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    Hi Folks, If anyone's into Paladins feel free to look me up / add me to friends. If anyone is curious about what it is, feel free to watch some of my recent gameplay/commentary. Contains (im)mature language: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lN7GTG-UvM4 Munn
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    White mechanical keyboard, black key caps

    I appreciate the suggestions! I like the look of the ducky boards, but I think that one might be more silver/aluminum than white (at least if I'm interpreting the description correctly)
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    White mechanical keyboard, black key caps

    Yeah if I can't find what I'm looking for my next step will be to just white plastidip a keyboard. I'd rather find one manufactured in white but that seems nearly impossible (at least with black key caps).
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    White mechanical keyboard, black key caps

    Hello Everyone, I've been searching all over the world for this keyboard, it seems way harder to find than you would think: - Simple design (i.e. not designed for 1337 gamingzorz with lightning bolts and dragons) - Mechanical (anything but blue switches) - White frame - Black key caps...
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    Want to Sell 700W SFX-L PSU, K70 Keyboard

    PM'd re: Strix!
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    Want to Buy Asus Strix 980 Ti OC

    Hello, I am looking for an Asus Strix 980 Ti OC (DC3OC) video card in excellent, working condition. If you have one you are looking to sell please let me know! Munn
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    Upgrade Opinions (Board, chip, ram, video)

    Yeah I'm leaning towards grabbing a 980 TI now and then potentially selling later when pascal drops depending performance. The only thing I had been thinking was, if pascal was out soon I'd wait, but if it's going to be 6 months + (and I'm assuming it will at this point for the x80 TI), then I...
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    Upgrade Opinions (Board, chip, ram, video)

    Thanks guys, really appreciate the feedback! I'm fairly convinced now that moving to skylake/dd4 from my sandy bridge may not be the best investment as far as gaming performance goes. I do still feel like I'm in need of a video upgrade, as mentioned the gtx 680 is showing its age and the 2gb...
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    Upgrade Opinions (Board, chip, ram, video)

    Thanks Zoob! I'm actually planning on upgrading my current SSD (Crucial M4 256) to a Samsung 850 1TB at some point. It's more of a nice to have than a need to have at this point though. Thanks again for the input!
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    Upgrade Opinions (Board, chip, ram, video)

    Hello Everyone, My system built in 2011 is starting to feel a bit long in the tooth so I'm considering upgrading my core components. Currently running: Asus P8P67 Pro i5 2500k @ 4.8Ghz (sandy bridge) G.Skill Ripjaws (2x4gb ddr3-1600) Nvidia GTX 680 (running a native res of 2560 x 1600)...
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    GTX 980 ti Options/Opinions

    Thanks Choosy, I'm fairly confident in the Asus cards so would prefer to go with one of those if I can find a decent deal on one. That being said, I guess ultimately it's going to come down to what deals I can find for deals over the holidays. Fingers crossed!
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    Want to Buy GTX 980 TI

    Hello! I am looking to purchase a GTX 980 TI in excellent working condition. Please message me if you have one that you are looking to sell. Thanks!
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    GTX 980 ti Options/Opinions

    Thanks Vittra, excellent info and some great points! Originally I was debating waiting on Pascal but it's hard to say for certain when it will launch. After AMDs HBM issues I'm also curious to know how NVidia will make out with it. I also wasn't sure how much better Pascal would perform in...
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    GTX 980 ti Options/Opinions

    Tough call, sounds like there's no real bad choice when it comes to 980 ti's! :thumb: Perhaps I'll just see what kind of deals come up for boxing day. I might check the BST forum too, though I don't imagine a lot of people are looking to sell these at the moment :bleh: The GSync monitors are...
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    GTX 980 ti Options/Opinions

    Ah yes, I've heard good things about the amp extreme, I'm just not as familiar with the Zotac brand. Anyone have much experience with their GPUs? I know they were considered more "off brand" years ago so I was a bit concerned about their build quality. Perhaps that's no longer something to be...
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    GTX 980 ti Options/Opinions

    Hi Folks, I'm in the market for a GTX 980 ti. I've been using a GTX 680 (2gb) on a 2560x1600 display for awhile now, and it's starting to get a bit long in the tooth on some newer titles. As you can imagine I'm also frequently finding myself exceeding my VRAM, even on some older titles...
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    Want to Buy GTX 670 (or better) Video Card, Dell U3011 LCD

    Hello Everyone, I've been keeping an eye out for a deal on a decent used video card and 30" lcd for the mrs. If you're looking to sell (or know someone who is) please let me know via PM! I'm located in New Brunswick and prefer to pay via EMT. Thanks!
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    Want to Buy Corsair AX850

    Hello Everyone, I am looking to purchase a Corsair AX850 psu in very good condition. Please PM me if you have one you'd like to part with! Munn