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  1. Apollo4g

    Want to Sell GONE

  2. Apollo4g

    Want to Sell SOLD please close

  3. Apollo4g

    Want to Sell Western Digital WDTV HD Media Player

  4. Apollo4g

    Using less CPU with ATI cards?

    Hey all i found this thread on OCN that changes some registry files to use less CPU usage with ATI cards. The 2 files are on the link but here is what it says: Any input? good idea/bad idea? Overclock.net - Overclocking.net - View Single Post - Some 4870x2 folding questions
  5. Apollo4g

    Folding with a 5970

    Hey all, In the past for my 4870X2 i found a thread on OCN that had 2 folders i could download with everything pre-set for a 4870X2 to fold, just needed to download the folders, enter name, enter team number and start the 2 clients up. Anyone know if one exists for the 5970? If not, how can...
  6. Apollo4g

    Want to Sell EVGA 260 55nm and BFG Maxcore 260 55nm

    As stated would like to sell a BFG 260's, EVGA is SOLD BFG 260 55nm $160 + shipping
  7. Apollo4g

    Want to Buy BNIB Rogers Blackberry bold2 9700

    If you have a sealed one in the box send me a PM :biggrin: Thanks
  8. Apollo4g

    Want to Buy Thermochill PA.120.3 (15mm) and 655/D5 Vario pump

    as stated please pm me if you are selling either one of them or both. Thanks
  9. Apollo4g

    Want to Trade 4 x WD Black 1TB drives for X WD 1.5TB Greens

    closed until i can get a picture. :biggrin:
  10. Apollo4g

    Want to Sell Evga 8800 640 SSC 112SP and 8800GS (Accelero) Package

    ALL gone please close thread mods
  11. Apollo4g

    Want to Sell Bose In-Ear Earphones

  12. Apollo4g

    Want to Sell BNIB Microsoft Sidewinder X8

    Selling a Brand new never opened Microsoft Sidewinder X8 mouse. Asking $60 shipped
  13. Apollo4g

    Want to Sell BFG 260 (216) 55nm Max Core, 8800GTS(112 SP), 8800GTS(96 SP)

    Hey all i got some cards to sell due to some cash needed. EVGA 8800GTS SSC Edition with 112 SP Asking $85 shipped BFG 260 216 SP 55nm SOLD BFG 8800GTS 640 MB with 96 SP SOLD Only taking EMT at this point in time. No original boxes or accessories come with the cards.
  14. Apollo4g

    Prifinitty 2 Advice

    Hey all. In prifinitty 2, what do i set for my GPUs? Im running 2 x 260s right now. and an i7 with HT off, so 4 cores. Do i set them to normal? Do i set both cores to use all 4 cores of the CPU? Thanks
  15. Apollo4g

    Folding with 3 nvidia GPUs, Need help!

    Alright the bottom line, i have a 260, 8800GTS and another 8800GTS on one mobo. How do i get all 3 of them folding? Anyone have one of those preconfiged files where i can just download, rename and run in 3 instances? :haha::biggrin:
  16. Apollo4g

    Want to Trade 4870X2 with FC waterblock for (2)GTX 260's 216 55nm

    As the title states. I want to trade a 4870X2 with a full coverage waterblock for 2 GTX260's 55nm. (Comes with air cooler also) Will also consider OR (1) 260 55nm + some cash. Or even a GTX 275 and work out a deal Thanks!

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