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  1. enaberif

    McDonalds Fish & Chips

    https://www.blogto.com/eat_drink/2019/05/mcdonalds-rolling-out-fish-chips-toronto/ :doh:
  2. enaberif

    Process Upgrade Thoughts

    So with a lot of new titles coming out demanding more from our computers I'm currently running an older X79 setup with a v1 E5-1620 processor. This processor is a 4 core/8 thread processor with a 10mb L3 cache but I was curious if I could find a inexpensive chip something a long the lines of...
  3. enaberif

    Lifx WIFI Bulbs

    I decided to pick up one of their bulbs for $20 to replace a normal bulb in our living room. Our living room has 1 lamp that used a timer to be used on different days and times. I came to realize that the light was on a lot because of the timer and wanted to fix that. Bestbuy has the bulbs on...
  4. enaberif

    VBA - Count Emails older Than

    Alright... wondering if any of you might be able to help with this. I am trying to use Excel to check a mailbox and then display a count of emails that would be older than a set time. At this point I'm just trying to get it to consistently show any emails that are older than but I'm at a loss...
  5. enaberif


    Surprised this hasn't made its way here yet. Its a simple but not simple game that takes minecraft elements and lets you builds your own ships to do different things. Its currently in EA with a release date of Q1 2019. https://store.steampowered.com/app/445220/Avorion/ $20 and so far its...
  6. enaberif

    Mogo Bitcoin

    Anyone else aware of this? https://www.mogo.ca/mogo-crypto I was invited in today and looking into it. You e-transfer money to them to purchase Bitcoins.. Just threw $20 at it and $20 through Mogo = 0.00235954
  7. enaberif

    RAID Controller

    So I am looking to purchase a RAID card for the office which needs to support SAS drives. I am looking to run RAID 5 and the amount of drives is TBD at this point but will probably be in the 6-8 realm from the Dell servers we are running. Not looking to spend much and would like to have a BBU...
  8. enaberif

    4u Rackmount Case

    Alright guys... 4u Rackmound case that is in stock or can easily be ordered from somewhere in Canada and ships from Canada. The hard part of this... It needs to work with a SSI EEB board that measures 12x13. Looking to try and keep costs to a minimum of which the Norco RPC-470 would work but...
  9. enaberif

    Network Cabling Upgrade

    Here is what I am working with: My intentions are to clean up this mess and in doing so I have picked up a 42u rack to clean up the servers, switches, and cabling. I would like to put the patch panels and switch inside the 42u cabinet but when they put in the patch panels well they gave no...
  10. enaberif

    Server Racks

    Anyone have a good source or in for such things? Looking for something like https://www.startech.com/ca/Server-Management/Racks/12U-36in-Knock-Down-Server-Rack-Cabinet-with-Casters~RK1236BKF
  11. enaberif

    EVGA 1070 Fan Control

    Ok... So I'd like a way to control the fans on my card manually. Its a dual fan setup and I can't seem to figure it out. MSI Afterburner is no go EVGA Precision is butt fugly and the interface is just annoying Any other choices?
  12. enaberif

    [HOW TO] Dell Precision T3600 PSU Swap

    I am writing this to you as I have successfully swapped the standard proprietary PSU from Dell to a Standard ATX Power Supply. This was no small feat because as usual Dell likes to do things stupid. What you will need: 1) Male to Female ATX extension cable...
  13. enaberif

    Want to Buy DDR3 Ram

    Switched from a ECC to non ECC board so I'm in need of some DDR3 ram. Don't need anything special... valueram, rendition ram etc will work. Looking for at least 32gb but will take 16 for now. I know the prices of DDR3 ram right now so please go easy on me :haha:
  14. enaberif

    Video Creation Critique

    Hey guys, With the help from a few people and a bit of experimenting and being out of work for 4 months, I needed something to occupy my time. I have decided to dabble in video creation and to keep my sanity and keep busy. I am looking for truthful and honest feedback about this to help better...
  15. enaberif

    AOC Agon AG271QX

    As of this posting... Note that Memory Express (https://www.memoryexpress.com/Products/MX66455) has it on for $649 but Canada Computers (AOC AGON AG271QX 27” LED Professional Gaming Monitor QHD 144Hz 1ms with Freesync I 2560 x 1440 (144 Hz),1ms I VGA,DVI,HDMI,USB,DP - Canada Computers &...
  16. enaberif

    OS Language Settings

    English (Canada) or English (US) .. This includes any devices you use as well. Go I use English (US)
  17. enaberif


    5 char
  18. enaberif

    Want to Sell ** SOLD **

    ** SOLD **
  19. enaberif

    Facebook and your Nudes

    Who will be the first to trust this? Facebook wants you to upload nude pictures of yourself for artificial intelligence to analyse | The Independent :rofl:
  20. enaberif

    Capacitor Talk

    I have a single 50v 10,000uF that I want to make smaller and plan to do this with smaller ones. What I have come to determine is that capacitors in parallel will retain the same voltage but the farads increase. For example 3 capacitors at 50v 3300uF connected in parallel will end up with a...
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