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    The Saga Of The Lenovo M93P Tiny for 4K and light gaming

    First, short story on how I came across this. A relative purchased both this and an M92P Tiny from @The Great Gazoo and had them shipped to me with the intention of splitting the order. ...Then changed their mind once they got here. So I paid for both and traded the M92P for a 1500va UPS with...
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    Undervolting and TDP Restricting with the Q87 chipset

    I realize OVERclocking and OVERvolting are usually the topic around here but I have an interesting situation here. I have a Lenovo M93P Tiny I'm looking to upgrade, it's a MiniPC, Socket 1150, Q87 chipset, and it only ships with 35w TDP CPUs. I have read online about people swapping in 45w TDP...
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