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  1. FlyingFish

    Want to Sell Nothing ATM

    290x's sold
  2. FlyingFish

    Want to Sell Nothing ATM

    Yes they are reference ones
  3. FlyingFish

    Want to Sell Nothing ATM

  4. FlyingFish

    Want to Sell Nothing ATM

  5. FlyingFish

    Want to Sell Nothing ATM

    And up we go.
  6. FlyingFish

    Want to Sell Nothing ATM

    2 year old antique post bump
  7. FlyingFish

    Is blood conductive?

    I'd be more concerned about the viruses you could get from an unprotected socket insertion...
  8. FlyingFish

    Want to Sell Nothing ATM

  9. FlyingFish

    Want to Sell Nothing ATM

    To the top!
  10. FlyingFish

    Don't give your money to or support PETA

    Penn and Teller - P.E.T.A. (Full Episode) - YouTube This is also worth watching. A few years back, my sister got a letter in the mail from PETA. She'd signed up for their newsletter or something. I tossed it before she saw it.
  11. FlyingFish

    Want to Sell Nothing ATM

    All prices do not include shipping. Local pickup is in Vancouver. Near UBC, but not quite in UBC. All items come with blurry cellphone pictures. Don't like the prices? Make an offer and we can talk.:ph34r: Mushkin 500W power supply. It's black, it's a power supply. Good for powering stuff...
  12. FlyingFish

    Want to Buy matx AM3 board

    I've got a Powercolor AX6970 2GBD5-2DH which apparently fits your waterblook. $200?
  13. FlyingFish

    Celleron E3200, 6950 2gb and some other stuff

    Whats an E3200 worth these days? (if anything) How about a Powercolour 6950 2gb? It's got the dual bios switch but I've never bothered flashing it. MSI 8400GS. $15 sound about right? 2 x 1 gb of 1333mhz DDR 3. Is $10 too much 1 2gb stick of generic DDR2. $10? 1 1gb stick of Samsung DDR2...
  14. FlyingFish

    Want to Sell The Return of Free Stuff! Dance Dance Revolution Mat for Wii

    Free plus shipping dance mat for DDR. Compatible with Wii, PS2, and Game Cube. Brand new in box, never used. Yours for the cost of shipping. Local pickup in Vancouver. http://i.imgur.com/LxBn8.jpg
  15. FlyingFish

    HWBOT Country Cup 2011 - Kicks off November 19th!

    I'm back from my work trip up to the middle of god-forsaken nowhere! I'll throw up a score with my i3 530. Thanks DT for reminding me about this! :-)
  16. FlyingFish

    A little gem of the Yukon

    Wow. That ice looks fantastic. Makes me want to drive out the Kootenays to skate on a lake somewhere.
  17. FlyingFish

    Battlefield 3 HWC Community Server details and discussion

    Hooray! Karkand is out! But I just bought Skyrim... THERES NOT ENOUGH HOURS IN TEH DAY :(
  18. FlyingFish

    Bioware to develop C&C Generals 2

    Using the FB2 engine from BF3? CRAZY.
  19. FlyingFish

    Anyone here using a Slingbox?

    I don't travel as much as I used to so I don't use mine anymore. I had the non-HD one that I got 5 years ago. Works great. I was in Croatia and was watching Canadian TV. Sadly due to timezones, it was mostly late night crap. I also got it to work on my old HP iPaq so I was able to watch stuff...
  20. FlyingFish

    Best way to get a cheap MAC

    Dang. I'm on the other side of the strait. If I ever make it to the island I'll hunt down this place with cheap macs on the island :-p

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