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  1. Thund3rball

    Family pc and gaming.

    1. What YOUR PC will be used for. That means what types of tasks you'll be performing. Home PC for the family. Internet, Adobe, schoolwork and gaming capable. I have a R290 gfx card and a case. The rest I need to buy. Including the OS. 2. What YOUR budget is. $500-$700 before taxes. 3. What...
  2. Thund3rball

    Anyone buy from IVMshop.com?

    I need a new copy of Win7 Pro and this place has it for $76 compared to $157 at ncix. Ncix won't price match it for whatever reason. Just curious if anyone has used this place before and what their experience was like. I never heard of them. Microsoft Windows 7 Professional - 64-BIT - License...
  3. Thund3rball

    New Build \0/ - Memory help.

    Ok guys. My rig is sooo old (XP, AMD X2 5000+, GTX275, 2GB Ram) and I have some "newer" parts here and need to complete my build for a Win7 machine because XP is no more as of April 8. I haven't really kept up with this stuff with working f/t + teaching p/t and 2 kids. So I am looking for some...
  4. Thund3rball

    Memory Recommendations

    I have this P55 MB and want to get 8GB of the fastest memory possible. Somewhere under $90 would be very welcome. Pairing it with an older i3. GA-P55-UD4P GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 1156 - GA-P55-UD4P (rev. 1.0) I had these spec'd before but I'd like 8GB (or more) and something faster...
  5. Thund3rball

    Budget i3 Game Machine

    I have to update my friends machine that I built some years ago (AMD 64x2/7900GS). I haven't built in a long time and am not up to date with the latest stuff. He is looking to spend maybe $500-$600 on new parts. Here is what I can salvage from his current machine. PSU (OCZ 550W) DVD SATA HDD...
  6. Thund3rball

    Best router for me?

    My WRT54G with stock firmware is still going but I have a lot of issues. My PS3 gets booted off. If my wife conects with her Kobo it will boot off any other wifi device on the network. If I have too many devices connected (like 3-4) the router throws a hissy fit and I need to unplug it and...
  7. Thund3rball

    BC Camping: Where to go?

    Hey Canuckers! Haven't been around in a long time. We had a bahbee (he's over one year old now and a pretty awesome kid). Also working on a career change (slowwwwly) so I am working f/t, teaching p/t and going to school p/t. Ya things are busy but all is good. I also just recently sold my condo...
  8. Thund3rball

    Guitar Menz: Price Check Peavey Bandit 112 Amp

    I have this exact same amp (see video below) and have almost never used it, I won it some years ago. It is in brand new condition and have no idea what it is worth but I'd like to sell it. Thanks YouTube - Peavey Bandit 112 Demo
  9. Thund3rball

    Dawn of War 2: Retribution

    Took me a long time to warm up to the DoW 2 style of RTS. But now that I have I am really looking forward to DoW 2 Retribution... here's why. 1. No GFWL - THQ is going Steam only. This has moved Retribution up to day 1 purchase as opposed to ridiculous Steam sale price only. 2. 6 Playable...
  10. Thund3rball

    Win a FREE Steam Copy of DoW 2!

    Contest Closed. Randomly drawn winner is AKG! I will PM shortly and work out the details. Thanks to all who entered. _________________________________ I have one extra copy of DoW 2 on Steam. To enter to win said copy, post a reply in this thread with a Warhammer 40K themed image and quote...
  11. Thund3rball

    Disapear Objects from Live Video

    Now this is getting interesting. In 40ms, a new piece of software can film and edit out a selected object with fairly remarkale results. No it's not totally foolproof but pretty amazing nonetheless, and we know it will only improve over time. Can't help but wonder what main stream media would do...
  12. Thund3rball

    Money as Debt: WTF?

    Ok I am no economist, hell I don't even do my own taxes so I am opening the floodgates here and looking for more insight. As far as I can tell from my recent research on this topic is that there is a growing awareness about the con game that is The Federal Reserve and Central Banking system that...
  13. Thund3rball

    Mass Effect's Garrus Has Landed

    Holy crap this is insane! Man I thought I was swift when I made a Reaper Halloween costume that had a skull mask with a mobile jaw, lol. Check this out. This Is Not A Mass Effect 2 Screenshot (It's Something Better)
  14. Thund3rball

    PS3 Jailbroken, No Modding Needed

    No telling how legit this is yet but it is interesting nonetheless. For $150 (Yes 150!) you can buy a USB dongle that will let you play backed up/copied games without the disc and use homebrew apps. Would I pay this kind of cash out for such convenience ... hell no. Discussion says this is...
  15. Thund3rball

    Bioshock Infinite

    So, despite hinting to quite the contrary, Ken Levine and his team at Irrational are making another Bioshock... but this time it's set in the sky. I am ok with this as I would much rather have this team making a Bioshock than the monkeys at 2K. Bioshock 2 was a let down and if 2K makes any...
  16. Thund3rball

    Firewire 400 -> Firewire 800: Comments?

    So Apple has hosed FW400 ports on my new Mac Tower and given me more FW800 Ports than I know what to do with. So I was using a FW cable like this But the large FW400 6 pin head won't fit in this new machine. I have been looking at this adapter Moshi 800 to 400 FireWire Adapter - Apple...
  17. Thund3rball

    Steam: Perils of Summer SALE!!!! O.O

    OMFG my Visa is going to cry because the motherload of Steam sales has hit today. Look out for 1 day only deals and lots of discounts from June 24-July4. Welcome to Steam
  18. Thund3rball

    Notebook Gaming Mouse Recommendations

    My wife bought me a wonderful Logitech Anywhere MX. I actually really love this mouse except it has a "feature" that makes it useless for some games. Instead of a regular middle mouse button, when you depress it, it switches from speed scroll to click scroll (or vice versa) and this just won't...
  19. Thund3rball

    Shogun 2: Total War is Coming

    Creative Assembly has heard your cries. IGN's look at the pre-alpha, check it out. Shogun 2: Total War First Look - PC Preview at IGN Edit: Jan 7/11 Meme for 2011: "... but can it play Shogun 2?" ,lol. My fave is the "Sandy Bridge or AMD equivalent" recommended spec!
  20. Thund3rball

    Need a new phone, which one?

    I want to get a web phone. In all honesty I am not that with it when it comes to these things as I am a very basic phone person. But my wife is all giddy about it so ... :whistle: I have a couple requirements. No iPhone (personal preference here) No Telus :censored: Rogers probably preferred...

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