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  1. Izerous

    Interesting how water blocks have changed

    I was looking for spare fitting so I can plan the transfer of my hardware and came across a water block I never got rid of. I picked this one up around 2004 and would have been the second waterblock I purchased. This is a Koolance CPU-305-V06 and I know I had the earlier CPU-300-V10 (2003ish)...
  2. Izerous

    Rack mounted cooling

    I don't always buy server racks but when I do all the fans are broken... My intention was to build a small network rack in the utility room of my house maybe 6-12U and hang it from the roof... instead I came across a full 42U rack with glass door, solid rear door a couple shelves and a moving...
  3. Izerous

    Crosshair 4 extreme / FX-8370 / 32GB 1866MHz ram / with waterblocks

    So I listed my old setup locally Crosshair 4 Extreme -Full coverage Koolance waterblock "MB-ASC4E" -Factory cooler included -Bios updated to support FX AM3+ CPUs -IO Shield FX-8370 -Koolance CPU-380 waterblock 32GB of Corsair Dominator Platinum Ram -1866MHz 9-10-9 -Corsair's light bar upgrade...
  4. Izerous

    Office Remotely controlled strike plates

    In the past offices we either had shared almost always open entrances or we have had our own main floor entrances. The newest location places us on the second floor with an always locked door downstairs. Normally we go forth and have a commercial grade fob system installed but that doesn't get...
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