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  1. odis172

    Sophos XG Firewall "Home" Edition

    I've used the Sophos SG and XG series appliances. The SG appliance firmware is called "UTM" and the XG firmware is completely different. When the XG series came out there was a huge backlash from the community about how it had gone so much in the direction of user friendly gui, and was too...
  2. odis172

    sam knows how to keep sham going

    Yeah I wouldn't exactly call it a scam when you are downloading at 3MB per second (24Mb) which is almost at maximum for your internet package. If you were expecting to download at 27MB then you would actually need a 216Mb download internet connection.
  3. odis172

    ADULTS ONLY - what's your favorite drink?

    Just poured myself a ginger ale and spicebox whiskey - though generally it would be wisers whiskey and ginger ale. Big fan of gin and tonic, or gin and soda if I'm going for something low cal.
  4. odis172

    The end is nigh....

    I had 26K in NCIX points I just cashed in on a few portable battery packs worth about 40 bucks total. Placed the order Dec 3, shipped Dec 4. Too bad there wasn't much else to redeem them on. Had been saving the points for when I had a big order, as there was free shipping for 2500k points...
  5. odis172

    network diagnosis software while playing game

    The WRT54G is super old. It very well could be the cause of the problems. Even if it isn't, you should seriously upgrade that thing.
  6. odis172

    Idea for an App

    Maybe you can do it better than company A?
  7. odis172

    Eurocom Notebooks/Laptops worth purchasing?

    I wouldn't trust those BB sales reps, most of them don't know what they are talking about beyond comparing cpu/ram/hd/screensize/weight. I used to work at Eurocom in the Service and QC department. If you can afford the price of entry, they are nice machines. I recommended one of their gaming...
  8. odis172

    Also need help flashing a Z87 board for haswell

    Hey All, Have an Asus z87-a that won't post due to needing a firmware upgrade to support the i3-4170. Would anyone in Chilliwack with an older 1150 cpu be willing to lend a hand?
  9. odis172

    Free Ottawa Only - CM case

    Have several PM's already. Had it listed for 50$ on kijiji for a few months, will be glad to get rid of this thing! Haven't used it for a few years and takes up alot of space.
  10. odis172

    Free Ottawa Only - CM case

    Cooler Master Stacker 830 case. (Gone to inurhome) Free - but I'm not shiping this thing, so pickup in Ottawa only. No picture, hope that is okay :biggrin:
  11. odis172

    Enable Java plug in?

    Java 1.4.2 is old as hell. Try a different browser, I believe Chrome has java built in.
  12. odis172

    Which mini-itx case?

    I just built a itx gaming system using an elite 130 and gtx750 ti. Small case considering it fits a regular size psu, and optical drive. The 130 is much smaller then the cosair 250d and the prodigy.
  13. odis172

    $100 To Whoever Fixes My Computer

    Did you get it working? Who won, im dying to know! Doesnt look like a hardware issue to me, more like a misconfiguration somewhere. I bet reinstalling windows would fix it.. which would definitely mean that it wasnt hardware. Worth a shot before you go replacing hardware. With hands on I bet I...
  14. odis172

    Installed 3x 1TB Barracuda 7200.14 in Raid5, is 30MB/s write speed normal?

    30MB you mean write speeds? That sounds about right, I found very poor write performance back when I was playing around with this stuff.
  15. odis172

    Want to Sell UPS / PSU / Infiniband cable

    bump price update
  16. odis172

    NCIX opening in Ottawa Dec 26

    I got there at 5:20 for the 7 am open. Was 30th in line and by 7:00 there was over 100. Doors opened at 7:05 and it was 8:10 before I got up to the front of the line. Probably would have been better to schedule the grand opening not on boxing day, the new staff were very slow (can't blame them)...
  17. odis172

    NCIX opening in Ottawa Dec 26

    Hell yes. Ive been waiting years for this. I'd like to see what early bird in store specials there are for dec 26.
  18. odis172

    Want to Sell UPS / PSU / Infiniband cable

    price drop on gtx570
  19. odis172

    What game are you currently playing? (Screenshots if possible pls)

    Started playing "War thunder" recently - free to play on steam. Its a flight sim focused on dogfighting and battles. The graphics are great and the company is integrating ground warfare soon.