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    Want to Sell Helzy's For Sale Thread

    On the Zbook the ssds are both Toshiba XG6 which is a good corporate drive.

    Hot Deals!!!!!

    you should have bought one for me, I missed that promotion.

    AMD's SMT vs. Intel's Hyper-Threading

    I think that tech is quickly becoming obsolete in the face of the massive parallelism put out by AMD.

    AMD's SMT vs. Intel's Hyper-Threading

    No, no issues so far, as me I am using the system for mundane tasks, but knowing that the AMD's interpretation of the smt is for the 2 threads to use the same FPU I prefer to have that FPU fully available on a single thread in case I decide I need it, most probably for some video transcoding.

    Behemoth Finale, Xtra project Soon?

    are you selling the systems locally ?

    Nas Replacement

    put some pictures!

    Nas Replacement

    when you install the driver it will show somewhere in the options for raid where to insert the key.

    AMD's SMT vs. Intel's Hyper-Threading

    I have deactivated the SMT on my R7.

    AMD's SMT vs. Intel's Hyper-Threading

    Power 7, IBM had 4 SMT threads since the Power 7 CPU, so it is out there.
  10. MARSTG

    has anyone here setup a universal remote to control their Android TV box?

    I use the LD Player 9 emulator with the mouse.
  11. MARSTG

    Mullvad vs NordVPN Comparison in 2023

    My slowdown happened on a Xeon V3 with 32GB RAM if it's relevant.
  12. MARSTG

    AM5 advice

    Personally, I am waiting for the Zen4 SKUs on AM4.
  13. MARSTG

    Mullvad vs NordVPN Comparison in 2023

    I used Mullvad VPN and my Chrome slowed down considerably. Now I use PureVPN and I see no slowdowns but, YMMV.
  14. MARSTG

    Backup Server on Roids

    @Shadowarez you lose one hdd at raid5 ( for the matrix size) and another one for hot-spare.
  15. MARSTG

    too many things connected to motherboard ???

    I'll try those settings as well and see if I get any changes.
  16. MARSTG

    too many things connected to motherboard ???

    I don't think you can program the HDD not to spin down, I think most modern HDDs DO spin down, except maybe the enterprise models built for 24/7 duty. I have an external Ironwolf 4TB and I hear it spinning up every time I am looking for something on it.
  17. MARSTG

    Phison E26 PCIe 5.0 SSD crashing rather than throttling

    I thought Micron also has a controller using it on its own drive and the DirectStorage API, but no. Quoted from TheSSDreview:
  18. MARSTG

    The 'What are you watching' Thread

    I binge-watched"Dark Winds", it's with the guy that was tribal police in Longmire, he is still playing a tribal police role. Very good. I want to start Fargo.
  19. MARSTG

    Windows 10 is dead. Long live Windows 11...er, 12?

    I have experienced Win11 and didn't like it, it seemed to take too much control away from me.
  20. MARSTG

    Want to Buy found

    In MTL i saw them offered at 280 and 450 for 3080 DELL OEM