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  1. Lithotech

    Core i7 minimum entry cost!

    What will it cost to get into a Core i7 right now? We'll assume that the case, vid card, power supply, hard drive etc is already owned and not needed. So all that is needed to get up and running with a new i7 is: CPU Motherboard 3GB kit of triple channel ram I thought it might be fun to record...
  2. Lithotech

    What Quad for a 680i SLI?

    I run an E6750 in an eVGA 680i SLI A1 (specs in sig). I would like to up it to a quad. Currently, the Q6600 has the best price, and should work best in my 680i. However, I have a couple of P35 boards, one of which I may move into eventually or possibly pick up a P5Q Deluxe or Premium later. I...
  3. Lithotech

    What 4GB kit of DDR2 ram?

    Cross posting this here, because I know this section gets a ton of traffic. I put the thread in the RAM section here, where I think it may better belong: http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/ram/11435-need-4gb-kit.html#post107470 .
  4. Lithotech

    Need a 4GB kit!

    My wife won an auction for a retail copy of Vista Ultimate 32/64. I'm just about finished collecting all the downloads and drivers for the 64bit version, and will be installing it soon -- currently playing with the 32bit version. Once I am on the 64bit version, I'd like o try 4gigs of ram. My...
  5. Lithotech

    ASUS Unleashes Highest Performing Enthusiast Motherboard

    ASUS Unleashes Highest Performing Enthusiast Motherboard to Date: ROG Rampage II Extreme ASUSTeK Computer Inc. .
  6. Lithotech

    Operation HAF Baked! Cooler Master HAF 932

    Panic in a Cooler Master HAF 932! I had pulled the system out of it's previous case this last long weekend. The plan was to leisurely assemble in the HAF over the three days, adding some extra red lighting and sleeve all the fan tails and FP wires. Saturday morn, I suddenly needed into my...
  7. Lithotech

    Whats a good mod for window in CM HAF 932?

    I'm loosing the battle of resisting picking one of these Cooler Master HAF 932 up. If I did get one, I would like to do something with that window to nowhere! I am fielding for ideas of some sort of mod for the small window in the upper part of the case that looks into... nothing! (Empty PSU...
  8. Lithotech

    In Progress: AMD X2-5000 Black (unlocked multiplier)

    Testing in Progress: AMD X2-5000 Black Edition (unlocked multiplier) Preamble This is not a formal review in any sense, and rather is a journal of my experience and results while exprimenting with one of AMD's new Black Edition X2-5000s with an unlocked multiplier. This is the first unlocked...