mi A2 is still getting updates.
  2. chrisk

    Anyone have experience with black mold?

    No mold in the baseboards and walls. Our cat used the bathroom under the desk and I sprayed a lot of cleaner around there and didn't air it out either. This happened a few times over a few years. Dry now and will remain dry. No mold has come back there yet.
  3. chrisk

    Anyone have experience with black mold?

    Thanks everyone. I have tossed out the bottom 3/4 of the desk, and just kept the top (and I have placed the top on a metal desk I got for cheap on Kijiji). I'll glue it on as I loved the layout on the top. The new desk also has skinny legs (metal) at teh bottom so that air can go through the...
  4. chrisk

    "Classic" Light Theme now available

    Not sure which one I like the best, but I might keep the classic theme simply for the return of the old beaver which I prefer.
  5. chrisk

    HC new look

    beaver is back with the light classic theme:
  6. chrisk

    Anyone have experience with black mold?

    Ok guys thanks. Wifey is not working now and her EI ran out, I don't have the skill to do this myself so I'll do the best I can. The area is almost 500sq feet and I don't have the cash to rip it all up right now if it must be done :(
  7. chrisk

    Anyone have experience with black mold?

    The basement is not wet or damp. Only mold was in the two spots under the desk (the area got wet some time ago and was never dried properly). Would that alone warrant tearing up the whole basement? The damp was my fault so the landlord won't be on the hook for anything and right now there is...
  8. chrisk

    Anyone have experience with black mold?

    Yeah, I am a bit worried that I vacuumed over it before I realized what it was. I am fairly certain that I have breathed in the stuff. I don't think I'll pull up the carpet as the baseboards have it tucked down and as a renter I don't want to go tearing up the carpet. I have saturated the area...
  9. chrisk

    Anyone have experience with black mold?

    Hey everyone; Started cleaning up the basement and I did some carpet cleaning with a rental wet extractor from Home depot. With pets, etc. I wanted to freshen up the basement carpet so I rented the wet-extractor cleaner for a day. I was going to clean one side of the room, then the other. I got...
  10. chrisk

    New Forum Bug Reports & Suggestions

    Ahh now I see what I did wrong. I didn't hit the "never ask again" option. So my bug was not a bug. I am excited that I can just screenshot from the clipboard now into my post (see above). A much needed option!!!
  11. chrisk

    New Forum Bug Reports & Suggestions

    This will take some getting used-to, but I like that the software was updated and that the new main page has all your content now. The site looks alive again and that is great news. One bug I am seeing is that even though I have hit the 'X' and dismissed the push notification option, I am...
  12. chrisk

    Android PC? What would you build?

    Not sure that there are many Android distros that work on x86 but check this out: https://www.androidauthority.com/install-android-pc-668643/
  13. chrisk

    My honor and privilege

    Added all of these. Gamersnexus integrating the videos with the written reviews is perfect for me as I can pop the video on and the have a read. I hope this was not too off-topic. Mods if you like we/I can create a new thread or something as this is only tangentially related and went further...
  14. chrisk

    My honor and privilege

    Wow that guy does storage reviews just like AkG. Something is up and it can mean only one thing...AkG has a stalker. Other than an elaborate unboxing, where would one go to get an in-depth video review of PC hardware that covers the underlying technology?
  15. chrisk

    Intel Plans To End AMD's Ryzen Rampage

    Your answer is capitalism. They aren't going to push the envelope too much unless they have to because it just means they would run out of room sooner on their current manuf capabilities. Also, Intel needs this out there in the world right now to give people a 2nd thought before plopping down...
  16. chrisk

    My honor and privilege

    Thanks for your superb work on the reviews and forums over the years. Always thought you were one of the better ones anywhere and I often pointed my students to your reviews in class as an example of how they should be done. We didn't always agree in the 'off topic' areas ( ;p ) but I enjoyed...
  17. chrisk

    Mods to the rescue....

    This made me lol...nicely done! That said, the 8 mods we have all have their hands full with the jokers that are still here :bananafunky:
  18. chrisk

    Anyone hitting refresh to buy new Ryzen today? 3600 3600X 3700X 3800X 3900X?

    Canada Computers has the 3700x at $450 which is expected. I just picked up a OnePlus 7 to mess with so my tech toy budget is blown for the tome being, but I think it is wise to wait a bit anyways to see how the motherboards shape up and let the early adopters figure out the bugs since I'm on a...
  19. chrisk

    My early impressions of the OnePlus 7 (non-pro).

    Hey everyone; I picked up a OnePlus 7 (non-pro) from Swiftronics last weekend for $720 tax inc. This is the OnePlus 7 that they are not planning to bring to North America. Some details: - I have the 8GB 256GB red model number GM1900 (Chinese global version) - using Bell Mobility in the GTA...
  20. chrisk

    Amazon uses & stores your Alexa data for a set time period

    You know those sci-fi movies where everyone buys this thing that is supposed to be really good but is in fact really some part of an evil plot to take over the world and /or control everyone? This is totally not that thing.
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