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  1. ShinraCorp

    PfSense hardware built suggestions.

    Hey everyone, I'm curious about pfSense and thought it would be fun to build a router pfSense to try it out. Unfortunately the price to build a new PC seems higher then what I like (budget around 300$) so I decided to looked used but even that seems a bit off since the specs aren't really up to...
  2. ShinraCorp

    Anyone know if the Intel 600P M.2 SSD is any good?

    Hey everyone, My current boot drive (Samsung EVO 850 SATA 3 256GB from 2012) is nearly full right now and I've done all I've can to remove as much software out of it and put them onto my HDDs and I do have an M.2 slot available on my mobo. I was wondering if people have heard good things about...
  3. ShinraCorp

    USB Devices stop functioning for a second

    Hey everyone, I've been meaning to post this months ago but it wasn't too bad until this week. So a few months out whenever I actually obtained my MSI X99S SLI Mobo and all the other parts for the upgrade everything went smoothly. There is, however, one problem. It seems that at random times...
  4. ShinraCorp

    Portable Console for PC Games

    I'm sure some people have already seen this, the idea is interesting but that SoC is just... meh for PC games. Even on Low or Medium settings it might chug below 30 FPS. Besides that I'm all for this thing. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1606226331/portable-console-for-pc-games-pgs This...
  5. ShinraCorp

    Tesla Model 3

    So no need to say too much about this that wasn't already said in the media. But I honestly find it appealing (besides the front look, that thing almost looks like a Mitshubishi MIEV) now since there's over 300k of reserved Model 3s I don't think it will be delivered until 2018-2019 anyway. I...
  6. ShinraCorp

    Trying to find a tablet/laptop for my father.

    Hey everyone, I've been trying to help my father look for either a 2 in 1 laptop or a tablet that's more than 13 inches in screen size and contains a built-in LTE SIM tray to insert a SIM card in. The reason for the SIM tray is because he's heading to Haiti so any Cellular Sticks or Hubs will...
  7. ShinraCorp

    Need assistance in finding a NVIDIA Shield tablet battery!

    Hey everyone, About a month ago I bought myself a NVIDIA Shield Tablet so I can play Golem Arcana (a digital board game that requires Bluetooth 4.1 to work with their "pen".) Now I wasn't going to go and buy a brand new spanking tablet for 1 game... so I decided to look around the used section...
  8. ShinraCorp

    Netduma R1 Router

    Hey everyone, Just a quick question to ask. Has anyone ever used the Netduma R1 Router? And is it any special? I went on their sites and the features sure look nice but I want to make sure it's not just hogwash either. Perhaps someone can review it here ;)
  9. ShinraCorp

    Satoru Iwata 1959-2015

    So I'm sure some of you have read the news by now that Satoru Iwata, the president of Nintendo has past away yesterday due to a bile duct growth. Now I know this is a PC centric site but seeing as how mine and possibly other people childhood/teenage years were raised with Nintendo it...
  10. ShinraCorp

    E3 2015... Best year yet?

    Ok so this year's E3 has been FANTASTIC so far. So many fantastic games being shown and announced! What I loved so far (June 15th) this E3: Final Fantasy 7 REMAKE Dark Souls 3 Trailer Transformers: Devastation by Platinum Games. The MGS: 5 Trailer Mass Effect trailer. The DOOM...
  11. ShinraCorp

    Is it worth purchasing from the States?

    Hey everyone, Me and my friend are planning a trip to New York city. However I was wondering if you guys think it'll be better to buy a tablet over there then say here. I know that our dollar sucks a whole lot right now so that's why I didn't purchase one yet and will save it for when...
  12. ShinraCorp

    XCOM 2!

    Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy! 2k announced XCOM 2 today! Story is 20 years after the XCOM game (the remade one not the 1980s one :P) And the aliens have dominated the earth. You lead a resistance against the alien people and free mankind from their grip. However this time, you're in a mobile...
  13. ShinraCorp

    Total War: Warhammer

    This game was announced by in April but I'm really excited for this since I love playing total war (even though the AI in all of them are questionable at best.) And I also love Warhammer Fantasy and 40k. Who's excited for this? (Somehow I forgot how to Embed a youtube video in here...)...
  14. ShinraCorp

    AMD R9 300 series

    Welp they announced it yesterday that we should be getting the AMD R9 300 series by the end of this quarter (end of June). Anyone excited? I sure am, can't wait for some reviews to see if it's a worthy successor to my Geforce 670 :P
  15. ShinraCorp

    NTFS.sys stopped responding

    Alright I think this is just a coincidence but the day I purchase my upgrade my PC has been behaving strangely since the day of the order. Basically the computer will crash to a BSOD with the message saying the NTFS.sys has stopped responding. Of course NTFS is the file system windows uses so...
  16. ShinraCorp

    Is it worth going to Hashwell-E or wait?

    Hey everyone, I said to myself that I'll wait at the end of the year for Skylake and some DDR4 "mainstream" boards to show up before I upgrade my 5 year old PC (1st gen Core i5 if you're wondering). However the prices seemed to dropped for the DDR4 sticks lately (unless I'm blind and they...
  17. ShinraCorp

    Should HWC review smartphones/tablets?

    I just had this though for about a week but keep forgetting to write it down. With mobile technology improving at a rapid pace, I was thinking that maybe there should be a mobile review. Now of course I'm not saying they should review every single little phone that's release because...
  18. ShinraCorp

    Graphical glitches awayyyy!

    Alright so I have a friend who has a built with a R9 280X and a 500 W PSU. Question is, is the PSU good enough for it or would it need a bigger/better one. The PSU in question is a EVGA 500W 80 Plus Bronze... Also the GPU is a Sapphire Dual-X R9 280X 3GB BF4 Edition with a UEFI button. He...
  19. ShinraCorp

    So that new AMD APU with HSA 1.0 seems interesting...

    SOURCE: AMD :: Investor Relations :: News Release Ok so AMD unveiled their new APU called Carizzo and Carizzo-L which sounds like a typical average APU but apparently it's the first version with HSA compliant specs in it. The CPU is powered by the Excavator micro-architecture and the...
  20. ShinraCorp

    CoD:AW isn't playing nice with the GPU

    So here goes, My friend upgraded his GPU (yes that same friend from a few months back about a mini-ITX build) so he now has a Radeon HD R9 280X (it was on sale so why not?) so after plugging it in, uninstalling all the drivers and reinstalling it again just to make sure there's no messing...

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