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    SSD Defrag

    errr I have done this twice, but now that I read somethings up, I think I realize i should not have done this. "If you have defragged your ssd even once you should do a secure erase and reload win7. Ensure the bios is set to ACHI before windows is loaded AND, if you partition the drive to...
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    SSD keeps filling up

    As subject says, my SSD 60gig has just been filling up like crazy. I use this drive as my OS drive and I have a HDD as a storage drive as well. Now before anything I have cleared everything or at least what thought to be clear worthy. -system restore points -all temp files (internet temp, temp...
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    Raid 0 two HDDs vs One SSD

    Just wondering for my build, I was planning on getting two hdds and putting them in Raid0 simply for games, but I thought to myself would it be better to just by another ssd instead of two hdds? Is there a difference? or which is better It seems that buying one ssd seemed to be a better...
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    I give up! Build my PC for me and the best one Ill buy

    Yah I figured I can't make up my own damn mind about what to buy for my new rig, so Ill have you guys do it for me, and ill decide which is the best and ill buy that one. What I am looking for 1. Gaming and everyday use. 2. Price Range 2200-2500$ 3. Ill be buying my computer in BC Canada...
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    New Keyboard

    As well as my HUGE problem and not being able to pick a damn tower for my new build. I am also in the market for a new keyboard. Right now I have the logitech elite (one of the best keyboards I have ever used) This being the one of the best keyboards I have used, it makes picking a new keyboard...
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    Having hard time Deciding on parts

    Case What I require -Sexy looks -Good Cooling -Goes well with a Blue and black theme -Easy fan/case Cleaning -Easy drive management. What I have in my mind so far: Coolermaster Haf X EATX - Love it, but I want a blue and black scheme for my tower, and the 230 x30 mm fan(unless someone can...
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