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  1. Adzsask

    Any fun board games?

    Axis and Allies, Diplomacy, Nexus Ops, be warned Diplomacy has been known to tear friendships apart it gets so intense.
  2. Adzsask

    Things that drive me Bat S$%T Crazy part one haha

    My OCZ SSD died 5 months ago...still in the box collecting dust as we speak, warranty until next year.
  3. Adzsask

    Cherry MX Brown Keyboard Recommendations

    here is the one I own, browns rule!!! PC-Canada.com - SGK-4010-GKCM1-US Cm Storm Quickfire Pro Mechanical Gaming Kbd
  4. Adzsask

    Anything to justify the high price of some cases?

    I used to buy sub $100 cases until my most recent build, spent close to $300 for a mid tower lian li, it is like going from a VW rabbit to a Maserati, the difference in build quality/aesthetics can not really be described in words. I will be holding onto my case for my next few builds at...
  5. Adzsask

    weird metal sound inside new RAD RX360

    Definitely NOT normal, I ran a RX 360 rad for two years, all I heard was the pump and slight trickle sounds from the water flowing, both were just louder then a HDD.
  6. Adzsask

    Replacing an air cooler on a used watercooled card surprise!

    :rofl: did that on my GTX275 twin frozr once...
  7. Adzsask

    AMD Radeon HD 7790 Review Comment Thread

    This just makes me feel that much better for leaving team green after only using nvidia up until the 600/7000 series. Runs quicker then a 650 Ti, and cooler then a 650Ti while being overclocked, what more has to be said really. edit, meant 650 Ti.
  8. Adzsask

    Thoughts on this rig?

    Looks like a very decent build, I would personally grab a nicer case, had one of those antecs in the past and it gets extremely dusty very quickly, and was also pretty noisy. I would look for something with dust filters such as this Newegg.ca - LIAN LI Lancool PC-K62 Black 0.8 mm SECC, Plastic +...
  9. Adzsask

    Tell me Why I NEED a Gaming Keyboard

    Worth it to go mechanical just for the durability(5 million key press life) and the ease of pressing the keys down. I have found since I switched to mechanical that even a few minutes of typing will tire my fingers out now on a rubber domed board. I have also mastered bumping, only pressing the...
  10. Adzsask

    What chair do you use?

    Solid oak half back office chair, circa 1933.
  11. Adzsask

    1366 setup cpu+motherboard+ram

    You can get $300 for it on CL or kijiji, $225 on here.
  12. Adzsask

    What were some of the games you remember playing as a kid?

    Street rods and dig dug ... oh yea.
  13. Adzsask

    How high can I overclock my Sapphire HD7950 Vapor-X

    Plenty of guides out there, I personally max stock voltage limits and see how high it goes by upping one thing at a time in 20MHz increments.
  14. Adzsask

    Which 7850

    Sapphire duel fan is also another good option, love my Sapphire 7950.
  15. Adzsask

    Buying a Sapphire 5870 toxic

    $130 shipped seems fair.
  16. Adzsask

    Completed XFX Fire & Ice

    This is going to be one solid/heavy case.
  17. Adzsask

    Anyone do PT work from home?

    Blackberry mead from bushwakker pub in Regina...drink of the gods I tell ya!
  18. Adzsask

    GTX 680 or AMD radeon HD 7970 with I5 2500k

    I would just grab a 7950 and overclock it, oh wait I did :) and have no complaints at all with it.
  19. Adzsask

    From Sci-Fi... Is Corsair becoming "The Company"?

    Not a stitch of corsair this round, used many of their products in the past, and the only one I was not impressed with was the XMS3 platinum RAM set I purchased, they did not even like 100 MHz more on the RAM speeds.
  20. Adzsask

    How high can I overclock my Sapphire HD7950 Vapor-X

    my non vapor X sapphire does 1200 core on stock max voltage and 1300 at least with a little extra juice. Only tried as high as 1375 on my memory.

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