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  1. Desiato

    Star Citizen

    Too big to fail isn't a concept that is compatible with entertainment products. In fact, it's the opposite. The scope of the game and the expectations of the fanbase makes it *extremely* challenging for another company to save should RSI fail. See the histories of 38 Studios and Sigil Games...
  2. Desiato

    Fallout 4!?!

    What makes New Vegas special is that it was developed by Obsidian. Obsidian was formed by members of the legendary Black Isle Studios--responsible for some great 90s RPGs including Fallout and Fallout 2. While I enjoyed Fallout 3, I *much* preferred New Vegas. It has an incredible old school...
  3. Desiato

    The GTX 970's Memory Explained & Tested (Comment Thread)

    >>insert image of dead horse here<<
  4. Desiato

    Fallout 4!?!

    I figure preorder bonuses have saved me about $1000-1500 over the past couple of years because I just don't buy the games anymore. Thank you software publishers!
  5. Desiato

    First Intel-based Mac Pro???

    The main concern is OS support. If it still runs a supported version of OSX, it can surely be sold on kijiji for at least $200-300 IMO.
  6. Desiato

    Ditch i7 920 (@ 3.8) to Skylake ?

    I upgraded my 1366 system from a 4Ghz 920 to a 4Ghz X5650 and am very pleased with the results. Even though conventional logic may suggest there would be little improvement in gaming, I have observed a noticeable improvement in many titles. I have not performed benchmarks, nor do I intend to...
  7. Desiato

    Star Citizen

    To me, this is a case of semantics. A Kickstarter pledge is a kind of purchase. Dollars are exchanged for a potential reward. It is closer to a purchase than a traditional investment that results in a stake. In any case, I stand by my points.
  8. Desiato

    Star Citizen

    Personally, I don't think that's viable. I think what's viable is for the end user to accept the risk associated with purchases of this nature and to hope for the best. The crowd funding of vapor projects is risky by its nature. The safe option is the finished, vetted game available for...
  9. Desiato

    what's your idea of Galaxy S6?

    I think it's a terrible idea to produce a phone without a replaceable battery. I never bought into the idea that polycarbonate phones are "cheap". They're logical, IMO. However, this is one phone out of many Samsung offers, so it's really no big deal at all. To me, what truly differentiates...
  10. Desiato

    Just realized....

    It's good to think ahead like this and not just assume it will work out because you did everything right. Mistakes happen. Products sometimes have quality/design issues that aren't immediately apparent. Etc. When you look at the engineering of critical items such as cars and bridges, they...
  11. Desiato

    Best 200mm configuration for HAF X?

    My best results with the HAF-X have come from a positive pressure configuration with all fans configured as intakes except for the rear which remains configured as an exhaust. When I had two R9-280X MSI Gaming 3G cards in a CF configuration, I experimented with the side fan as an exhaust and...
  12. Desiato

    The GTX 970's Memory Explained & Tested (Comment Thread)

    Your obsession with nvidia makes me think you may be a paid shill.
  13. Desiato

    Star Citizen

    I am completely turned off by it. I think this game sets a hideous precedent.
  14. Desiato

    Acer Acer K272HULbmiidp 27" IPS vs Overlord Tempest X270ME 27" IPS

    According to this review, the Acer K272HUL has hideous input lag @ 40ms. If it is the same as the K272HULbmiidp, it is not for gaming. Acer K272HUL: Review The Dell U2715H is on sale for $549.99 at the moment It is a very good display overall: Dell UltraSharp 27 Inch QHD Monitor ? U2715H...
  15. Desiato

    GTX 970 Memory allocation issue

    I agree with only one of his conclusions. His analysis is practically useless. All experienced users should know topics like this can play tricks with our minds. I'll wait for better data before reaching a conclusion. Pseudo-nerds love stories like this because they can impress concerned...
  16. Desiato

    Xeon X5650 as an alternative to an X99 upgrade

    I use a 480GB Intel 730 SSD with an x58 sata 2 board. The performance increase over the Intel 520 that was previously used in the system was definitely noticeable.
  17. Desiato

    GTX 780 vs 970 buying advice?

    nvidia addressed this issue: NVIDIA Responds to GTX 970 3.5GB Memory Issue | PC Perspective
  18. Desiato

    ASUS GTX 980 Matrix Platinum Review Comment Thread

    That looks like a horrible mess. I wonder what the total length of that tubing is.
  19. Desiato

    Xeon X5650 as an alternative to an X99 upgrade

    The main problem is that the 3rd party controller drivers tend to not support TRIM. I'm not aware of any that do, offhand.
  20. Desiato

    BenQ XL2420G G-SYNC Monitor Review Comment Thread

    It probably does work on a lot of games already. That there are no demonstrations with games suggests it's not ready for an apples to apples comparison with gsync. At least not on that stage. To be honest, I have forgotten a lot of what I read about gsync last year, but I recall it being a...

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