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  1. SHaCK

    Skylake gaming build

    I'd still go with 2x8gb, less DIMMs that can fail and leaves room to add more in the future
  2. SHaCK

    The Intel i7-6700K Review; Skylake Arrives (Comment Thread)

    Hey SKY do you have any thoughts on the Asus Z170 Deluxe you used in the review? Any quirks or annoyances worth mentioning? ATM it's number one on my list.
  3. SHaCK

    Samsung 305T Review Comment Thread

    How about movies ? i watch all my shows/movies on my PC (fullscreen, 7-9feet away from the screen) so i want good image quality. input lag ? MVA panel ? i'm a total monitor noob
  4. SHaCK

    Samsung 305T Review Comment Thread

    hey guys, I currently use a 2443bw 24" and watch movies all the time on it and it's good enough for me but i don't want to go down on quality either. So, what if the only movies i'm going to watch are xvids or divx downloaded from the internet (so the image quality isn't even that great to...
  5. SHaCK

    Water cooling build

    ..............nah :bleh: Anyway, i've just requested a quote at petra's for an MCP655 + the G11 stuff. Guess I will deal with the blue ^^ BTW, I'm going to start with one dual-120 heatercore but if i'm not satisfied i'll add the second one in the loop, I think i'll be fine as far as temp goes :)
  6. SHaCK

    ps3 best console ?

    I think you are right. Consoles are very different from PC gaming imo, you just pop the CD in, sit back and play. No driver issues, no downloads, no installation, etc It also depends on what kind of games you like, personally i hate playing a FPS game on a console, the mouse + keyboard combo...
  7. SHaCK

    Water cooling build

    I won't sleep properly if my loop isn't UV reactive ;) What about the combination of something like Zerex (Getting some NOS Super coolant actually) + UV Dye ? Either http://www.ncix.com/products/index.php?sku=19765&vpn=DDGUVD1&manufacture=Danger%20Den or...
  8. SHaCK

    Water cooling build

    Thanks pat :) I was hoping you to stop by tbh Have you ever seen the Pentosin G12 under UV lights ? UV Blue is not really my thing.. i'd prefer green or orange :thumb: Thanks supergrover for renaming the thread!
  9. SHaCK

    Water cooling build

    Hi guys, i'll be putting everything together soonly and i've got a few questions before getting started. What clamps do you use/prefer ? I'm planning to use worm-drive clamps instead of the plastic ones.(Looks more solid) Comments ? Are any of you using teflon tape to seal the threads ? I've...
  10. SHaCK

    6000+ overclocking results

    Nice!! How much juice are you pushing throught it exactly ? I'd like to see SuperPi 1M score with good RAM...i'm sure this CPU at 3.3 is one heck of beast! I'd say something in the low-20s
  11. SHaCK

    Case Pics

    Placing a nice rig with a side-window on the ground should be prohibed by HWC TOS. :ban:
  12. SHaCK

    Folding @ Home F.A.Q.

    You can close/run it whenever you want and yes 100% load on the CPU. The client is optimized to use idle cycles of your comp only so all the processing power of your CPU is puted to good use. I have it running almost 24/7 on my everyday rig, even when gaming it's still running. (but not really...
  13. SHaCK

    What music do you listen to ?

    *Shoots self* I listen to various stuff ranging from Megadeth to Wu-Tang Clan.. Favorites are metallica, IAM, megadeth, notorious big. Latelly i've been looping Megadeth - Youthanasia album ... just great!
  14. SHaCK

    Folding @ Home F.A.Q.

    Yes, the client will download WUs (Work units), once you're done it will upload the results to standford, give you some points and than download another WU. Join in patriote, you know you want to :)
  15. SHaCK

    Anyone heard about DTX?

    I fear small form factors like those, while they might be usefull in some environment I don't want our big towers to disappear... miniaturization = no more water cooling and next to none case mods.
  16. SHaCK

    Folding @ Home F.A.Q.

    np! i'd need to push more on my production to deserve the title :) Patriote, it doesn't fold your computer but rather proteins. Understanding how they fold and reacts can help in discovering new remedies for various disease... basically! It's so complex that a lot of raw processing power is...
  17. SHaCK

    HCF F@H discussion

    Now that you guys hitted the first spot..it's time to move your 10k ppd to another team :whistle:
  18. SHaCK

    Folding @ Home F.A.Q.

    Here ya go : How to install SMP on Windows XP. - Overclock.net - Overclocking.net Though, VMWARE + 64bit linux + SMP client for linux will product more points then the SMP client for windows.
  19. SHaCK

    Case Pics

    I'll keep that in my find when i'll post pictures, thumbnails it'll be. And that's just because you've putted a really nice looking rig :thumb: Neato
  20. SHaCK

    New happy faces!

    Personnal favorites, immature smileys always make me laugh.

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